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Chapter 22: Anna’s Shock!

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“Anna, even I know how capable Andrew is. I’m just surprised that he came to you to plead for mercy.”

Queen Anna shook her head.

“With Andrew’s stupid temper, even if he thought for many days and many nights, he would never think of coming to me to plead for mercy.

“It’s just that I view Andrew as an important pillar of the empire. He is such a straightforward and unyielding minister. Having a loyal subject who is not afraid of royal power is really rare to have in a world like this.

“With his constant support by Your Majesty’s side, he will definitely be able to set an example for the ministers and regulate the words and actions of Your Majesty and the royal family.”

Kyle stared at Queen Anna. After a long time, he held Queen Anna’s hand tightly.

“With such a virtuous and wise queen, why should I worry about my empire not being strong and prosperous enough?

“Everyone is talking about me and my achievements. In my opinion, you deserve the most credit for being able to achieve the things that you’ve done for me!!

“It’s an honor to have been wedded to you, my dear Anna!”

Kyle’s words were sincere, and Queen Anna’s eyes were filled with gratitude. The husband and wife lovingly held onto each other’s hands, feeling the warmth of appreciation at that moment.

After a long while, Queen Anna said with a slight smile, “So, Your Majesty has agreed to my request and will forgive Andrew for his disrespectful behavior?”

Kyle patted Queen Anna’s hand.

“Yes, I have. In fact, if you needn’t persuade me at all as I’ve already let go of my frustrated feelings towards him. I will not blame him for directly advising me to correct my mistakes in the future, and there is nothing wrong with being disrespectful sometimes.

“Not only will I not blame him, but I shall also reward him for this attitude. I wish to promote him and make him the most outspoken minister in the palace!”

Queen Anna was overjoyed.

“Your Majesty, it seems that my words today have made a great impact. I need not worry about your capability. You are indeed the wisest King of Lolan!”

Kyle immediately waved his hand.

“Anna, there is no need to flatter me. If someone didn’t persuade me today, I wouldn’t have decided to treat Andrew this well.”

Queen Anna suddenly felt a little strange from that comment.

‘I wonder who else persuaded him before me, so much so that he even wanted to give Andrew a higher position,’ she thought to herself. Queen Anna was very familiar with Kyle’s temper. If he really set his mind on something, other than her own persuasion, no one else could change his mind.

Today felt stranger than usual when she found out that someone actually had the capabilities of changing her husband’s mind.

Kyle then picked up the paper on the table.

“The person who convinced me was the kid who wrote on this paper. He persuaded me in understanding that Andrew was worthy of being placed in an important position.”

Queen Anna was immediately shocked. Her attention was once again focused on the paper. She originally thought that the boy Kyle had mentioned earlier was just an interesting incident that the king had encountered by chance while traveling in disguise.

In the end, she came to the realization that this was an important encounter that the king had that was life changing for someone else.

However, this could not help but make Queen Anna more confused the more she thought about it. Seeing Queen Anna’s surprised and confused look, Kyle could not help but feel a little smug.

“The kid I told you about is not an ordinary commoner, but a genuine genius. According to what I currently know, this kid is truly a treasure bestowed by the Heavens. A blessing for the Lolan Empire!

“Allen and Rosen have already met this kid. The two of them only had good things to say, and could not think of any negative trait this young lad contained.”

Queen Anna was shocked beyond words. It was one thing for Kyle to praise him like this, but even more so for the important ministers in the palace — Allen and Rosen — to have such an evaluation. With that, she truly believed that there must be no mistake in his statement.

However, what kind of personality does this young man have that managed to convince three important ministers to become so fond of him.

After Kyle concluded with a sentence of praise, he recalled the situation again as he spoke.

“Today, I mentioned to him that I had such a straightforward and stubborn old butler by my side and asked him what to do. He told me that not only should I keep him, but I should promote and put him in an important position. This way, more and more people who dare speak the truth in front of me will appear instead of blindly flattering me.

“Only when more and more people speak the truth, will I be able to hear and see the truth. That way, I’ll be able to see things objectively and make the right decision. Even when he didn’t know of my identity, he used the situation between the king and his loyal subject, Andrew as an example. He said that only a wise king like me would keep such a straightforward subject like Andrew by my side.

“So, after thinking about it, I decided that I should keep a smart person by my side to govern the empire. Therefore, Andrew has to stay, and I shall put him in an important position! Otherwise, if I punish Andrew today and this kid finds out tomorrow, who knows how he will perceive the King of Lolan.”

Queen Anna, who was listening by the side, was dumbfounded. Although these words were being conveyed by Kyle, Queen Anna could clearly sense the meaning behind them. She could even imagine the scene that unfolded between the both of them while they conversed with each other.

Knowing this, she could not help but clap her hands.

“Well said, that’s really well said! The king should be sharp-witted and have an official who dares to speak frankly by his side. This young man has spoken well, he has spoken too well in fact. He must be a wise sage!

“It was no wonder that Your Majesty has often concealed his identity and left the palace over the past month. It turns out that there are actually such talented people in the city.”

When Kyle heard Queen Anna praise this man so much, the smile on his face could not be restrained. Kyle hurriedly picked up the piece of paper again to explain the words written on it.

“Not only that, but he also said three meaningful sentences that would stay in my heart forever. Those three sentences would probably be enough to accompany me for my whole life. I was the one who begged him to write it on this piece of paper. This was the treasure that I mentioned earlier!”

Queen Anna immediately stood up and leaned against Kyle. She was ready to witness just what kind of three sentences could move Kyle so much!

Soon, the written words could be seen when Kyle rolled open the piece of paper. Lorne’s rather handsome handwriting was displayed on the paper and presented before Queen Anna’s eyes as she read it out loud.

“By using your own mirror, you would be able to tidy up your own appearance.

“By using others as your mirror, you would be able to see your gains and losses each day.

“By using the past as your mirror, you would be able to see the rise and fall of history.”

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