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Wind God’s Believer

“Brother, this token, you’re… you’re not using it?” Zhang Defa’s eyes flew open in disbelief.

“Didn’t you say you wanted it?” Meng Jingtian directly asked. If Zhang Defa didn’t want it, he could just send out a message and find a whole bunch of takers.

“Yesyesyes!” Zhang Defa repeatedly nodded his head.

He then began to ask for a prospective price. “One hundred thousand alliance coins? If you agree, I’ll send it over right away!”

Meng Jingtian was rather surprised. It was the 22nd century, and intelligent robots had replaced almost all labor. In other words, everyone had been laid off.

Social stagnation was a very serious problem. Ordinary people received a national allowance of two thousand alliance coins each month to live out meaningless lives.

He thought that Zhang Defa would use some item from the game or a promise to make this trade. To his surprise, he immediately offered one hundred thousand alliance coins! Ah, to be rich!

“Deal! Take it!” Meng Jingtian suppressed his excitement and handed over the Frozen Sword Token to

this fellow with such a rustic name

. 𝘪𝗻n𝑟e𝑎𝒅. 𝘤𝒐m

Anyone who would hand over one hundred thousand alliance coins for a game item couldn’t be an ordinary person. It was a rather high price, and rather than trying to find out just how much this Frozen Sword Token was really worth, he might as well agree as if they were friends.

Meng Jingtian’s straightforward reply really did manage to win Zhang Defa’s good graces. He immediately patted him on the shoulder and asked, “What’s your card number? I’ll send it over right now! Once I pass the trial, I’ll lead you to that strange old man’s place.”

Meng Jingtian read out a string of numbers, and two minutes later, he received a transfer from Zhang Defa.

He couldn’t help but sigh. It was truly easy to make money in ‘Tomorrow’! In the game he had played before this, ‘Grand Desolation’, only a top-class set of equipment could sell for this much!

“If you find the Frozen Jade Sword within ten minutes, you will pass the trial.” The NPC of the Frozen Sword Sect who had been so enthusiastic with Meng Jingtian had a completely different attitude toward the new token holder, Zhang Defa. Folding his arms, he coldly pointed at a portal next to him.

“Brother, are you at maximum Friendliness with this guy too?”

Zhang Defa was rendered speechless. When Meng Jingtian had walked over, this NPC had almost been hugging Meng Jingtian’s leg and pleading for him to join the Frozen Sword Sect.

Why was it that when it came to him, he got this sort of treatment?

“Ah! Nothing to be done! That’s what happens when the hidden Charm stat is high!” Meng Jingtian smiled and spread out his arms.

This game was far too mysterious. Other than a few marketing terms and some CG images, the advertisements had not revealed any specific details. Thus, even if he spoke complete nonsense, no one could expose him!

“Holy shit! Really? There’s also a Charm stat?” Zhang Defa had a look of disbelief, but deep down, he couldn’t help but somewhat believe it.

How else could he explain all these NPCs treating him and Meng Jingtian so differently?

Helpless, Zhang Defa accepted his fate and walked into the Frozen Sword Sect’s trial portal.

About seven or eight minutes later, the system made an announcement.

“Ding! Congratulations to Player Bai Wensheng for leading a team consisting of players Mo Hanxing, Zhou Xiaotian… and being the first to clear the Cave of the Giant Crab Instance. Reward: Level + 3, a purple head accessory, and a green title: Expedition Pioneer.”

Meng Jingtian couldn’t help but glance at the portal. Zhang Defa still hadn’t come out. It was a trial, after all, but there was no way he wouldn’t pass, right?

After nine minutes, Meng Jingtian could no longer restrain himself, and asked the supervising member of the Frozen Sword Sect, “Is this trial difficult? My friend…”

“Good Sir, relax. This meager faction would not dare to make trouble for your friend. But this trial is not easy, and it would not be right to just let him pass.” This NPC who had the aura of a master had the face of someone who knew well the ways of the world and was doing his best to curry favor.

Meng Jingtian was immediately rendered speechless. So there was also something like this? This NPC was a little too intelligent, right? He even understood how to win favor from others?

After seeing how coldly the NPC had treated Zhang Defa, Meng Jingtian had believed that these NPCs acted only on data.

At the last minute, Zhang Defa lunged out of the portal, his face covered in dirt. His new-player clothes were in tatters, as if they had been cut at by sword qi. Surprisingly, the system had not repaired them.

“Ding! Congratulations to Player Zhang Defa for passing the entry test for the Frozen Sword Sect and becoming the first player to join a faction! Reward: Title: Prime Disciple of the Frozen Sword Sect (Purple Unique), Earth-Tier Secret Art ‘Heaven-Cleaving Sword Mantra’, and one purple weapon!”

“Ding! The faction system is now unlocked! Players can now make their way to the central square to participate in faction trials, and they can also search for hidden sects on their own to enter.”

As expected, other than these major faction disciples who were waiting in central squares to take disciples, there were also hidden sects!

Meng Jingtian blessed his luck that he had given the Frozen Sword Token to Zhang Defa.

A Frozen Sword Sect NPC gave Zhang Defa another token and also issued him a mission to head toward the mountain sect. Only when he reached the mountain sect would Zhang Defa be considered to have truly entered the Frozen Sword Sect.

Once Zhang Defa had finished his conversation with the NPC, he immediately turned to Meng Jingtian. “Hurry! Brother, I’ll take you to find that strange old man! I have to reach the Frozen Sword Sect in five hours.”


Once they arrived, Zhang Defa sent Meng Jingtian a friend request and ran off. Meng Jingtian hesitantly knocked on the door to the tottering shack in front of him.

The western part of the city was probably Seaside City’s slum, the entire region worn and shabby. In these slums, there was nothing particularly special about this dilapidated shack.

If it weren’t for the fact that Zhang Defa had been so bold as to send him a friend request before leaving, Meng Jingtian might have believed he was being tricked.


The door opened.

Within the darkness behind the door stood a shriveled old man wearing black clothes and a black cloak.

The dim light in the room and the old man’s shadowy gaze endowed the place with a wicked and sinister atmosphere.

But Meng Jingtian noticed that several strands of hair could be seen beneath the old man’s hood—not the usual black of the NPCs of Seaside City, but light gold. In real life, he would be taken for a westerner.

Did this game also have westerners?

Meng Jingtian was instinctively suspicious, but then he laughed at himself. This game had truly addled his mind.

Since this game had been published by the United Nations, it naturally had western settings as well. It was just that because he was Chinese, he had only seen advertisements in the style of his country.

But for a westerner NPC to appear in the game continent with the Chinese setting was truly a little suspicious!

As Meng Jingtian inspected the old man, the old man inspected Meng Jingtian.

Suddenly, the old man’s eyes flew open in disbelief, and he performed a western salute that Meng Jingtian didn’t understand. “A god! For what reason has the holy one descended to this mortal plane and come to me?”

“Uh… I’m a newborn god,” Meng Jingtian awkwardly replied.

“My name is Rupud, and I am a believer of the Wind God, Aeolus. Ten years ago, after a disaster at sea, I found myself here. Each day, I pray to the Wind God for salvation, but my prayers have not worked.” Rupud didn’t seem to care that Meng Jingtian was a newborn god. On the contrary, he relayed his story in agitation.


“Thus, I swore that if another god were able to help me out of my dire straits, I would offer my sincerest belief! Great God, have you come to save me?”

  • Defa, 德发, means something like ‘abundant virtue’. I presume that this is a sort of cheesy name that only someone from the countryside would pick?
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