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Chapter 6: Could Lorne Be the Incarnation of a God?

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In the afternoon, Kyle had just finished his lunch. As he was about to go and take an afternoon nap, he was startled by a sudden sound of a knock on the door. The guard outside spoke with haste as he knocked on the door.

“Your Majesty, Duke Rosen requests an audience!”

When Kyle heard this, he immediately lost all his sleepiness and jumped out of his bed. Rosen must have had some important news for the king himself to be requested.

As expected, as soon as Rosen closed the door of the room, he spoke with an anxious look on his face.

“Your Majesty, a drought has really happened in the Eastern region of the river!”

Kyle was shocked.

“Quick, quick, quick, show me the documents!”

Rosen handed the documents to Kyle with both hands. As soon as Kyle opened them, his breathing became quicker.

“A great drought is happening in twelve cities, and twenty-seven towns in the Eastern region of the river. Based on the severity of the drought, only two cities have it mild, and the drought in the City of Lens is the most severe. The surrounding land was a thousand miles bare, and not a single blade of grass grew.”

Kyle swallowed his saliva.

“He predicted it like a God. He really predicted it like a God. He actually did not make a single mistake. The drought in the Eastern region of the river is really a thousand miles dry. Rosen, do you really think that there’s such a thing as an incarnation of a God in this world?”

Rosen was about to reject that idea, but when he thought of Lorne’s prophecy-like performance, he took back what he wanted to say.

“Your Majesty, there shouldn’t be any gods in the world, right? This may be some unknown ability that the tavern boss possesses.”

Kyle took a deep breath and temporarily tried to ease his running mind.

“Rosen, follow me to the study area. The matters of the drought in the Eastern region of the river is of utmost importance.”

Kyle carelessly put on his coat and left the bedroom in a swift and decisive manner.

“Inform Abner, Allen, and Andrew to wait for me.

“Inform Marquis Barrett to be on standby and await my orders soon.”

As soon as Kyle gave the two orders, the guards immediately saluted and left.

Not long after, a few important ministers of the palace appeared in Kyle’s study room.

Those who did not know about the new information had puzzled expressions on their faces. Then, they sat down in a row.

“I’ve called you all here today because of two important matters.

“Firstly, we’ll shelve the matter of sending troops to the Bora Kingdom. We’ll consider it when the situation at hand has become more stable. We can’t fight this war right now.”

As soon as Kyle finished speaking, everyone became a little dumbfounded. This was because this decision had been made more than ten days ago. If they could recall clearly, the king’s attitude was very firm on his stance in the past. Why did he suddenly change his mind today?

Allen, the head of the Ministry of War anxiously stood up and spoke first.

“Your Majesty, Prince Taylor has sent an envoy Lolan. This is a great opportunity.

“Once the forces from Prince Taylor get eliminated by forces from King Noel, then we will lose our allies on the prairie. I believe that this matter can not be postponed and should be dispatched as soon as possible. Only then can we eliminate the worrying threats in our hearts for our Lolan Empire in one fell swoop.”

Kyle shook his head with a serious expression.

“The snow in the Bora territory has been falling too heavily for about a month now. It’s just that we haven’t received any news. Once the war starts, our army will definitely not be able to last for a long period of time.

“At the same time, this is also related to the second thing that I wanted to say. According to the news that I’ve received, there’s a great drought in the Eastern region of the river. The land is a thousand miles barren, and even the City of Lens side is suffering from a severe drought.”

In an instant, the ministers were shocked. There was heavy snow in the Bora territory, and there was a great drought in the Eastern region of the river!? They had not received any news of this sort at all. How did the king find out about this?

Moreover, these two pieces of information were too important. So much so that it made the ministers doubt the authenticity of the news.

Andrew, a deliberative officer, could not help but question, “Your Majesty, are these two new pieces of information true? May I know where Your Majesty heard of this?”

Kyle immediately said with a profound expression, “I naturally have my own ways of getting information through my personal connections. You don’t have to doubt the authenticity of these two pieces of information.”

As he spoke, he handed the military intelligence report from the Northern border and the emergency documents from the Eastern region to Andrew.

These two pieces of information were in the hands of several important ministers in the palace. They browsed through them, one after another.

Everyone who had finished reading them had an inexplicable look of shock on their faces.

They were not only shocked by the severity of content in these two pieces of information, but also puzzled over how Kyle had bypassed the three officials and six departments in the palace just to directly obtain the information from thousands of miles away.

The three officials were divided into decision-makers, deliberators, and administrators.

The decision-maker officials were responsible for making decisions, issuing decrees, and controlling confidential important policies.

The deliberative officials were responsible for reviewing decrees and refuting violations.

The administrative officials were composed of six departments, which were divided into civil, finance, education, war, justice, and industrial.

The Ministry of Civil managed civil officials, the Ministry of Finance managed national finances, the Ministry of Education managed ceremonial affairs and schools education, and the Ministry of War managed national military and security. The Ministry of Justice was in charge of national criminal decrees and examination and punishment of the society, while the Ministry of Industrials was in charge of national engineering affairs.

According to the current palace system, urgent reports from the border had to pass through six departments. As for the emergency documents from major cities and small towns, they would definitely have to pass through the decision-making officials and pass through the six departments before these reports would only reach the king.

Logically speaking, the heads of the three officials and six departments should have known about the information before the king did.

However, Kyle also mentioned that he had his own connections, and they, as ministers, did not dare to ask too much. Now, the majestic image of the king had become even more mysterious and dignified for the people in the room. Only Rosen alone knew why the perceived mysterious king knew about these two important pieces of news in advance.

Looking at the shocked and awed gazes of everyone that admired him, Kyle could not help but feel a little pleased in his heart.

These important ministers in the room were all as intelligent as foxes. It was rare for them to be shocked by what he does, and it was all thanks to the tavern boss — Lorne’s ability.


After the two documents were returned back to Kyle’s hands.

The head of the decision-making officer, Abner, immediately stood up and said to Kyle, “Your Majesty, since these two pieces of information are correct, then I suggest that we immediately send people to the Eastern region of the river to provide disaster relief.

“At the same time, we shall temporarily put aside the plans to launch an attack on the Bora Kingdom. The messenger sent by Prince Taylor should be temporarily appeased.

“As for the dispute between the two forces, big or small, Prince Taylor can use your name to write a document in order to calm the situation at hand.

“After all, allies on the prairie are also very hard to come by. They could also be useful in the future.”

As soon as he finished reading the information, Abner already had a set of countermeasures in his mind.

Kyle asked the attendants who were responsible for recording the contents of the meeting to jot them all down. Then, the other people started sharing their suggestions, one after another. When he had almost collected everything and listened to everyone’s opinions, Kyle suddenly stood up and began to shout out orders with a solemn expression.

“Marquis Barret, receive my orders. I will appoint you as the chief commander of the marching army in the Eastern region. From now on, you will officially take over all the military and political affairs in the Eastern region. I order you to contain the disaster in the Eastern region within half a month!”

Barret immediately stepped forward and half-knelt on the ground. “I accept the order, your Majesty!”

“As for you, deliberative official Andrew. You will go to the east of the river with me. Your duty is to record the names of the people who covered up the news about the drought, enriched their own pockets, and did not provide timely relief of assistance when required.

“If necessary, you can delay reporting to me and directly take down these beasts!”

Andrew was famous for being impartial and fair. If he had caught someone who was greedy and bent the law to cover up the news, he would not easily give in and would punish the said person. That was why Kyle wanted to assign this man to the task at hand.

After Andrew received the order, Kyle arranged for Abner and Rosen to be in charge of the central dispatch in order to prevent the lack of money and food support in the empire.

This meticulous arrangement showed the high efficiency of the cooperation between the king and his subjects.

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