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Chapter 21: The Queen Pleads for Mercy

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After traveling for a while, Kyle managed to reach the palace gates safely. When he passed through the side doors, he caught a glimpse of a few guards and maids that were waiting by the side of the road.

Kyle was very familiar with these people as they were Queen Anna’s subordinates. So, he immediately changed his direction to go towards the guards and maids.

“Greetings, Your Majesty! “The guards and maids bowed simultaneously when he came into sight.

Kyle waved his hand and asked, “Is the queen resting?”

The leading guard immediately straightened his posture and said, “Reporting to Your Majesty, Her Majesty ordered the cooks to prepare supper. She is currently waiting for Your Majesty in the palace. She specifically asked her subordinates to inform Your Majesty the King.”

“Huh?” Kyle was a little puzzled. However, he still ordered the team to go to Queen Anna’s palace.

There were many women and concubines in the palace, but the one who had the most sincere relationship with Kyle was Queen Anna.

When Kyle refused to listen to anyone, only Queen Anna could persuade him. Queen Anna could even influence Kyle’s attitude towards the princes and ministers in his palace. Not only that, but Queen Anna also played an important role in assisting Kyle to claim the position he has today.

Therefore, although he already had a scrumptious meal at Lorne’s place, he still went to Queen Anna’s palace.

A few personal guards and maids led the way in front, leaving a large number of guards on both sides to protect him. Soon, they arrived at Queen Anna’s place.

He waved his hand and had the guards wait outside while he walked into the place alone.

Of course, he still had a copy of the handwriting and a small jar of wine in his hand.


Kyle gently pushed open the door and saw Queen Anna sitting on a chair. He did not know what she was thinking about.

“Anna, sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Kyle had always called Queen Anna only by her name. After all, they did not need formalities between one another.

Queen Anna immediately stood up and bowed slightly to Kyle.

“Your Majesty, I apologize for my behavior, but why hasn’t anyone informed me that you were going to be here so soon?”

Kyle gently placed the paper and wine jug on the table. Only then did he quickly walk over and sit down with Queen Anna.

“I was recently notified of this when I was strolling. I did not want to waste away the rest of my night, so I came to visit you as quickly as I could.”

As he spoke, Kyle sat down beside Queen Anna.

The husband and wife first chatted casually. After a while, Queen Anna noticed the two items that Kyle had brought with him.

“Your Majesty, what is written on this piece of paper?”

Kyle immediately burst into fits of laughter when he was reminded of the event that happened in the tavern.

“This is a priceless treasure. In the future, it shall be regarded as part of an inheritance from our royal family. I’ve begged a whole lot and put in tons of effort to obtain something as special as this.”

Queen Anna immediately looked at Kyle in disbelief. The way he spoke so seriously about this item, could it be that this was written by a famous sage?

She was astounded, His Majesty the King had actually mentioned the word ‘beg’ when he obtained this item!

Queen Anna stared at the paper with more intent. From its appearance, it looked like a simple piece of paper and it definitely did not look like some heirloom treasure. After all, the materials used for great sages to write on are very precious. It was impossible for it to be just an ordinary piece of paper, right?

So, after much thought, Queen Anna could not help but still curiously bring up the question.

“Your Majesty, may I know where you’ve retrieved such an… interesting item?”

Kyle held the paper as he spoke with a smile.

“From a very interesting boy. He sat me down on a stool and pressed on about putting my private seal on it. He also told me to take this item home and use it as a family heirloom. He said that when he became successful in the future, I could show it off to others.”

When he thought of this, Kyle could not help but laugh once again. Queen Anna was confused. She did not understand the relationship between the person and the incident. She also did not know that there was someone in the world who would be able to force the King of Lolan to use his private seal.

However, when she thought of how Kyle often left the palace in disguise these days, she guessed that he must have hidden his identity and met some interesting people. That could have been a reason for his happiness these days.

However, Queen Anna could only put this whole thing at the back of her mind. That was because she had other important matters to discuss with Kyle today.

The reason why she had specially prepared midnight snacks and specially asked the palace servants to invite Kyle was for more important matters.

Looking at the smile on Kyle’s face and his obvious good mood, Queen Anna felt more at ease knowing what she was going to say next.

She poured a small glass of wine for Kyle, then stood up and bowed slightly to Kyle.

Kyle’s face was immediately filled with surprise. He hurriedly supported his queen and hastily spoke, “Anna, what are you doing? We’re husband and wife, you should treat it as such with no other meaning.”

Queen Anna said gently, “Seeing that Your Majesty is in a good mood today, I wish to request for a favor.”

Kyle forced Queen Anna to sit down again and then spoke softly, “It’s okay to say it. As long as your intentions are not evil, I shall agree to this favor.”

Queen Anna sighed at first and then spoke in a tentative manner.

“I heard that Andrew sent another letter to your desk today. It was to advise you to correct your mistakes. Although I heard that you did not express your rage, based on my understanding of you, I had a feeling that you would be very frustrated.”

Queen Anna spoke as directly as she wished. She and Kyle never had many twists and turns when it came to their relationship.

“So today, my favor would be on behalf of Andrew. Please forgive him for his disrespectful behavior. Andrew is a man of integrity and loyalty. He’s just a little bit more straightforward than usual sometimes.

“But no matter what, he’s loyal to you, me, and the Lolan Empire. So I hope that Your Majesty won’t be angry with Andrew because of this.”

Kyle was really surprised. He had never expected Queen Anna to plead for Andrew.. He thought she was pleading for some distant relative who had committed a crime.

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