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Chapter 23: Andrew’s Promotion

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Queen Anna took a deep breath, her eyes full of surprise.

“These words are as wise as a sage! So much so that it’s comparable to the words of a sage!

“To be able to say such words would show great talents in the Lolan Empire. To be able to use these three sentences to persuade Your Majesty, this really is enough to prove his character.

“Why have you not invited him into the palace? In my opinion, he could contribute to being the backbone of Lolan. He could be comparable to Abner, Allen, and other important ministers in the palace too!”

Seeing Queen Anna so excited that Kyle was not surprised at all. Back then, he and Allen were also like this. He just patted Queen Anna’s hand and said, “I think so, but this kid is not willing.”

Then, Kyle told Queen Anna about his conversations with Lorne and finally explained the cause and effect.

After listening, Queen Anna gradually calmed down. She sat on the chair and let out a long sigh.

“It’s indeed as Your Majesty said. He’s a gift from God. God has truly blessed the Lolan Empire. With such great talent, I can guarantee that the Lolan Empire will be safe and secure for at least a hundred years.”

Kyle nodded in agreement. In the end, he carefully rolled up the paper.

“That’s why I mentioned that this paper shall be a prized possession that would be passed down for generations to come. Perhaps the quality of this paper may not be very valuable, but these three sentences would be worth reading for future generations!”

Queen Anna smiled and spoke, “Your Majesty, you’re wrong. Lorne seems to be such a talented person. In the future, I’m confident that he will be well-known all over the world. It would only be a matter of time.”

She paused as he put her hand on his. Then, she continued speaking.

“When that time comes, the value of this would be worth a lot. Besides, didn’t you seal it with your stamp? I think this would be a well-deserved heirloom for the future generation.”

Kyle immediately burst into laughter.

“That’s right, that’s right. I’ll have to find someone to put it up tomorrow. This is a priceless treasure. From now on, this piece of paper shall be hung in my study room. When I review and deal with government affairs, I’ll also be constantly reminded to be on guard.”

Queen Anna also took this opportunity to pour a glass of wine for Kyle and then fill her own glass.

“In that case, it seems that I’ve prepared the right meal today. I’d like to propose a toast to Your Majesty and congratulate the Lolan Empire for having talents like Andrew and Lorne!”

Kyle slapped his thigh and immediately raised his wine glass.

“Well said, I shall drink this toast!”

After saying that, the husband and wife toasted each other, and Kyle downed the wine in one gulp. After putting down the wine glass, Kyle said to Queen Anna, “When there’s a chance next time, I’ll bring you to his tiny tavern to have a meal together. His cooking is simply superb.

“Honestly, the more I think about it, the more it frustrates me. How did such great fortune be bestowed to such an ordinary person? Could it be that the gods have preferences when it comes to things like these? How is this man good at almost everything? Biased I tell you, the gods are indeed biased!”

Queen Anna could not help but laugh as she watched Kyle mumble to himself like a child.

“Then, I would have to take up on this offer, Your Majesty. If there’s a chance, I’ll definitely come along to taste Lorne’s cooking. I really want to experience for myself how talented this young man could be.”


The next morning, Kyle woke up from his sleep. According to the rules of the court, today was a fixed day for the court meeting. All the nobles and officials would have to gather in the palace halls.

Therefore, Kyle did not wake Queen Anna that was next to him. Instead, he quietly left the Queen’s bedroom to get ready.

When the bells and drums outside the palace hall rang in unison and shook the surrounding area, Kyle managed to appear on the throne on time.

After three cheers from his royal subjects, Kyle raised his right hand up high. With this, the court meeting officially began.

However, before the civil and military officials reported important matters, Kyle was the first to speak about his own matters.

“Before we discuss official business today, I shall make an announcement first! Where is Andrew? Listen, come forward and stand tall!”

Andrew, who was in the group, immediately stood up respectfully and walked a few steps.

“I, Andrew, await Your Majesty’s announcement!”

However, from an angle that no one else could see, a large amount of desolation appeared in Andrew’s eyes. As expected, his blunt words and bold remonstrance had finally angered the king.

In the end, people still did not enjoy listening to the truth. Even if that person was the king. Although he had long expected such an ending, he hoped that it would not happen as soon as this. This was because the King of Lolan had promoted him from the ranks and entrusted him with a heavy responsibility. Andrew swore that he would be a loyal subject for the rest of his life. Therefore, he repeatedly said things that Kyle did not like to hear, and he also repeatedly advised the king to correct his behavior. He was not afraid of death, nor was he afraid of being demoted as an official. From the moment he made up his mind to say things that the king did not like to hear, Andrew reckoned that his end would not be too good.

Therefore, it was reasonable for the king to demote him today.

Soon, Kyle’s voice rang in Andrew’s ears.

“Andrew, from the deliberative department, is upright, honest, and dares to speak up about what he believes in. He is a loyal person, and as someone who is the same, it is an admirable trait to have.

“He has also repeatedly reported and exhorted this king for improper behavior. It’s truly a rare sight to be able to have someone like him as a royal subject.

“Today, I shall order Andrew to be granted the right to participate in the deliberation and administration matters of the government. He is now allowed to read and investigate the government affairs certificates that the decision-making officer department sends to and fro from the palace.”

Even though it was only a short period of time, it felt like a million years for Andrew. As he listened on, he even suspected that he had heard the king wrongly. He could not help but raise his head and look at Kyle with admiration. At the same time, he also trembled at his spot.

“Andrew, do you feel that there is anything wrong with my appointment?”

After Kyle spoke, only then did Andrew believe that he had heard correctly. Not only was he not demoted, but he had been greatly promoted!

To be able to let him participate in various matters meant that he had become a confidant of the king. Although his status was not comparable to the Archdukes such as Allen and Abner, in terms of specific rights, he had become one of the core participants in the political area.

The three departments all had different levels. Although he could be considered as one of the heads of the deliberators, in terms of real status, he was much lower than those who had the status of Archdukes and nobles.

Now that he was promoted, although his status was not comparable to the Archdukes, he could now have a status equal to a Duke!

Suddenly, Andrew felt tears welling up in his eyes.

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