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Inspecting the Spoils

“Uh… It’s fine! This world has good people, so it also has bad people. I can understand why they did it!” Meng Jingtian empathetically said, coming to his senses. 𝒾n𝒏𝚛𝗲αd. 𝒄om

“Great God, your heart is truly as broad and open as Dragon God Ao Qian’s!” The NPC looked reverentially at Meng Jingtian.

“Ding! Seaside City Commander-in-Chief Gu Mao’s Belief + 5!”

Dragon God Ao Qian? Meng Jingtian pondered this name. This game had a shrine system, and through offerings, players could obtain blessings from these shrines. There were quite a few NPC gods, so should he go and pay some of them a visit?

“The Dragon God is a mighty god while I am merely a newborn god! I cannot match him!” Meng Jingtian complimented the Dragon God as he waved away Gu Mao’s praise.

Since Gu Mao had brought up the Dragon God, this was probably the god he was devoted to. So Meng Jingtian didn’t mind complimenting the Dragon God in this way.

“Right! If it’s possible, I plan to pay respects to the Dragon God. Do you know where his shrine is?” Meng Jingtian asked.

“Great God is far too humble. The Great Dragon God’s temple is in the city, near the shore!” Meng Jingtian’s compliments to the Dragon truly did make Gu Mao happy, and he enthusiastically gave directions.

Not long afterward, the disturbance was pacified. All the guild players who had been chasing Meng Jingtian had been thrown into prison for twenty-four hours. At this time, the players were no match for NPCs, and even if they were unwilling to accept this situation, they were incapable of causing much trouble.

Meanwhile, Meng Jingtian, after finishing his talk with NPCs, strutted over to the Dragon God’s temple.

As night gradually fell, the light of the sunset appeared like golden scales on the waves of the ocean, a gorgeous and magnificent sight.

The Dragon God’s temple was located on the coast of Seaside City, on an area of somewhat higher elevation.

The flying eaves of the temple exuded a light majesty and an indescribable power.

The shrine system had only just opened, and many players still didn’t understand how to use it. Moreover, in the early period of the game, most players were only concerned with leveling up, and there was no time for exploring other parts of the game.

The majority of the people worshiping at the shrine were NPCs. When these NPCs saw Meng Jingtian, they smiled and quickly got out of his way.

Once Meng Jingtian reached the temple, he looked around.

The object of worship in the temple was naturally an idol, a resplendent golden dragon with a dignified dragon head that looked down on the world with a domineering gaze.

Other than worshiping NPCs, there was also a middle-aged temple attendant.

The attendant had a thin body and wore a dark blue robe, and he appeared somewhat like an immortal.

Upon seeing Meng Jingtian, the temple attendant rushed over in surprise. “For what reason has Great God descended? Please forgive this one for not coming out to meet you.”

The temple attendant was respectful, but he was neither too humble nor too meek. There was also an intimacy to his voice that made one instinctively want to be friends with him.

Alas, this temple attendant’s Friendliness to him was only at 50, not like the NPCs in the city.

“There is no need for the temple attendant to be so formal. This minor god has also come here to pay my respects to the Great Dragon God.” Meng Jingtian smiled, took out a few copper coins, and bought two incense sticks from the temple attendant for the Dragon God. He then took a stroll around this small temple and left.

Meng Jingtian was now Level 20, and his second main quest mission had appeared.

“Main Quest Mission (2): As a god, you need both a temple and believers. Establish your first temple!

“Mission Time Limit: 1 year.

“Mission Reward: 1 divine weapon, 1 divine-rank skill book, Level + 3, 100,000 gold coins!”

Meng Jingtian hadn’t come here purely to pay respects to the god. He had also come here to get a reference!

Because his next mission was to build a temple!

But building a temple would probably be just as difficult as other players building a city or establishing a guild. It would probably take some planning, or why else would it have a time limit of one year?

In addition, this game had various kinds of gods already. He would have to fight with them for territory and believers! So it was best to be cautious.

He had spent the afternoon camping by the Boar King and then been chased by the guilds, so it was now night in the game. Rather than handing in Rupud’s mission, Meng Jingtian decided to inspect his spoils.

First, he naturally had to look at the rankings. He was now at the lofty position of number one while Nangong Qi sat at number two, and he had also just leveled up again. The advantage of birthplace in this game was starkly evident.

Next, he looked at the system rewards for being the first to kill a gold boss.

There was no need to talk about the Guild Formation Token. As the first such token in the game, it would naturally be something that all the guilds would scramble for.

Meng Jingtian didn’t have plans to make a guild, so this item had no use for him. After some thought, he decided to put it up for auction.

This thing’s value was time-based, that it was the first of its kind. Naturally, the earlier he put it up for sale, the higher the price he could command.

For these guilds that were vying for supremacy, all of them practically needed to get the reputation of being the first to establish a guild.

They could even advertise and brag about the fact that they were the first guild. ‘The number one guild to be established’ could be shortened to ‘the number one guild’!

This would be a big boost to the guild’s morale and development.

Besides reputation, being the first to establish a guild would allow their members to enjoy the benefits of a guild, thus indirectly assisting in the guild’s development.

Even though it was such a valuable item, Meng Jingtian stopped paying attention to it after putting it up for auction, turning his attention to the title he had just obtained.

“Divine Brave (Purple): + 5% Attack and an additional + 5% damage to races besides the God Race.”

“Equip!” Meng Jingtian immediately equipped the title. In any case, he didn’t have another title, so he didn’t have a choice to hesitate over.

Next were the items dropped by the Boar King. As the situation had been tense, he had only had time to take two of the items.

When it came to games, weapons and head accessories were the most valued equipment. What Meng Jingtian had taken from the Boar King was the only weapon that had dropped and a ring.

“Tsunami Trident (Purple): Rumors say that this is a weapon that a warrior of an ocean race lost on the shore.

“Stats: Attack + 500, Water Element Damage + 5%.

“Passive: Allows the use of skill ‘Wave Strike’, which deals 150% of your basic Attack as Water Element damage!”

It truly lived up to its status as a purple item. In the early stages of the game, it would already be considered a divine weapon, but Meng Jingtian had a real divine weapon in ‘Stupa’, so he didn’t have much use for it. He decided to throw it into his bag and see if Cai Minghou needed it.

The last was the ring. It was a simple ring that seemed to be made of stone, and it did not directly show what color rank it was. The only information Meng Jingtian could see was this: ‘A forgotten ring (Unidentified)’.

It didn’t even say what level of equipment it was. There was clearly something very unusual about this ring.

Meng Jingtian’s eyes glinted in surprise as he repeatedly used Divine Examination on the ring.

Divine Examination was an investigation skill, and a god’s investigation skill could inspect anything in the world. Identifying some piece of equipment was naturally no problem.


But his Divine Examination was only at Rank 1, so its effect wasn’t phenomenal.

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