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Chapter 27: Archduke Litt!

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After the four of them exchanged their pleasantries, Lorne seemed to suddenly remember something.

“I say, Charles, aren’t you guys busy handling your businesses? How did you find time to watch the scenery from the city towers?”

Kyle rolled his eyes and immediately explained, “We don’t have the time to stare at the scenery. We just happened to send a batch of goods out. Then, a group of carriages that left the city caught our eyes. They looked quite impressive. The owner must have had a very high status. So we went up to the city tower to take a look. We wanted to see which noble family it was from.”

Lorne nodded. In fact, he came here today because he wanted to see Archduke Litt’s appearance. He was the founder of the Royal Family. In the previous king’s era, his status was more important than a thousand people’s lives. Even the First Prince and Prince Kyle had to be respectful to this man.

However, he had recently been ordered by Kyle to remove his title of nobility and be exiled to the wilderness.

He was truly a tragic legendary figure. That was why Lorne wanted to satisfy his curiosity and come here to see what this legendary figure looked like.

He pointed at the convoy that was still packing up and said with a smile, “I know which distinguished noble is down there.”

Hearing Lorne’s words, Andrew immediately nodded.

“Lorne, tell us which noble this is so that we can get in on it too.”

Andrew deliberately asked this question as though he’s known Lorne for many years. However, Andrew still did not know what kind of ability Lorne had. After all, he had not seen it with his own eyes. He had only heard it from Rosen. So, he wanted to see what Lorne could do in front of him.

Lorne patted Kyle and Andrew on the shoulders.

“Let’s go, Let’s talk while we walk. Come to my tavern quickly. I’ll show you something.”

As the tavern was located in Silk Street, it was too far away from Lolan City’s south city gate. Therefore, Lorne paid a few copper coins and hired a large carriage. Then, the four of them sat in it together.

The guards who were supposed to protect Kyle and the others immediately followed the carriage and guarded it. In the carriage, Lorne casually grabbed a handful of snacks to the few of them from his pocket.

“Come, let’s eat. These are snacks that I made myself. Even the palace won’t be able to eat such good food.”

Kyle and the others took a handful of snacks from Lorne, then sat in the carriage and began to eat. Lorne also took this opportunity to start a conversation.

“If we’re talking about the carriage that just left the city, there really is an amazing person sitting in it. That’s the famous Archduke of Lolan, Litt!”

A puzzled expression immediately appeared on Kyle’s face.

“I seem to have heard this name before. Could he be the Litt, the founding hero?”

Lorne immediately revealed a surprised look and patted Kyle heavily.

“Not bad, old friend. You really do know your stuff. He is indeed the founding hero of Lolan. If it weren’t for his help, the former king wouldn’t have been so successful in unifying the world.

“It was solely because of Litt’s help that the former king decisively raised his army and even obtained a large amount of food and other resources. He even experienced many battles and was quite a wise and strategic man. Therefore, he quickly became the most important person around the former king. It’s truly a pity though...”

Andrew was hooked on Lorne’s words. He quickly asked with a curious expression, “What’s a pity?”

Lorne sighed slightly.

“It’s a pity that this person had once fought for power and benefits, resulting in the death of Jem, who was also an Archduke. This also angered the current king.

“After all, Jem and the current king had a close relationship. Now that King Kyle has ascended the throne, naturally, this archduke will not have a good ending.”

Once Lorne said this, the expressions of the people in the carriage changed. On the surface, Litt’s crime was because he spoke rudely and had intervened with some fanatics in the dark.

That was why he was stripped of his title and exiled to the wilderness. However, when it came to Lorne, it seemed that the bloody truth was exposed.

The reason why Litt was actually sent away was because Kyle did not like him. In the first one or two years after the former king, Bidas was placed under house arrest, Litt still had considerable influence in the palace.

Therefore, at that time, the parties were split.

However, even until now, Litt still had influence over some of Kyle’s officials. Therefore, this person naturally could not be kept in the palace.

More importantly, Litt was an old minister during the era of Bidas, and he was Bidas’s right-hand man. At that time, he could be said to have a lot of power.

Although Bidas was already under house arrest, Kyle still constantly worried that his so-called Father had other plans. Therefore, he had to remove all the threatening factors.

For example, this archduke, a great founding official. He would be exonerated from his title of nobility and exiled thousands of miles away just because of the crime of spouting wild words.

Kyle could not help but look at Lorne.

“Boss, logically speaking, this archduke should be a man of a certain status. Even if he had some past with the current king, that was many years ago. How do you know so much?”

Lorne waved his hand and said very casually, “The Litt family’s carriages have their own emblems printed on them. I recognized them with just a glance. They’re from the Litt family.

“The founding elders of the Litt family would definitely not be exiled for a thousand miles just because of a small matter, so there must be a secret behind it.

“After thinking about it, the only person who could influence this matter was the king. If it was anyone else, it wouldn’t be allowed. Since the analysis has come to this point, why would you think it’d be so hard to reach a conclusion?”

Kyle could not help but sigh.

As usual, his eyes were discerning and could easily see through the affairs of the world, as well as the biggest and finest details.

How many years of grudges had been involved in this case? At that time, the boss in front of him was probably only a few years old. Even so, he managed to follow the clues and deduce everything clearly.

Such a person was too strong. If he was given some clues, there would be nothing in the world that he would not know.

This person could sit at home and still know everything in the world.

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