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Chapter 15: Strong Wine!

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“Boss, you know how to read the lives of people?” Kyle, who had calmed down from his shock, could not help but wonder out loud.

Lorne knocked down his drink in one go and casually waved his hand.

“Sigh, it’s not worth mentioning. It’s just some petty tricks. These are all passed down from my family. I only have a drop of what they contain. According to the records of my family, my ancestors were legendary...”

Lorne was just about to speak when Kyle immediately raised his hand to interrupt him.

“Okay, okay, I know. Your ancestors might be the incarnation of some God of Prometheus again. Are you really going to tell me that you know everything again? What else can you predict now?”

Lorne saw that he got interrupted before he started to brag, but he did not appear to be embarrassed from the interjection. Instead, he calmly raised his wine glass again.

“Come, come, come. Let’s not talk about this. Drink! Let’s not leave until we’re drunk.”

The three of them immediately raised their glasses and drank the wine. This time, they drank a few large gulps in succession. After all the food on the table had been eaten, Kyle estimated that it was time for him to return to the palace. He stood up shakily, his face red from drinking.

“Boss... Boss Lorne, I think it’s getting late. I still have to make a trip to the shop, so I won’t be staying for long.”

Hearing this, Allen also stood up. His face was also flushed red, and he reeked of alcohol.

Lorne looked at the two of them, who wobbled as they walked, and could not help but ask worriedly.

“Hey, you two, look at you. Can you two even walk safely to the shop? Why don’t you tell me where the shop is, and I’ll send you two there.”

Kyle suddenly shivered. He did not want to be exposed right now.

“No, no, no. No one would look after your tavern, boss. You won’t have to worry about sending us there. It’s just a few sips of wine. Do you really think it’ll be a challenge for us to go back? We can go back on our own.”

As he spoke, Kyle threw one silver coin after another out of his money bag.

“Boss, I’m grateful that you thought about me today. You gave me a chance to make a fortune, but unfortunately, I had to turn it down. This feels like you made a loss and I feel a little bad. I’ll pay a few more silver coins for today’s meal. It can be considered as buying these few jars of good wine too.”

Lorne was overjoyed. These few coins had a lot of purchasing power in this era. An average family of five could eat for a long time with what the king had so generously offered.

“Old friend, I never make mistakes when it comes to judging characteristics. You’re really truly an honest person. Don’t worry, this won’t be the only deal that will earn you a lot of money. Once I rest and think about it, sooner or later, I’ll find another way to let you earn a mountain of gold and silver in the future.”

Kyle did not know how to react to what Lorne said, all he felt was his fondness growing for this young tavern boss. He had the ability, insight, intelligence, understanding of human relationships, and was also charismatic when it came to speaking. His personality was also so good, and his behavior was very much to his liking. Such a young man was simply the word God would use to describe perfection.

Kyle secretly made up his mind that if Lorne ever enters the palace one day, he would put this young man to good use. After the king and Minister of War got up from their seats, the two of them supported each other as they walked towards the door of the tavern.

On the way, Kyle did not know if his legs were weak or if he had passed out from drinking, but he staggered on the ground. It was Lorne who was quick enough to rush over and support him.

“I say, old friend. If you can’t drink that much, you should have said so earlier. I’m still waiting for you to make a lot of money. Don’t fall sick now, it’ll be a problem for both of us in the future.

“The brew actually had a higher alcohol content than usual. Looking at you now, I should’ve just kept it to myself. Seems that you can’t handle your alcohol, old friend.”

Kyle immediately became anxious.

“Hey boss, you can’t do this. Next time, you must bring out all the good stuff. Honestly, I didn’t expect the alcohol content to be this high either. Back in my days, I used to be able to drink two jars alone. Nowadays, even sharing two jars between three people would be more than enough for me.

“Boss, I’m telling you, your wine is the best. If you made it stronger, you would surely attract the customers in Lolan City. Alcohol these days are too weak I tell you. Hey! In fact, you should thank me for this great idea! What would you do without me, boss…”

The speaker mumbled as he spoke, not meaning anything he said. The listener, however, immediately fell into deep thought. It made sense. Charles was indeed a businessman after all. He had some foresight and wits. The more the listener thought about it, the more he agreed as to why he neglected something like selling alcohol!

In the Lolan Era and earlier eras, the alcohol brewed was very low in alcohol content. Most people only drank fruit wine. Were he to mass produce 40 to 50 jars of strong alcohol, he would be the most popular man in the alcohol market.

After memorizing this business opportunity in his mind, Lorne patted Kyle’s back.

“Okay, based on what you said, I won’t miss this opportunity. But do you really not need me to send you two off?”

Kyle and Allen hurriedly waved their hands again.

“No need, no need. You do what you need to do. We can leave on our own.”

Lorne then nodded.

“Alright then, take care, you two. I won’t be seeing you off.”

Kyle and Allen said their goodbyes and helped each other out of the shop. After turning a corner away from Silk Street, a large number of disguised palace guards swarmed over, protecting the two of them in the middle.

Kyle and Allen decided to travel in a low-profile manner, so they did not take a carriage. When they left, instead of resting while being transported, they had to slowly make their way towards the palace. With the cold breeze that surrounded them on their journey back, most of the drunkenness that they had had dissipated.


Kyle let out a long breath and turned his head to look at his subject.

“Warren, what do you think of this young boss?”

Hearing the king still address him as Warren, Allen was a little speechless. He did not know what to say. However, when he thought of the boss in the tavern, Allen’s thoughts immediately drifted far away. After a while, he calmed himself down again.

“Your Majesty, did Lorne really analyze the matter of you building a small palace in the northeast corner of Lolan City with just a few clues?”

Kyle immediately glared at him.

“What? Do you think that I’m working with him to lie to you?

Allen immediately bowed and said, “I have never doubted you, Your Majesty! Forgive me as I’m just shocked and a little incredulous when it comes to matters like these.”

After Allen apologized, only then did Kyle turn his head and put his hands behind his back. He spoke in a leisurely tone as he followed the personal guards forward.

“Actually, it’s common human nature, no one would dare admit to not believing this man at first. Even when I first saw his ability, I didn’t believe it either.”

Allen immediately looked at Kyle with curiosity, wanting to know what His Majesty the King had experienced in the past.

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