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Chapter 29: Insider Information

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Not long after, Lorne brought a few dishes from the kitchen and a few of his specialty dishes. He then placed a few jars of wine on the table.

“I’ve been waiting for a long time. I see you’ve placed many meals on the table. No wonder you took such a long time.”

Kyle quickly pulled out a stool at the side.

“Come, Lorne, you should sit down and rest too. We can’t eat that much, join us.”

As he spoke, he set the table for Lorne. He seemed to be very concerned that Lorne did not sit down.

“It’s my treat today, don’t just stand there. There are a few dishes that I haven’t seen before. Seems like today is your lucky day, Ann.”

Andrew nodded repeatedly, but he did not have time to reply. He was busy eating the freshly made food in front of him. Once Lorne heard that he visibly relaxed and sat down with the group of people.

Rosen and Kyle saw Andrew’s attitude and became anxious on the spot.

“My dear friend Ann, slow down. Don’t take all of our food!”

As they spoke, they picked up the cutlery and wolfed down the food. Lorne was also quite happy when he saw that his cooking was able to satisfy the three of them. However, he chose to leisurely eat the meal instead of wolfing it down like the other three.

After a while, Kyle and the other two finally slowed down and began to regain their usual self.

Andrew quickly chewed the food in his mouth and swallowed it with force.

“Lorne... Your cooking is really delicious! The more I eat, the more I know I won’t be able to stomach the meals I have at home!”

Lorne waved his hand and said indifferently, “What’s there to be afraid of? If you can’t eat the meals you have at home, come to my place every day.

“As long as my tavern is still open, I will entertain you every time you come. I guarantee that you will be satisfied each visit.”

Andrew hurriedly waved his hand.

“Sigh, I can’t do it. How can I eat such delicious food every day?”

As he spoke, he opened the jar of wine on the table and poured a full glass for everyone.

“Come, let’s drink up!”

Kyle looked at the wine in the glass and could not help but feel a little afraid.

F*ck, could it be the kind of wine that would choke one to death if one had a sip?

Lorne seemed to have seen through his hesitancy.

“Old friend, this is the wine that I have improved on. It is much smoother than the last time. You can drink it without worry, but don’t drink it so quickly.”

Kyle nodded, and then he slightly lightly took a sip. As soon as the strong wine entered his throat, Kyle’s eyes lit up.

“This is some good wine. It’s much better than the last time I had it. I think that if you continue to improve it accordingly, it’ll definitely sell well.

“When that time comes, you will definitely be the best seller in the entire wine market of Lolan City!”

Lorne raised his wine glass in satisfaction.

“Then, with your blessings, I’ll toast to this glass!”

The three of them raised their glasses one after another, and drank it all in one go after exchanging a toast with Lorne.

The atmosphere instantly became lively, and the clinking of glasses rang throughout.

Due to the alcohol content being a little high, after just two or three glasses, Kyle, who had a relatively low alcohol tolerance, already had a flushed face.

His words and actions were mumbled as he stumbled about.

“Boss, your alcohol content is too high. It seems that I can’t drink too much.”

Lorne smiled and said, “Then drink less alcohol and eat more vegetables. Later, each of you can take a jar back and drink it slowly.”

The three of them thanked him one after another. After three rounds of drinking, Kyle changed to a more comfortable position and leaned against the chair.

“Boss, actually, there is still something that I don’t quite understand about what you just said about Archduke Litt. I wonder if you can explain it to me?”

Rosen and Andrew immediately raised their heads to look at Kyle. They did not know what the king was thinking about.

Lorne was already quite familiar with this process.

“It’s okay to ask. I think I can answer all of your questions.”

Kyle considered his choice of words in his heart and then asked carefully.

“You said that Archduke Litt was a founder, and he was the person that the previous king had always valued the most. Before the current king ascended the throne, he had more power in the palace as compared to him. His status was so high that no one could surpass him.”

Lorne nodded.

“That’s right. You might not believe it, but the previous king, Bidas, never called this archduke by his name, nor did he call him by his official position. Instead, he called him brother to show that this archduke’s status in Bidas’s heart was very high.”

Kyle and the other two ministers were once again slightly shocked.

How did this young man find out about this information?

It was one thing for him to deduce the truth of Litt’s exile, but he even knew about this kind of interesting and secret news in the palace. If others did not know about the truth, they would think that Lorne was just bullsh*tting and making up nonsense.


Of course, they had some understanding of these things. What Lorne said was not wrong at all. The previous king, Bidas, had indeed called Archduke Litt his brother.

Firstly, Lorne was just a child, so he definitely had not experienced the events of their era.

Secondly, he was just an ordinary civilian. He did not have a prominent background, nor did he have any relatives who were officials in the palace.

Therefore, how did he manage to find out about something like this?

Although the three of them were already used to this, no matter how they thought about it, they still could not quite figure it out.

In the end, they could only silently listen as they spoke.

Of course, asking this was not Kyle’s main purpose.

“In that case, tell me, boss. Because of the arrogant words of the archduke, the king exiled him thousands of miles away and directly removed him from his position. He even took away half of his territory. Isn’t this a little inappropriate?

“Doing so might cause the previous king to be dissatisfied with the current king. After all, he was the most trusted person in the era of Bidas.

“Now that Bidas is still alive and healthy, if the king removed such an important minister and exiled him, it might deepen the estrangement between Bidas and the current king.

“In addition, there are so many people in the palace that witnessed this event. If the king did this, wouldn’t it leave a cruel and unfilial example for others?”

As soon as this question was asked, Rosen and Andrew stopped eating and patiently waited for Lorne’s reply.

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