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Chapter 26: My Friend, You Have Good Taste!

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“Andrew, what are you planning to do?”

Andrew pointed at Kyle and Lorne, who had their arms around each other’s shoulders, as he spoke.

“Rosen, such behavior is against royal etiquette. This is really unreasonable!”

Rosen patted Andrew’s shoulder.

“Andrew, do you know the identity of that person who’s close to the king?”

Andrew glared at him and said with a somewhat unyielding tone.

“I don’t care what his identity is. I would do anything to prevent such behavior, even the Heavens won’t be able to stop me.

“This is all thanks to the citizens that heard the king was arriving. If it weren’t for them spreading such news, such an unbearable scene would never have happened. Were other commoners to see this, how would it fare for the image of the king?

“What a disgrace! This is completely unreasonable!”

Rosen felt an oncoming headache from Andrew’s behavior. However, he still contained himself and spoke in a low voice, “This is the tavern boss, Lorne that I mentioned to you earlier. He’s also the one who wrote the paper that’s hung in the king’s study room. He was the one that even persuaded the king to promote you.”

Andrew was instantly stunned.


“This is the legendary tavern boss, Lorne?”

Seeing Rosen nod his head, Andrew immediately sized him up.

“A handsome young man with a handsome appearance. He really has the presence of a sage. His bearings are extraordinary. I was wondering why I felt that he was an expert with the temperament of a great sage at first glance.

“Indeed, it’s best for the king to have a relationship with such an honorable sage. The king has immensely good taste!

“Rosen, you won’t need to hold me back this time. I’m going to befriend this man!”

As he said this, Andrew pulled Rosen’s hand away from his sleeve. Then, he adjusted his clothes and walked quickly to Kyle and Lorne. Only Rosen, who was dumbfounded, was left alone.


That was not what he said just now! How could he be so uncouth to that man a second ago, and change his demeanor in a blink of an eye?

Andrew, you really are a genius.

This change of expression was faster than flipping a page of any book. When he did not know that this person was Lorne, he acted as if it would not work no matter who came. After he figured it out, he immediately went up to make friends with him.

Rosen suddenly felt that there was a reason why Andrew was able to get to this stage. He was indeed too naive. He lacked in several areas, but he made up for it by practicing diligently every day to hone his skills.

Andrew really had many faces to show to others.

In front of others, he looked to be unwavering and unselfish.

In front of the king, by just using his words, even the king would not dare retort him.

When encountered with such a situation like this, he looked to be a gentle and amiable person.

This man really had no shame!

On one hand, one could see that Rosen was speechless and the muscles on his face kept twitching.

On the other hand, one could see that Andrew had already walked quickly to the front of the two of them.

When Kyle saw Andrew, his heart could not stay still and thumped erratically. Andrew, who had a straightforward temperament, made Kyle hope that he would not rush up and give him a scolding. Not only would his identity be exposed, but he would also be greatly embarrassed.

In terms of personality, Andrew was really capable of doing such a thing. Therefore, Kyle could not stop winking at Andrew as a sign to go away. He was eager to make Andrew go away and not get so close to Lorne. Were that to happen, everything would be ruined.

In the end, Andrew not only pretended to not pick up the signs from Kyle but instead walked forward with his head held high and his chest puffed out. He went straight to Lorne.

“This must be the tavern boss, Lorne!”

Lorne nodded immediately when he heard Andrew’s question.

Then, he asked back, “May I know who you are?”

Andrew showed a friendly smile.

“You can call me Ann. Charles and I are businessmen that work closely together. We’re all friends, right old pal?”

Beside him, Kyle’s eyeballs almost fell out of his eyes.

‘Well done, Andrew. You managed to hide your true colors,’ Kyle thought to himself, praising Andrew.

It turns out that Kyle had just misunderstood him all along. This attitude showed that Andrew was not someone who did not know how to be tactful, he just did not bother being like that when it came to others. However, Kyle now knew that when that man felt it was necessary to make connections, he would immediately be on good behavior.

Words like Ann, friends, old pal, and so on had never been thrown out so casually from his mouth before. However, this was a good sign that nothing could go wrong... for now.

Lorne’s eyes lit up when he heard Andrew say that they were all friends. He immediately let go of the hand that was on Kyle’s shoulder and put it on Andrew’s shoulder.

“Okay, a friend of Charles is a friend of mine! From now on, we’re all brothers.”

Andrew flipped his hand and immediately put his arm around Lorne’s shoulder, just like how Kyle did just now.

“Good to hear, I don’t have any other strengths, but I’d hope to keep this friendship afloat. One look at you and I can tell that you have great ambitions and desires that reach as high as the sky. I, Ann, would be honored to befriend someone as talented as you.”

The light in Lorne’s eyes became even brighter. This person had good taste. He was charismatic and spoke well. This man could tell at a glance that Lorne had great ambitions and dreams. This person could be considered to be the most discerning person in Lolan.

Lorne put his hand on Andrew’s shoulder and tightened his arm as he spoke in an excited tone.

“You’re a really good friend! Someone like you can really be called a lifelong confidant. If everyone in the Lolan Empire had such good taste, I wouldn’t bother staying in my tavern all day!

“We must celebrate this new friendship, come to my tavern. I shall bring out good wine and dishes to entertain you, Ann.”

Without saying anything else, Andrew firmly clapped his hands together.

“No problem. I’ve long heard that you had outstanding cooking skills. No matter what, I’ll make sure to go and have a taste today!”

Beside him, Kyle looked at Andrew and Lorne. It only took him three minutes to go from being a stranger to someone as close as family. He could not help but fall into deep thought. He felt that something was off, but he could not figure it out no matter how much he thought about it.

However, now was not the time to ponder upon it as he had a more urgent matter to attend to. It seemed that with just a few words from Andrew, he was about to replace his number one position in Lorne’s heart.

How could this be!!!

Would this mean that he would not be Lorne’s favorite anymore?

Kyle suddenly felt that something was wrong and was shocked. Then, he glared at Andrew and immediately spoke up, cutting their conversation short.

“Lorne, are you going to ignore me, old friend?”

Lorne was stunned for a moment and quickly patted his chest to assure his old friend.

“I would never ignore you! You, old friend, you’ll always be my number one. I have nothing more to say friends, I’m hosting today. All of you, come to my tavern. I’ll treat you to a good meal. Vincent, I see you there, don’t just hide there and come along with us!”

After Lorne spoke, only then did Kyle feel relieved. He revealed a happier smile now. It was not in vain that he thought so highly of Lorne.

When Rosen heard the call, he immediately ran over.

Three high-standing officials of the Lolan Empire gathered around Lorne as the guards in the palace who were responsible for protecting the three of them stared straight ahead, pretending that they did not hear anything.

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