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Chapter 8: I Am Indeed the Incarnation of God!

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Lorne was dumbfounded by this sudden exclamation.

It was not until Kyle continued to speak in an excited tone, “The two things you said, both of them were right!”

“The snow in the Bora territory lasted for a month. The weather was cold, and it was difficult for humans and animals to survive.

“A drought broke out in many big cities and small towns east of the river. However, the drought had been suppressed by the disaster relief teams sent out by the king.

“You didn’t even leave your house, and you managed to predict all of this. Are you the incarnation of a God? This kind of behavior could only be tied with godly powers!”

Lorne finally understood what Kyle was talking about. However, after thinking for a while, he asked with some doubt, “Charles, it seems that you’re not just an ordinary businessman. Not many days have passed, and you already know about the latest news.”

Kyle was shocked and almost thought that he was about to be exposed. However, after quickly calming down, Kyle pretended to point towards the top.

“You should know that those of us who do business have to know a few nobles and officials. These were information leaked by the officials.”

Lorne suddenly realized that it was quite normal for merchants to know a few low-ranking officials who ran errands.

Lorne was about to say something when Kyle interrupted him with a wave of his hand.

“Boss, let’s not care too much about it. Tell me quickly, how did you predict the future? Could it be that you are the legendary incarnation of a God?”

Lorne rolled his eyes and leaned his head towards Kyle with a mysterious expression.

“Old friend, if you really want to know about this, it’s not like I can say no. But you must promise to keep your mouth shut. Only then I’ll share my secrets.”

Kyle was overjoyed when he heard this. He quickly patted his chest and said confidently, “Don’t worry. This matter shall stay between us. I swear I won’t tell anyone!”

Lorne gestured for Kyle to lean his ear towards him.

“Actually… I am the incarnation of the God Prometheus!”



Kyle was stunned. The knife and fork in his hand fell to the ground. Lorne saw Kyle’s shocked look and immediately became excited.

“Although there is no divine power in the human world, my wisdom was still retained. It’s still very easy to predict some things from the future, even just for a little bit.

“I know things like how you wet your bed when you were two years old.

“Therefore, I don’t need to think too much about things like the heavy snow in the north and the drought in the east of the river. I can see it clearly with my eyes closed.”

When Kyle heard that Lorne was the incarnation of Prometheus, he was still a little stunned. Then, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong.

Lorne mentioned that he was the incarnation of Prometheus, and can easily predict the future?

Then, why was it that Lorne did not know that he was the king?

Also, he knew that he has never wet his bed before!

Although, this was the first time that Kyle had heard someone bringing up such a bizarre matter. He did not know whether to laugh or cry as he patted Lorne’s shoulder.

“Boss, we’re friends now, right? You won’t have to use these words to fool me, right? If you can predict the future, then do you think you could tell me what business I’m in?”


Lorne really did not know about this, and he had never heard Charles mention it before.

“Alright, alright, I’ll be honest. There are no incarnations of gods in the world, and I don’t have the ability to predict the future.”

“Then how on Earth did you know about what happened thousands of miles away?”

Kyle kept pestering Lorne till no end. He really wanted to know the true reason. Lorne refilled his glass and then filled Kyle’s glass before he spoke.

“Well, I just relied on my ability. Actually, all of this was calculated by me.”

“I’d like to hear the details.”

Kyle stopped eating his food and drank a sip of his wine. He just stared hopefully at Lorne.

Lorne casually pointed at the street outside with the knife and fork in his hand.

“Although my tavern’s business is very dull and you’re the only high-paying customer, the consumption of meat and vegetables isn’t small.

“Naturally, I would have to go to the Eastern and Western markets to buy some mutton and a large number of vegetables every once in a while.

“But since half a month ago, I’ve noticed that the number of mutton on the market has decreased sharply, and the price has been rising.

“You have to know that the consumption of mutton in Lolan city is huge, and the stores in the Eastern and Western markets are huge. Normally, this wouldn’t happen.

“That can only mean that there’s a problem with the source of the mutton supply. Do you know where most of the mutton supply in Lolan City comes from?”

Lorne had only said a few words, but he had already completely attracted Kyle’s attention. This sounded more like a reliable answer, and the cause and effect were well-founded.

When Lorne asked this question, Kyle blurted out, “From the Northern plains region.”

Lorne immediately looked at him with a strange gaze and nodded.

“Not bad at all. As expected of a merchant. You know this as well.”

As the ruler of a country and a typical diligent administrator, Kyle naturally had some understanding of the livelihood of his people.

“Relying on the self-produced mutton in the central area of Lolan country will not be able to supply the demand. The place close to the Northern plains has always been the main source of providing mutton.

“The lack of supply of mutton in Lolan City and two cities means that there’s a problem in the north. Since there’s no war, and I have never heard of any border conflicts, it can only be because of the sudden change in the weather up north.

“With this calculation, one can imagine how cold the Bora Kingdom has become. Moreover, that place has always been cold in winter, and apparently now even more so.

“Therefore, there must have been a snowstorm in the Bora Kingdom, so cold that a large number of cattle and sheep died.

“And this weather also affected places close to the border.”



Kyle sucked in a breath of cold air and looked at Lorne as if he was looking at a monster.

Such talent! This was definitely a real talent!

By just relying on the supply of mutton in the market and the change in price, he was able to deduce that there was heavy snow in the north thousands of miles away.

If Lorne were to say that he was the incarnation of the God of Prometheus now, Kyle would have a 30% chance of believing it.

With such an amazing talent, it would be a waste of talent if he did not get Lorne to become an official under him.

All this time, Kyle had thought that it was an exaggeration when he said that there were sages in the world. Now, Kyle realized that it was not an exaggeration at all, and it was even better than that. Even if he could get some of his smartest ministers to analyze the market, none of them would be able to deduce it to this extent.

Kyle took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

“Then boss, how did you analyze the drought in the Eastern region of the river?”

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