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Chapter 30: You’re All Desperate People!

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Of course, they understood why Kyle suddenly mentioned this matter. He was indeed worried about this whole matter. He was not worried about anyone else actually. It was the former king, Bidas, who was currently under house arrest in the palace that he was worried about.

When Kyle launched a mutiny, he got rid of the First Prince, Lens, who had already become his sworn enemy. He also forced his father, Bidas, to abdicate.

It seemed cold-blooded and heartless, but in fact, it was because the relationship between him and Lens had reached the point where neither of them would not rest until the other died.

When the First Prince took the throne, the Second Prince, Kyle knew he would not live for more than a month. If he did not force Bidas to abdicate, then Bidas, who had lost his beloved son and would be angry that his children had killed each other; this would definitely have not given Kyle a good outcome either.

Therefore, when things had developed to that stage, the outcome of the mutiny had already been destined.

No matter what, Bidas was still Kyle’s father. No matter from any point of view, even from a logical point of view, Kyle could only treat Bidas with respect. Therefore, this time, when he exiled Archduke Litt thousands of miles away, Kyle actually had a lot of misgivings in his heart. He was afraid that the civil and military ministers of the palace would accuse him of being disrespectful towards his father because of this.

This was also the reason why Kyle was very dissatisfied with Litt. He even hated him, but he was still only exiled. It was not the most important reason for him to directly eradicate the problem. Otherwise, if he insisted on ending Litt’s life, would there really be anyone who could say anything?

Looking at Kyle’s expectant gaze, Lorne scratched his chin while he thought about it.

“I say, old friend, I knew how bold you were, but I really didn’t expect you to be so bold that you’d dare to ask such a controversial question.

“Are you tired of your life? Do you have a death wish? If you are, you can come rest in my tavern for a bit to clear your head so that your death wish disappears after a while.”

Rosen and Andrew could not help but silently laugh. Kyle had brought this upon himself, so why should they defend him when Lorne said something like that.

However, Rosen immediately stopped his laughter to support him from the side and say, “Boss, when did you become so afraid? There are only a few of us here, why, it seems that you’re worried the others will know! We’re curious too, we want to know the true story. Don’t be a wuss, we’re all friends here.”

Lorne facepalmed from the response.

“Outlaws. You can count each and every one of you as an outlaw.”

Lorne spoke jokingly. Then, he continued on with what he wanted to say.

“But since you want to listen, there’s nothing I can do. We’re friends now after all. Today, I’ll tell you the true meaning behind the king’s actions.”

Kyle and the others immediately looked at him with anticipation.

True meaning?

What true meaning? Even Kyle himself did not quite know where this direction was headed.

Lorne changed his position and leaned back on his chair. In the end, he began to answer everyone’s questions.

“Actually, Charles, your first statement was true. Banishing the archduke to a place thousands of miles away will indeed widen the gap between the king and his father.”

Kyle was immediately shocked. At the same time, he could not help but frown. He was worried about this. Right then, he heard what Lorne said next.

“But this is not a big problem. It will have an impact, but it is not that serious. You should know that when the king ascended the throne, not only did he not immediately dismiss Litt, but he was even promoted and placed in an important position.

“He was promoted to appease Bidas, who had just abdicated the throne. This action proves that the king’s decision was the right one as Bidas leisurely kept this position while engaging in suspicious activity.

“In terms of time, it has been nearly two years. The Litt became complacent. Of course, the previous king still regarded him as his right-hand man and the person he trusted the most. So now, removing him from office and banishing him thousands of miles away would no longer provoke a violent reaction from Bidas. The former king would understand the current way of doing things and would not blame him for this action.”

Kyle nodded repeatedly as he listened. In fact, he had thought about these points in private, and his jumbled thoughts have been spoken clearly by Lorne. Moreover, Lorne’s words were even more defined as compared to what Kyle had thought. Therefore, after this realization, he had a deeper understanding of himself.

“So, the king did this because Litt’s influence in Bidas’s heart had already lessened, and this would not seriously affect the relationship between the former king and the current king?”

Lorne nodded.

“That’s the theory, and there’s another layer to it. This is the fundamental reason why the king was willing to bear some unfavorable remarks in order to banish the Archduke.”

Kyle immediately cupped his hands.

“I’d like to hear this in more detail!”

Lorne dipped his finger into the wine, drew a large circle on the table, and then drew a small circle on the side.

“This large circle represents the current king, and the smaller one is the current king’s father, the former King Bidas. You can understand what I’m saying, right?”

They all nodded in unison. The difference in the size of the circle simply meant that Kyle was strong, while Bidas lived in seclusion in the palace, and only a few old ministers remained.

Lorne pointed outside the two circles.

“Let’s consider this as Archduke Litt. If the king does not remove him from office and exile him at this time, then there is always a possibility that the archduke and the former king will be together.

“After all, the relationship between the two is far more intimate than that of anyone else. Once this small circle and this point are combined, the range will undoubtedly become a little larger.

“Now, let me ask you a question. If this small circle becomes bigger, do you think it will have the courage and risk to challenge this large circle?”

In an instant, the entire tavern was silent.

Rosen and Andrew held their breaths as they looked at Kyle nervously.

Lorne’s words felt like a personal attack towards the king. Were it to be shared around, it would be considered treason.

The meaning of this sentence was very straightforward. If Litt was left in Lolan City, it was very likely that he would become the former king’s fortress.

Were he to not be here, the lonely Bidas would not have any thoughts of chasing Kyle down from the throne. However, were he to obtain powerful external assistance and strengthen his own strength, there might really be a day when the father and son would meet in arms.

As expected, Kyle’s pace of breathing quickened. His chest could not help but rise and fall. The hand that was placed under the table trembled involuntarily. It was obvious that he was not calm.

Back then, when the mutiny started, it was brother against brother. Even then, Kyle did not enjoy it.. He swore to never allow himself to be in such a situation where a father and son would go against each other.

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