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Chapter 9: Shocking Reasoning! Great Talent!

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Lorne raised his glass and toasted Kyle.

“You’re right. I was the one who analyzed the drought on the east side of the river too. It’s also due to the change in the price of rice in the market and the source of food that caused my prediction.

“Lolan City is the imperial capital. It’s the most populous and important city in the world.

“By just relying on the farmland around Lolan City, it’s definitely not enough to cope with the daily consumption for such a large population. Therefore, the transportation of grain depends entirely on the nearby towns.

“And the rice sold in the Eastern and Western markets have different prices because of the different places of origin and compositions of the grains.”

This time, without waiting for Lorne to finish, Kyle could already tell where Lorne was going with this.

“So you saw the sharp decrease in the amount of rice on the market from the east side and deduced that there might be a disaster in the Eastern region of the river?”

Lorne nodded and agreed with Kyle’s statement.

“That’s true. In general, the reason for this is quite similar to the mutton one.”

Kyle was completely speechless this time. His right hand trembled slightly as he picked up the wine glass from the table, and then he drank it in one gulp. He had never expected that he would discover a great talent during his frequent visits over the past month.

From noticing the tiniest detail, it had led to a large deduction, these two small occurrences were able to deduce a situation that could have easily affected the court’s strategic policy.

Kyle thought that this was impressive, very impressive!

After putting down the wine glass, Kyle scrutinized Lorne once again. After a long while, he finally spoke.

“Previously, when you said that you had ambitions as high as the sky, I thought you were just boasting. Now that I’ve heard what you say come true, I truly believe that you really have a great ability.

“With your talent, you should be serving the country. Opening a tiny tavern has really undermined your true talents.

“Say, old friend, I have some connections. I know a few people who are important to the government. If you are willing, I can recommend you to them.”

Lorne accepted Kyle’s praise calmly, but he did not care about Kyle’s recommendation.

“Charles, you only know of a few lowly officials, and you dare say such big words. If you wish to recommend me as an official in the palace, you should at least have a status that matters, not just being a merchant. You know that you don’t even have the ability to do so, right?

“I reckon that you only know a few minor nobles who are in charge of managing the merchants. You should just settle down and focus on your business, my friend.”

When Kyle heard that Lorne was actually disdainful of his recommendation, he could not help but feel speechless. He was dumbfounded by the rejection.

Lorne did not know that Kyle was actually the mighty king who sat in front of him, the most powerful person in the Lolan Empire, yet he had become a braggart.

However, Kyle’s interest in this man peaked. He decided that it was a rare opportunity to put aside his status and interact with this talented man. He might as well continue to appear in this tavern as Charles and see when Lorne would discover his true identity.

The two continued to toast their drinks. After a few glasses of wine, Kyle remembered another reason for coming here today.

“Boss, the heavy snow in the north and the drought in the east of the river, I’m afraid the idea of competing with the Bora Kingdom can only come to an end.

“But the hostility between the Lolan Empire and those barbarians in the north goes as deep as the sea. According to what you’ve said, it would be rare for Prince Taylor to secretly send his people to Lolan City to seek help.

“Is there really no other way to bypass the heavy snow, while taking care of the disaster relief, and give King Noel of the Bora Kingdom an attack?”

Lorne did not have any complaints in his heart this time when Kyle asked the question. After all, everyone in Lolan knew about the hostility between the Bora Kingdom and the Lolan Empire.

It was understandable that the King of Lolan would be eager to seek revenge against the Bora Kingdom. After some thoughts, he shook his head.

“There’s no other way. I don’t think the current king will send his troops this year.”

Kyle was a little disappointed.

“Is there really no other way?”

Lorne took out a small knife and drew a simple picture on the wooden table.

“This area is our Lolan Empire. The northern area is the Bora Kingdom, and further north is the Kama Ice Kingdom.

“The west and northwest of our Lolan Empire are currently conquered by the Spartan Kingdom and the Sguta Kingdom.

“As for the Bora Kingdom further away, let’s not talk about it. This is the current situation of the Lolan Empire and the surrounding countries.”

Kyle looked at the simple sketch and could not help but nod. It was accurate. Only the generals in high positions and some important ministers in the imperial court could clearly and accurately indicate the location and size of the surrounding countries.

This tavern boss was able to draw it exactly as it was. This was simply shocking.

Great talent! Great amazing talent! A great amazing wonderful talent!

Kyle was so shocked that he did not know what to say. However, he still pricked up his ears and listened attentively to Lorne’s explanation.

“If it were a normal year, the Lolan Empire would not have any major disasters, and the soldiers dispatched in the north would be able to march normally. The Lolan Empire’s army would definitely have an overwhelming advantage over the Bora Kingdom. There’s no doubt about the strength of the country and the combat ability of the army after all.”

Kyle’s eyes lit up when he heard this. He loved to hear such words come out from the tavern boss as he knew that he speaks only the truth.

“Therefore, in a normal year, with the opportunity brought by Prince Taylor and a few generals who can use their troops skillfully, King Noel would not be able to hold on for more than a few months.

“In this way, the neighboring kingdoms, such as the Spartan Kingdom and the Sguta Kingdom, would not even have the time to plan a counterattack, this means that the Lolan Empire has a high success rate.”

Kyle nodded.

“That’s true, but what you said just now was a normal year. What if it was this year?”

Lorne slightly changed the drawing on the table.

“This year?”

Kyle nodded at Lorne’s question. Then, Lorne heaved in a big sigh and spoke.

“If you fight, it’ll be the other way around.”

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