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Auctioning Equipment

“Aaaaah!” With a miserable scream, Ma Fangxing disappeared in a ball of multicolored light, leaving only dropped equipment and materials on the ground.

It was only at times like these that it was possible to tell that this was all a game.

“Here, the mission item!” Meng Jingtian walked over and collected all the items. In these, he found the purple mission item and threw it over to Cai Minghou.

“Ding! Mission complete! You have obtained 10000 gold coins!

“You have obtained Black Tortoise Armor (Purple)!”

Meng Jingtian and all the other group members heard the mission completion notification, at the same time receiving the mission rewards.

With the one level’s worth of experience from completing the group mission and the experience for defeating Ma Fangxing, Meng Jingtian instantly rose two levels to Level 26.

But when he took a look at the level rankings, he realized to his shock that second-place Nangong Qi had managed to catch up and now shared rank one with him!

Even if he didn’t intentionally think about it, Meng Jingtian still couldn’t help but care about it a little. After all, it was rank one.

At this point, he couldn’t help but mentally remark that the status of a member of the imperial household really was a huge advantage for Nangong Qi. It seemed that he would have to start grinding!

The other group members were immersed in the excitement of a purple item and swiftly put it on.

After that, they turned hesitantly toward Meng Jingtian.

He had picked up all the items dropped by Ma Fangxing. Since they had all contributed, he needed to split the spoils, right?

But given Meng Jingtian’s strength, they did not dare to voice this proposal.

But Mo Hongyi was much more straightforward, asking, “How do you plan to handle the items dropped by the boss?”

“I’ll auction it!” Meng Jingtian didn’t plan to take everything for himself. It was just a silver boss, and it wasn’t worth ruining his reputation for a few pieces of equipment.

“Tiger-Cleaving Saber (Purple): The saber frequently used by the boss of Cool Breeze Camp, Ma Fangxing. Very powerful.

Stats: Attack + 450, Critical Hit + 5%

Passive: When attacking, applies an additional 5% of Attack as Wind Element damage.”

Meng Jingtian posted the description for the first item in the group chat and let them post their bids.

“A purple weapon! Our luck isn’t bad!” Cheng Xiaojin’s eyes brightened as he made his bid: “Five thousand gold coins!”

“You don’t have any use for it. This item is for DPS, and it doesn’t even have anything to draw aggro.” Mo Hongyi rolled her eyes and made her own bid: “Ten thousand!”

“Heeeey! Speak clearly! What do you mean by ‘I don’t have a use for it’? This game has a wuxia setting, right? Who made it a law that I could only tank? I can also slash people, okay?” Cheng Xiaojin grumbled.

“Fine, fine, fine! Go on, then—make a bid!” Mo Hongyi confidently said, smiling as she extended a hand.

The corner of Cheng Xiaojin’s mouth twitched. Mo Hongyi had added five thousand to his original bid, and he was just an ordinary unaffiliated player. His wealth couldn’t compare to Mo Hongyi’s. 𝙞𝘯𝘯𝙧𝒆𝘢𝐝. C𝑜m

“The highest bidder gets it. Is there anyone else?” Meng Jingtian looked around and smiled, showing no signs of intervening.

The other players glanced at each other. Their eyes clearly showed a desire for the Tiger-Cleaving Saber. At this stage in the game, a purple weapon was the sign of an expert player.

Although they knew that they didn’t have the strength of a godly player, it would be fine if they could get this weapon and act like one for at least the early stage of the game!

Moreover, if they got this purple weapon, they might be able to smoothly progress in this game, and perhaps they really could step into the ranks of the gods?

But that price truly was frightening!

“Eleven thousand!” a player finally bid.

“Fifteen thousand!” Mo Hongyi almost instantly shot back.

Meng Jingtian couldn’t help but glance at her in surprise. She was only one of the thirteen administrators of Ode to Beauty. He hadn’t expected her to be so rich!

“What are you looking at? I can make blue items, and I got all this money from selling them!” Mo Hongyi noticed his gaze and rolled her eyes. But in her movements, she subconsciously exuded an allure that entranced even Cheng Xiaojin and Cai Minghou.

But Meng Jingtian’s eyes dimmed. He couldn’t help but think of his ‘ex-wife’. It was true. He would not jump into the same hole twice.

“Twenty thousand!” A bright light appeared in another group member’s eyes. Learning from Mo Hongyi, he had added five thousand, leaving everyone astonished.

After all, he had been one of those who hadn’t even dared to make a bid. When did he become so liberal?

Mo Hongyi might have had money, but she was no fool. Even crafting equipment to sell had costs!

She was a veteran player and had run into every kind of situation. She immediately sensed that something was off and speculated that this player was trying to raise the price.

Thus, she questioned, “Twenty thousand is no small number. First, prove that you even have this money!”

“Let’s see it!” Meng Jingtian naturally realized that there was a problem as well and swiftly turned to the player.

“No, no way! Why is it that she can say ‘ten thousand’ and ‘fifteen thousand’ without sending anything, while I have to show proof as soon as I make a bid?” The player panicked, and he refused to post how much money he had.

“Gold Coins: 153750; Silver Coins: 15; Copper Coins: 99”

Without a word, Mo Hongyi silently posted how much money she had in the group chat.

This info was directly posted from the game’s system and could not be faked, and it rendered the player speechless.

Meng Jingtian looked at him and indicated that it was his turn now.

When that player pretended not to see, Meng Jingtian coldly threatened him, “I’ll give you ten seconds. If you don’t send it now, I’ll mark you as maliciously raising the price. I am sure that everyone here hates this sort of person, right?”

“And what will you do if I won’t?” This player didn’t have that much gold, so how could he dare to divulge this information? In the face of Meng Jingtian’s threat, he could only stubbornly refuse.

“Little Hou!” Meng Jingtian turned to Cai Minghou and yelled.

As a friend of many years, Cai Minghou shared a tacit understanding with Meng Jingtian, so he immediately kicked that player out of the group.

Without the slightest hesitation, Meng Jingtian used a Divine Punishment on this player called Chen Sicheng.

A guy with this personality had the audacity to have the name ‘Sicheng’!

A waste of a name!

Chen Sicheng cried out in fear. As they had fought the boss together, he was keenly aware of Divine Punishment’s power.


But what did it matter if he knew? Looking through his skills, he found nothing that could save him, and he was instantly sent back to the spawn point by Meng Jingtian.

“Fifteen thousand. The auction continues. Are there any other bids?” Acting as if nothing had happened, Meng Jingtian continued to preside over the auction.

  • Sicheng, 思诚, means sincere thoughts.
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