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618 Chapter 638, the Pantheon of gods alarm

Hence, just as Meng Jingtian was about to leave, the world overlord of the mystic yellow great world appeared in front of him, blocking his path.

“Who dares to cause trouble in my mystic yellow great world!”The middle-aged World Overlord had an imposing look on his face and his dark purple robe was filled with mystery and majesty.

“We are only taking back our things.”Meng Jingtian sized up the world overlord and laughed.

The sector Lord’s strength was only around 1200 points on average, not much higher than his.

And with such a difference, he could rely on his more powerful spells and techniques to completely crush him.

“Ridiculous!”The Black Yellow Sector Lord berated. He raised his hand and conjured a sword spell, causing countless flying swords to fly towards Meng Jingtian.

This sector lord grew up in the black yellow great world and knew many different techniques and spells.

Before the thousands of flying swords could land, another five lightning bolt struck towards Meng Jingtian.

However, no matter how many techniques he used and how many changes he made, Meng Jingtian only used his strength to subdue it.

With just a raise of his hand, all the techniques and spells were absorbed by Meng Jingtian.

“What kind of evil technique is this?”The Mystic Yellow Realmlord was shocked and asked.

“Evil technique?”Meng Jingtian only smiled. If this was considered an evil technique, there would be no more righteous techniques in this world.

It was just searching for the source and returning to the origin.

Taking advantage of the time when the black yellow sector lord asked, Meng Jingtian shot out a golden light and appeared beside him. He patted his shoulder, “In this life, those who block the way will die!”

His tone wasn’t high, but as soon as he finished speaking, the black yellow sector lord’s face was filled with terror.

An incomparably tyrannical strength entered his body, and his vast strength that was like an ocean was instantly assimilated and absorbed.

What made people feel even more despair and unwillingness was that he clearly felt that the strength in his body was even greater than Meng Jingtian’s strength.

But no matter how he used his strength to encircle and suppress Meng Jingtian’s strength, his strength would be instantly absorbed by Meng Jingtian’s strength.

This wasn’t a difference in strength, but a stark difference in quality.

Unknowingly, all of his strength was absorbed by Meng Jingtian.

In the end, even the world overlord who lost all of his strength and only had a body that could be considered a treasure was also absorbed by Meng Jingtian’s origin strength.

Finally, before the cultivators who went to the Xuanhuang residence to search for treasures but were thrown out of the Xuanhuang World reacted and left the Xuanhuang great world to the realmspace, Meng Jingtian flew away on the Azure Dragon Throne.

No one knew what had happened. Why did the Xuanhuang Palace suddenly disappear? Why did the Xuanhuang Great World’s World Lord mysteriously disappear.

However, in a world that was wandering in the primordial chaos realm and where countless people yearned for, some people noticed the scene of Meng Jingtian killing the Xuanhuang Great World’s World Lord.

In the pantheon of gods, the priests who were in charge of watching the Xuanhuang great world were awakened from their slumber.

This kind of ear-piercing alarm would only sound when the various Mahayana worlds were about to change their positions.

The Pantheon Temple paid attention to this because, as a top-tier world existence, they wanted to control the entire primal chaos region by controlling the various Mahayana worlds, after that, the Mahayana world would control the middle and small Mahayana worlds.

When the Mahayana world changed positions, they had to send people to investigate the New World Lord and send people to contact the New World Lord.

All the cultivators of the Mahayana world knew from a young age that there was a top-tier world above them. 𝑖𝐧𝓷𝓇𝙚𝙖d. c𝚘𝐦

That world was described as incomparably beautiful. Their goal in life was just to reach that world.

Furthermore, they knew that their world was controlled by that top-tier world and were used to it.

Hence, New World Lords were usually Mahayana realm cultivators and they would easily accept the conditions brought by the pantheon of gods.

And the Mahayana realm had the most abundant cultivation resources and the most powerful cultivation techniques. Those who could reach this position were mostly Mahayana realm cultivators.

“The black yellow great world’s World Lord is dead? Quickly check this person’s information. A Yuan, Fang Lu, which one of you will contact this person?”

A side hall of the Pantheon Temple immediately became busy.


“This guy... isn’t from the mystic yellow great world!”

“That’s troublesome! could he be from some middle-tier world? The middle-tier world is fine, but if...”

“The infinitesimal world! He’s from the infinitesimal world!”A pantheon temple God suddenly exclaimed.

Time froze for a moment, and the originally busy scene also stopped.

“What? Are You F * cking kidding me? How is it possible?”

“If it’s the Apocalypse World, I’m afraid it’ll be troublesome...”

“Do you still remember that Hothead from 200,000 years ago? He had to F * cking destroy the world!”

“Of course I remember... In the end, it was Lord Kui who personally took care of him.”

“Then... Should I report this to Lord Kui?”

“If you want to die, go ahead! How can such a small matter disturb Lord Kui? Lord Kui seems to be in a bad mood recently, and his temper is very bad.”


The “God”of the Pantheon temple wasn’t Kui, so they couldn’t see through Meng Jingtian’s true nature. They could only start from the beginning of his life.

Earth star, a fragment of the grand desolation. It could only be called a tiny world.

Meng Jingtian didn’t know that he had become the target of the pantheon of gods. He just sat on the Azure Dragon Chair and directly came to the great heavenly fire world.

At this moment, the heavenly fire sect, the most powerful sect in the Great Heavenly Fire World, was holding an unusually lively gathering on the fire Phoenix Plain.

The daughter of the sect master of the heavenly fire sect, Yu Xiaofeng’s marriage gathering.

At this moment, the marriage gathering had already entered a white-hot stage. It was like a crystal ball floating in the air in an isolated arena. Two people who looked like teenagers were fighting each other.


One of them wore a bright yellow dragon robe and used a seal-shaped magic treasure. Once the magic seal fell, it was able to shatter an entire Mahayana world’s enormous strength.

Even the space in the Mahayana world, which had been reinforced in the arena, was also struck by him, causing waves of spatial ripples. Sometimes, space was even torn apart, and the black void flashed and disappeared.

The other person was wearing a black robe. His appearance was demonic, and his evil aura was awe-inspiring. He used a sword-shaped magic treasure to fight with the dragon-robed teenager.

If nothing unexpected happened, the son-in-law of the heavenly fire sect would have been born from these two people.

Just as the victor was about to be decided, the members of the heavenly fire sect and the other guests were all staring at the arena nervously. A large crack appeared in the sky above the fire Phoenix Plain. A Dragon’s roar rang out and suppressed the grand meeting, all sorts of clamor and noise could be heard.

Everyone could not help but raise their heads to look at the sky. They saw a majestic azure dragon head appear in front of them first. With a swing of its body, what appeared in front of them was a majestic and unadorned chair that was connected to the body of the dragon.

On the chair, a young man sat with his legs crossed. He leaned his body sideways and raised his hand to support himself on the chair’s handle. He closed his eyes slightly to take a nap.

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