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Chapter 28: The King Is a Human Too!

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Apart from Kyle, even Rosen and Andrew were feeling uneasy.

The thick-faced Andrew was even more certain that Lorne had analyzed this himself.

He knew the king was at his peak, and no one would have the courage to record the grudges of the past.

Therefore, Lorne would not have any other reason to find out about this matter. He could only rely on his own clues to piece together the analysis.

This man was really capable.

This made Andrew even more determined to strengthen his relationship with Lorne.

For being such an outstanding young man, if he did not get to know him better, it would be his loss.

The carriage became slightly quiet for a while before Kyle was the first to break the silence.

“So, do you think this archduke should be exiled or not?”

Lorne threw some snacks into his mouth.

“Of course, why shouldn’t he be? It’s only natural that he would end up being removed from office and exiled today.”

“But he is, after all, the founder of this country, and he is still such a great figure,” Kyle could not help but say.

Lorne snorted.

“So what if he is a country’s founder? Do you think the country’s founder can’t cause enmity with the previous king and anger the current king? Our Lolan Empire has so many nation-founding meritorious officials, but we’ve never seen any of them being engaged with suspicious activities. Litt’s a special case.

“Think about it carefully. The reason is because of him. Back then, he fought with Jem, so Jem was killed. It wasn’t a glorious method either. So I think it’s understandable that the current king is unhappy.”

As he spoke, Lorne put down the snacks in his hands and said solemnly, “The king is a human capable of feeling emotions too. He too is a human being who feels sadness, anger, and happiness.

“If the king is happy, Litt will be rewarded. If he is sad, Litt will be punished. Therefore, if the king is angered, Litt should be exiled from the palace. What’s there to it?

“Litt’s different from Andrew. The king may have a headache from Andrew’s antiques, but at least Andrew is upright, impartial, and can play a considerable role. So in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with the current king’s decision. If he should be exiled, then he should be exiled.”

As soon as Lorne finished speaking, Kyle could not help but clench his hands.

‘What a good boss. He truly understands me,’ the king thought to himself.

People experienced many feelings. As a king, how could he not have them?

For half of his life, Kyle had suppressed his unhappiness, what was wrong with releasing it now?

When he thought of this decision, there were many ministers in the court who pleaded for Litt.

Kyle could not help but sigh from everything he just heard. He felt more at ease knowing that Lorne agreed to his actions. It was a shame that the ministers in the palace could not see it as clearly as this young boy in front of him.

As a king, it was rare to find such a confidant such as Lorne.

Moreover, it was not only Kyle that felt at ease but Andrew too.

Not only did he feel happy about this evaluation, but he was actually ecstatic. Upright, impartial, and have achieved many things — this was Lorne’s evaluation of him just now.

His efforts have been acknowledged!

When it came to fame and wealth, he did not care so much for it. He just relied on his loyalty, for the country, for the people, and for the world.

Andrew was afraid that no one would understand him, afraid that no one would know his painstaking efforts. Therefore, Lorne’s words really hit the nail on the head. To be able to have such a reliable friend in life, there was nothing else he wanted!

Andrew immediately leaned to Lorne’s side, and then patted Lorne’s shoulder heavily.

“Lorne... you have good taste, I will definitely never let go of this friendship!”

Lorne looked at Ann’s excited look, and there was a question mark on his face.

What did he say that made Ann excited? This made Lorne partially confused by the gesture. However, Lorne did not care too much. He was a tactful person, and judging people’s words was his strong point. So, he immediately put his arm around Andrew’s shoulder as a form of response.

Although the things that Lorne said did not mention Rosen, this great noble was extremely satisfied with Lorne. He seemed to have a long-term vision and was able to see through the essence and hearts of people. If such a talent was placed in any position, he would be able to burst out with dazzling brilliance.

According to the current official system of Lolan, his Ministry of Education had a few years left. Why not recruit such a talent like him as his Ministry of Education?

He would definitely be able to outshine everyone and illuminate the entire Lolan Empire!

When that time came, his Ministry of Education would firmly take first place among the six departments and suppress the other five departments. By then, Rosen would be extremely proud, would he not?

Rosen quickly made up his mind. Those cunning fellows like Allen and Andrew were definitely plotting something. No matter what, he had to get Lorne into the Ministry of Education before these two did.


After the carriage had traveled through the old city, it finally reached the street where Lorne’s tavern was located ,Silk Street.

Lorne was the first to get off the carriage and open the door of the tavern. Then, he casually pulled the two tables together.

“Come, come, come. My friends, sit down. I’ll go and prepare some of my best dishes. I’ll also give you a taste of the first-class wine that Charles didn’t dare to drink again after just one sip last time.”

With that, Lorne turned around and went into the kitchen, busying himself. After Lorne left, the atmosphere of the three of them instantly relaxed. However, Kyle stared at Andrew with an unfriendly gaze.

“Good job, Ann. Your performance today gave me a big surprise.”

Andrew saw that there was a hint of killing intent in Kyle’s eyes and quickly shrunk his head.

“Dear Charles, need I remind you that Lorne is still here?”

Kyle immediately glared at him.

“Good job, Ann. You even learned to threaten me. Looking at how you so casually called me old pal Charles. I’ll make you copy this a thousand times when we get back.”


This time, he did not dare to say anything more. Looking at His Majesty’s appearance, he looked like a jealous wife. It seemed that it was because he was getting too close to Lorne, which caused the king to be slightly unhappy. This was the first time he had seen His Majesty in such a manner.

Was he... jealous?

Andrew thought no deeper into this and decided to be careful in the future. He would come alone quietly and definitely not report it to the king.

Meanwhile, Rosen, who was by the side, saw the distance forming between the king and the minister, witnessing this, he took note and made sure to be careful too.

He had to learn from Andrew’s lesson. Therefore, Rosen decided that he should come alone in secret in the future and not tell the king about this. Otherwise, when the king and the minister came together, he simply had no place to speak. The limelight and words were all snatched by Kyle alone.

Kyle had no idea that the two important ministers were actually scheming against him.. The only thoughts that ran through his head were the words the tavern boss said in the carriage.

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