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Chapter 16: Uphold the Lolan Empire for Hundreds of Years!

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“Do you still remember a few days ago, I specifically sent people to the Bora Kingdom in the north to investigate the snowstorm, and the Eastern region to investigate the drought in the river?”

Allen did not think too much about it and immediately answered, “I remember it very clearly, but I still can’t figure out why Your Majesty suddenly sent people to investigate these places.”

Kyle smiled and patted Allen’s shoulder.

“That’s right, I’ll let you in on a little secret. These two things were also deduced by Lorne based on the few clues he observed!”

In an instant, Allen’s entire body trembled. His eyes revealed a look of disbelief.

“Your Majesty, is this true? Can you please tell me more about it?”

Kyle raised his head and looked at the sky.

“A few days ago, I went to his tavern for a meal. When I had nothing to do, I asked the boss about the relationship between the Lolan Empire and the Bora Kingdom in the north.

“This tavern boss really is as smart as the gods. Based on a few matters, he deduced that my Lolan Empire was going to start a war with the Bora Kingdom in the north. He also said that there’s no chance of victory in this war.”

Allen immediately reacted.

“Your Majesty, was the reason for a potential defeat be because of the snowstorm in the north and the drought in the east of the river?!”

Kyle glanced at Allen and immediately nodded.


When Allen heard this, he immediately sucked in a breath of cold air. His thoughts churned in his mind like a washing machine, and he could not calm down no matter how hard he tried.

“Your Majesty... This person... just what kind of ability does he possess? Is there really such a genius living in this world?”

Kyle looked at the palace gate, whose outline could already be seen, and a bitter smile appeared on his face. “It would have been fine if he really had such divine power, but he doesn’t. He didn’t use divine power to calculate these things. Instead, he deduced them based on proper reasoning.

“He noticed that the price of mutton in the Eastern and Western markets rapidly increased, and the rice in the east of the river rapidly decreased, causing the price of rice to surge. That’s why he concluded that there must have been a change in these two places.

“Now, I’m really glad that I listened to Lorne’s suggestion, which allowed me, the King of Lolan, to avoid a major disaster. It’s all thanks to him!”

This time, Allen was starstruck. He was so shocked that he was not able to fully process what the king had said. He was supposed to be the king’s main strategist, who was as intelligent as a fox and was known for his decisiveness when it came to making important choices. Right now, he felt that his brain was going haywire from all the information.

What kind of person could deduce something like this, a monster?

It was no wonder that the King was calm when Lorne deduced that they were going to build a small palace. It turns out that he had already experienced Lorne’s antics. He was impressed. Allen was completely impressed.

“He is indeed an invaluable talent to the empire!”

“Your Majesty, if such a talent can not be brought under your tutelage, it will be a heavy loss for everyone in Lolan! Your humble servant would like to plead to His Majesty the King to employ this person effectively immediately. He would be a blessing to the Lolan Empire and a blessing to all the people in the world!

“With this person’s contribution to the court, it’ll be able to uphold the Lolan Empire for hundreds of years to come. This is truly a heaven-sent opportunity. Your Majesty, you must not let go of this chance!”

Allen’s words struck hard. Kyle was so taken aback by what he had said. This was because he had never expected that his right-hand man’s evaluation of Lorne would actually be on such a high pedestal. It had already risen to the point of counting Lorne as a national treasure.

Fortunately, Kyle had agreed to everything that his right-hand man spoke of. That tavern boss really had a rare ability. Despite being among the commoners, he had an ability that most people in the palace could not compare to.

However, after thinking carefully, Kyle still shook his head. This made Allen a little anxious from that gesture.

“Your Majesty, it’s such a waste of an opportunity to let such a great talent manage a tiny tavern. This is a waste of God’s gift. If Your Majesty does not want this person, why not arrange for him to join my Ministry of War? As the head of the Ministry of War, I would aid and support him well.”

Kyle did not know whether to scoff or to laugh at Allen’s suggestion.

“Allen, how dare you play tricks on me. Do you think I can’t tell what you’re thinking?”

“I just want to get Lorne under my command before the others find out...”

“You can save your breath. When did I say that I did not need this person? On the contrary, I wish to provide him with a higher position!”

Allen was exposed by Kyle and smiled in embarrassment.

“Your Majesty, why wait? It’s better to recruit him as soon as possible. Let him do his part for Lolan as soon as possible.”

When Kyle thought of this, the smile immediately disappeared from his face.

“It’s really not that I don’t want him to enter the palace, I’ve actually brought it up before and he downright rejected the idea of it. A few days ago, I said that I knew some people in the palace and had the ability to recommend him to be an official.

“He actually despised me for being a small merchant. He said I only knew low-level officials and said that he wanted to wait for a better opportunity. Knowing this, what else would I be able to do? So I just let it go.”

Allen immediately fell silent, and the corners of his mouth could not help but twitch. What a willful king, and what an interesting young man. Based on the tavern boss’s reply, it was no wonder the king liked him so much.

When Allen thought of this, he saw that they had arrived at their destination. Knowing so, Allen still bowed to Kyle.

“In that case, the power should be decided by Your Majesty. However, you must not let such a big opportunity fall into the hands of others.”

When Kyle saw that Allen was being serious, he immediately restrained the smile on his face.

“Don’t worry, I know what to do!”

Allen nodded.

“Then I will take my leave!”

As he said this, he bowed again, then turned around and left. However, after taking a few steps, he suddenly turned around.

“Your Majesty, should this young man need a training ground to enter the imperial court, you can direct him to the Ministry of War. The Ministry of War would be a good place for him to start his training!”

After saying that, he turned around and left without waiting for Kyle’s response. Kyle stayed where he was for a few seconds, and then suddenly burst into laughter.

“Oh boy, Lorne hasn’t even entered the palace yet, and he’s already been invited to so many places. I’m curious as to how this will pan out.”

Lorne, who was completely unaware of this, had no idea that there were already a few big shots who wanted to recruit him. Instead, he began to think about Charles’s method of making money.

To be honest, there were quite a number of businesses that earn a lot of money. However, to make a lot of money, one had to be quick to snatch the opportunity.. This was indeed something that Lorne needed to be crafty about.

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