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Chapter 24: Andrew’s Surprise

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He immediately bowed to the king.

“I, Andrew, thank Your Majesty for this great gift! I have disrespected Your Majesty many times. Not only did Your Majesty not punish me for being disrespectful, but Your Majesty has put your trust in me.

“I shall be forever grateful for your generosity. I have a thousand words in my heart, but I do not know how to express it out of the overwhelming joy I feel right now!”

As he spoke, Andrew choked a few times and then proceeded to sob. Kyle felt good as he sat on the throne, witnessing Andrews’s behavior.

Andrew was a true loyal minister.

If it were not for Lorne’s advice, he might have really missed out on a loyal minister!

With this thought, Kyle felt that Lorne was a person who could be of great use. Not only was he outstanding, but he could also discover the potential of others. Kyle was glad that such a talented person was born in the Lolan Empire and in his own era. Otherwise, he would have lived his life regretfully.

“Well, you don’t have to be like this. You deserve this promotion as you have worked hard in maintaining the integrity of this government. Your efforts are seen and I hope you express your loyalty for many years to come!”

Andrew immediately stopped crying when he heard these words. There was a moment of silence as he tried to compose himself. His tone was firm when he finally spoke.

“I, Andrew, am willing to lay down my life for Your Majesty. I’m willing to die for my Lolan Empire!”

At the same time, all the civil and military officials in the court looked at the scene in front of them, and waves of emotions surged in their hearts. This was because Andrew’s personality was straightforward and his words were merciless.

In reality, he actually did not have a good relationship with the people in the court. However, witnessing this, everyone admired his upright character.

Before asking others, he would first ask himself. This was what the civil and military officials admired about him. Many of the important officials in the imperial court were also worried that Andrew had angered the king. Now that they saw that the king did not punish him and even promoted him, everyone was relieved.

Rosen even directly stepped forward and knelt on the ground.

“Your Majesty has made a wise decision, may God bless the Lolan Empire!”

Instantly, the officials seemed to have a tacit understanding and all of them stepped forward simultaneously.

“May God bless the Lolan Empire!”

Seeing the officials shouting so loudly, Kyle could not help but feel heroic.

This was the integrity of the Lolan Empire!


After announcing Andrew’s newly anointed promotion position, Kyle then discussed a few matters with the civil and military officials in the palace.

When it was almost noon, the small court meeting finally adjourned.

“Let Andrew know that I request to see him in my study room!”

Accompanied by the guards and maids, Kyle went to the study room to have a simple meal.

At the same time, he ordered someone to invite Andrew along.

Andrew, who had just left the court, originally intended to have a meal with Rosen and the others in the palace dining area before leaving. However, he suddenly received a message from the palace guards. He immediately waved goodbye to Rosen and the others, and then quickly walked to the study room.

When he arrived at Kyle’s study room, there were already a few dishes on the table.

“Greetings, I heard that my presence was requested, Your Majesty!”

Seeing that Andrew had arrived, Kyle placed the book he was flipping through on the table.

“It’s good that you’re here. Come, sit down and eat with me.”

“I wouldn’t dare, Your Majesty!”

Kyle immediately glared at him.

“What’s there to be afraid of? I’m just asking you to eat with me. Could it be that you don’t like these simple meals that I eat?”

After interacting with Lorne for a long time, Kyle had now learned a different way of speaking. He would always put the blame on his opponent, making it impossible for his opponent to defend themselves against him.

As expected, when Kyle said this, Andrew immediately sat down in fear.

“I dare not say that there are simple meals! In fact, they’re even better than what I usually eat during important festivities.”

Kyle then asked someone to provide Andrew with a new set of cutleries after he spoke.

“Andrew, oh Andrew, it’s not that I want to criticize you, but you are a Marquis after all. No, you should be a Duke now, after all, you’ve been newly promoted.

“You have to take any opportunity you get. Don’t be so frugal about things like this. People who don’t know will really think that I mistreat nobles like you.”

Andrew said a little embarrassedly, “Please forgive me Your Majesty, as I’ve always been frugal, old habits do die hard sometimes.”

Kyle nodded and invited Andrew to start eating.

At the same time, he said casually, “Your kid, Ander, has gotten older now. I have seen him a few times before.”

Andrew quickly replied, “In answer to Your Majesty, my son can be considered a young man now.”

Kyle hummed in agreement.

“Tomorrow, let your son report to the Knights of the Guards. Let him be a minor official and try it out. He should start providing for the expenses of your family. It will save you from being too cold on a daily basis. Or else, outsiders might even say that I exploit my subjects.”

Andrew was immediately shocked.

Although it sounded casual, it was a great favor to let his son become an official to the Knights of the Guards.

Andrew immediately knelt on the ground.

“My son has done nothing to deserve such wonderful treatment from Your Majesty! I hope Your Majesty rethinks this before agreeing to it.”

Kyle waved his hand.

“No matter, I’ve already made up my mind. Let’s eat. There’s nothing else to discuss.”

Andrew stared at Kyle.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

The two of them chatted as they ate. The conversation naturally went to court matters.

Once he was full, Kyle put down his cutleries. His expression suddenly became a little solemn.

“Andrew, I didn’t want to talk about this at first. But after thinking about it, I think it’s necessary for you to know.”

Andrew looked at Kyle with a questioning gaze.

“Before yesterday, I was actually very dissatisfied with you. The reason why I changed my mind was all because of two very important people!”

Hearing Kyle’s confession, Andrew’s ears prickled. So that was the key. It was no wonder that the king suddenly changed his mind.

Kyle stood up and waved at Andrew. Andrew followed Kyle to the inner place of the study room. He saw a set of words that were hung on the wall.

“Take a look at this. What do you think of these three sentences?”

Andrew walked closer and read them carefully. His expression changed drastically as he read the words.

“Your Majesty, these three sentences are well said. The meaning it has feels endless. If you can understand this simple principle, you will be able to live your life enjoyably!”

Kyle pointed at the place where Lorne signed.

“It was this person who advised me to use someone else as my mirror so that I can know my gains and losses every day and to know whether I am right or wrong.

“It is because of his words that I now understand that with you, Andrew, you act as a mirror, and you’re able to truly reflect my gains and losses.”

Andrew immediately looked over carefully.

“Your Majesty, may I ask who this sage Lorne Is?”

“I don’t know if he lives in seclusion, a remote village, or in some sacred mountain, but I wish to thank him.”

Kyle shook his head.

“He’s just the boss of a tiny tavern in Silk Street.. I always disguise myself as a merchant and that’s why you won’t see my name on this paper.”

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