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Chapter 20: This Will be Passed Down to Future Generations

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When Kyle heard Lorne describe himself in this way, he could not help but feel pleased. This tavern boss really had a good judge of character. He could actually see that the king was tolerant and magnanimous. He even knew that the king was a benevolent and righteous man.

Kyle’s ego burst through the clouds as he spoke, “The current king sure is a wise and mighty person. Naturally, an ordinary commoner like me would not be able to compare to him. To be able to keep such a stubborn and direct subject like Andrew by his side, really does show how great our king is!”

Lorne just nodded in agreement as he had not expected Kyle to be boasting about himself.

“That’s the reason why I told you this. For the king to be able to tolerate Andrew, it shows that our king is a tolerant and magnanimous person. If our king is able to do something like this, what reason do you have to not tolerate an old butler?

“So, according to me, you should learn from the king’s way of handling things. Not only should you keep him, but you should give him an important position. This way, the people around you will follow suit and start speaking the truth too. Whether you’re running a family or managing a business, you’ll only get more and more prosperous from this!”

Kyle could not help but clap loudly.

“It makes sense. What you said makes sense! What the king did, it’s perfect! I just need to follow suit. When I go back, I’ll put that old butler to good use. This way, whether it’s my family, friends, or neighbors, they’ll all praise my character.”

Lorne patted Kyle’s shoulder.

“That’s right, you could learn a thing or two from the king. There are still many things you don’t understand. Have no fear though, I’ll be here. If you have anything you don’t understand, you can always come and ask me. I don’t have any other strengths, I just contain a lot of knowledge.”

Kyle did not know how to react, he just laughed and nodded agreeingly to what Lorne said.

“Okay, okay, okay. I’ll definitely ask you more when the time comes.”

The two of them toasted their drinks and quickly finished the delicious dishes on the table. Soon, through the crack of the door, one could see that the sky had darkened.

As nighttime fell, Lorne lit candles around the tavern to brighten up their surrounding area.

Kyle estimated the time by looking at the sky and knew that it was time for him to return to the palace. He immediately stood up and placed a few silver coins on the table, as usual.

“Boss, talking to you today has made me realize something. I should appreciate the people around me. I wonder if you could copy down those three sentences for me so that I can keep it with me forever.”

Lorne was stunned for a moment, but then was overjoyed.

“Not bad, old friend. You’re actually taking what I said seriously. Have you finally seen through my endless potential? Are you afraid that I’ll forget about you when I become an official in the future, so you’re asking me for a copy of my handwriting in advance?”

Kyle immediately scratched his head. What was going on? Before he could speak, Lorne immediately interrupted him.

“There’s no need to say more. I understand. It’s just a piece of handwriting after all! With our friendship, I will never forget about you.

“You don’t have to worry that I’ll forget you after my rise in success. The two of us are sworn brothers now, but you’ll have to promise me that you won’t sell what I wrote to you for money. It’s a priceless treasure!”

As he spoke, Lorne took out a piece of paper from a drawer and began to use his quill to write down what his old friend requested for. Soon, the three sentences that he said beforehand were written on the piece of paper.

Kyle nodded his head in satisfaction. Lorne’s handwriting was not bad. Although it was not top-notch, it was still pleasing to the eye. When he finished writing, he even signed his signature at the end of the page.

“In the 15th year of the Lolan era, a merchant from Lolan City named (blank) asked Lorne for help.”

After the word ‘named’, Lorne deliberately left an empty spot.

“Come, come, old friend. Fill in your name yourself. This way, this paper will be passed down to future generations. Your descendants and grandchildren will be able to use it as a family heirloom.”

Kyle was completely confused by what Lorne was trying to achieve. Something was not right. He only asked Lorne to write a copy. He did not mention a signature at all.

Was Lorne afraid that others would not believe him that he was the one who said these words?

Kyle’s eyes were dull and he refused to move. Looking at that, Lorne placed the paper on the table, in front of Kyle.

“Old friend, you have to fill in the name for me today. Otherwise, it would look like you’re looking down on me. If the two of us ever have a fallout, who else would believe me if I said that I wrote these words for you?”

Kyle’s eyes twitched unconsciously as he did not know how to answer at all. After a long while, he carefully took out a small jade seal from his pouch.

“Okay, okay. You’ve convinced me. I’ll stamp it for you to prove to everyone that I was the one that asked for it. Are you satisfied now?”

Suddenly, a huge stamp appeared in the blank space that Lorne had deliberately left behind.

“How is it? Is this enough to prove that I asked you for your handwriting?”

Although he still could not get Kyle’s name, Lorne was still satisfied. He rolled up the paper and handed it to Kyle.

“Old friend, take it home and keep it well. It’s best to find a craftsman to put it together. These words could be passed down for generations to come.”

Kyle did not know what to say as he received the paper with both hands. He then said with a smile, “I’ve already asked for this paper. Then, this means that when you become successful in the future, you shouldn’t forget me, the small merchant from the Lolan Empire.”

Lorne’s eyes widened, and he immediately put one hand on Kyle’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry. As long as I am capable enough of cooking, you’ll always be someone that I would gladly serve. You’re not getting rid of me that easily!”

After hearing that, only then was Kyle satisfied. It seemed that being able to obtain such a promise from Lorne made him happier than anything else.

Kyle immediately said, “Alright, it’s time for me to head back. I’ll definitely find a craftsman to put it up when I have the time.”

Lorne handed the jar of wine on the table to Kyle as well.

“This jar of wine is for you. Take it back and drink it slowly. Savor it, bit by bit.”

Kyle gladly took the jar of wine with his free hand, and then left Lorne’s tavern satisfied. Soon, a large number of palace guards appeared in the darkness of the night, protecting Kyle as he headed towards the palace.

Kyle let out a hearty chuckle as he read the words written on the paper.

“This was the first time someone has asked me to sign a handwritten note to show off!”

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