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Chapter 5: Urgent News From the Border. The Prophecy Has Come True!

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Kyle and Rosen hurriedly walked out of the tavern. Under the protection of the personal guards, they quickly walked in the direction of the palace.

However, when they were halfway there, Kyle suddenly stopped.

“Rosen, how reliable do you think that information was?”

Rosen was stunned for a moment, then he smiled bitterly and replied.

“I don’t know, Your Majesty. If others had spoken so freely about it, then I would have punished them for speaking nonsense.

“But, the tavern boss Lorne is indeed somewhat mysterious. He knows that Prince Taylor had sent people to Lolan, and he also knows that the King of Lolan intends to start a war.

“So, I don’t think I would dare deny the things he has said.”

Kyle was silent for a long time, then, he finally spoke up.

“I dare not to directly deny it either.”

Then, there was another long period of silence. Kyle suddenly raised his head.

“This matter should be investigated! Van Hatton Rosen, I order you to send people to investigate the situation immediately!

“Inform all the posthouses on the way to the Bora Kingdom in the north. Ask for the best set of cavalry to go and investigate!

“I want to know if there really is heavy snow in the north. I want to know if the Bora Kingdom’s territory is so cold that it would be difficult for our men to march forward!

“I want to send people to the east of the river to investigate too. I want to confirm if there’s really a drought and if there’s not a single blade of grass within a thousand miles.

“As long as I find out, no matter what the result is, I want you to report back to me immediately. I can’t wait any longer. It doesn’t matter how many horses die from this!”

Rosen felt the king-like aura from Kyle. He could not help but feel that the immense pressure that befell him.

This was a rare case of solemnity in Kyle’s private life. This time, he had directly addressed Rosen by his full name. From this, it could be seen how much importance Kyle had attached himself to this matter.

“Your humble servant accepts the order! Your humble servant will immediately make the arrangements.”

After saying that, Rosen immediately took action. He directly commanded the guards beside him and ran straight to the courier station.

Only Kyle was left standing in the same place. He looked up at the sky and let out a long breath.

“The military affairs can no longer allow any accidents to happen. I would rather believe it than not at all! After all... I’m no longer that reckless youth from back then...”

No matter what, Lorne did not expect that his tell-tale words would cause such a huge ripple in history. Right now, he had already closed the tavern door and laid on the bed to have a good sleep. After all, the merchant Charles was really generous today. His generosity had allowed the tavern owner to earn a lot of profits today.


Seven days passed quickly. At the North Gate of Lolan City, a horse galloped through the smoke and dust. The knight on the horse waved the command flag in his hand and shouted loudly, “Urgent report from the border. Quickly open the gate. No one is allowed to stand in the way for this report!”

The soldiers that guarded the city gate saw the command flag and were shocked. They immediately dispersed the people who were lining up to enter the city and opened up a wide road for the messenger.

The horse directly stepped through the city gate and continued to run towards the royal palace in the center of Lolan City.

At this moment, Kyle was in his room feeling troubled. It has been seven days, but there was still no news from the border. There was also no movement from the Eastern region. This made him really anxious.

Unfortunately, the people sent by Prince Taylor were not from the headquarters of the Bora Kingdom. They only knew that they had to work together to destroy King Noel. They did not know anything else. Otherwise, they would not have spent so much effort in contacting the King of Lolan.

“Rosen, do you really think that there are people in this world who can predict things like this?”

Rosen, who sat at the side, replied helplessly, “Your Majesty, there is no need to be so anxious. At most, either today or tomorrow would be when we can verify whether what Lorne said was true.”

Before Rosen could finish speaking, a loud shout came from outside the study.

“Your Majesty! Urgent report from the border, urgent report from the border!”

In an instant, Kyle stood up abruptly and rushed to the door. He saw a soldier who was covered in dust and looked to be in a sorry state.

The soldier raised his hands in a salute and handed a small bamboo tube to Kyle.

Kyle did not have time to say anything. He opened the bamboo tube and took out a letter from it.

When he took a look, Kyle could not help but tremble. He then handed the letter to Rosen who was beside him.

Rosen took it and read it. Immediately, his expression turned the same as that of Kyle. His face was filled with shock!

“The snow in Bora is heavy, and it has lasted for more than a month. More than 500,000 cattle and sheep have been killed or injured in the place where the Bora Kingdom is located. The consumption of food for the winter is very high, and the terrain is very dangerous. The snow has accumulated to more than one meter. The weather is freezing cold, humans, and animals can not pass through!” the soldier reported.

Rosen still could not believe it. He read it several times as he was afraid that he had missed out on some information from the report.

However, there were only that many words on it. No matter how he looked at it, the meaning of the words did not change.

After Kyle calmed down, he solemnly asked the soldier who sent the urgent report from the border.

“Is the information on it completely correct?”

“Reporting to the King of Lolan, the urgent military report is sealed in a bamboo tube. It has never been unsealed after dozens of posts. I can guarantee that the information is accurate.”

Kyle nodded slightly and waved his hand.

“Men, give him some reward money and make sure he rests well. Remember, don’t leak this information to anyone.”

After the soldier bowed and left, Kyle closed the door and smiled bitterly at Rosen, who was still in a daze, “Rosen, there’s a sage residing in that tiny tavern!”

After Kyle spoke, only then did Rosen quiver and regain his senses.

“Your Majesty, even now, I still can’t figure out how this tavern boss managed to know that thousands of miles away in Bora territory, snow was falling everywhere.

“Could it be that this tavern boss has a prophecy for the Lolan Empire?”

Kyle stood there with his hands behind his back. He was at a loss for words. Of course, anyone in Lolan could have the ability to judge the weather according to the skies, but no one could predict the weather thousands of miles away and make such an accurate prediction.

If it were not for the fact that Kyle had been eating at Lorne’s place for the past month, he would have thought that Lorne had just left King Noel’s territory.

Both the king and the minister felt like a mess. They both wanted to say something but dared not to.

After a long while, Rosen spoke to Kyle, “Your Majesty, the heavy snow in Bora has been verified. We don’t know if the Eastern region is really suffering from a severe drought though.”

Kyle’s eyes flickered as he replied grimly.

“I truly hope what Lorne said was meant in a joking manner.”

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