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I'll Come Clean! I Am The King Of Lolan!

Chapter 138 (END) - The Great Ending

Chapter 138: The Great Ending

In the palace.

On the throne, Kyle’s expression was grave. A terrifying pressure spread from his body. Below him, the ministers were the same. Their expressions were grave as they frowned and pondered in silence.

Just now, a messenger sent an urgent message from thousands of miles away.

Thousands of miles away, the Bora Kingdom had gathered hundreds of thousands of troops. They were rapidly advancing towards Lolan’s territory.

However, for some unknown reason, the Bora Kingdom made such a big move that the messenger actually arrived at Lolan City seven days late.

As a result, when they received the news, the Bora Kingdom had already marched into the border and entered Lolan’s territory.

According to the intelligence, there were hundreds of thousands of Bora’s troops and more than 100,000 cavalrymen.

With such a huge number of cavalrymen, the Bora Kingdom must have used all the military forces in the country.

What were they trying to do? To use all the military forces in the country to attack the Lolan Empire, were they planning to fight to the death?

Were they not afraid of the pack of wolves in the surrounding countries?

All the courtiers, including King Kyle, were also thinking about this problem. Now, however, it was no longer their turn to think about the thoughts of the Bora Kingdom.

The army was pressing on the border. They had to think of a way to deal with it as soon as possible.

“Your Majesty, I request to go on an expedition!”

Zorn took a step forward and bowed to Kyle with excitement on his face.

“Your Majesty, I request to go on an expedition!”

Like Zorn, Reha took a step forward and bowed.

“Your Majesty, I request to go on an expedition!”

“Your Majesty, I request to go on an expedition!”

One by one, the generals stepped out and their loud voices reverberated throughout the hall.

The Lolan Empire’s hatred for the Bora Kingdom was over the moon. Back then, the Lolan Empire had just been unified, and there was still a lot of work to be done. Less than one-tenth of the country’s strength had been consumed by the war.

At that time, the Bora Kingdom launched a surprise attack on Lolan City, relying on the high mobility of the cavalry.

However, under the oppression of the Bora Kingdom, Kyle was forced to sign a humiliating treaty.

Although the Bora Kingdom had retreated, the seeds of hatred had been firmly buried in the hearts of every Lolan Citizen. From then on, Lolan began to crazily target the Bora Kingdom.

However, every time they went on an expedition, the group of thieves of the Bora Kingdom, relying on the advantage of the terrain and the speed of their warhorses, were able to escape each time.

However, everything was different now. The Bora Kingdom had gathered the entire country’s strength to have an all-out attack on Lolan. It seemed that they wanted to fight to their deaths.

Therefore, these generals naturally would not let go of this opportunity to redeem themselves.

In addition, they had not experienced the taste of war for a long time. Each and every one of them was itching for it.

“It’s just a mere kingdom. It’s not worth it for all of you to go together.

“Zorn, Reha, listen to my orders. I order you to lead a 500,000-strong army and destroy the Bore Kingdom!”

When Zorn and Reha heard Kyle’s order, excitement immediately appeared on their faces. They hurriedly bowed and said, “I accept your orders.”

After they finished speaking, they hurriedly left the hall and gathered their forces.

The remaining generals all had regretful expressions on their faces.

Kyle ignored those generals and turned to look at the civil officials at the side.

“My beloved ministers, have you seen through the purpose of Bora Kingdom’s arrival?”

“I don’t know, but I’m sure that the Bora Kingdom would never be this foolish. They must have a conspiracy behind their actions.”

Rosen immediately replied.

“Report! Your Majesty, the Sguta Kingdom, and several neighboring countries have all sent troops!”

Outside the hall, a messenger quickly ran in.


Kyle stood up from his throne, and his expression suddenly changed.

“Your Majesty, I know what is happening!”

Upon hearing this news, Rosen immediately understood everything.

“Your Majesty, the Bora Kingdom has joined forces with other countries. This time, they must be planning to join forces with other countries to encroach on our Lolan Empire!”

“How dare they?!”

“They’re all weak. Your Majesty, Please let us fight. I promise that we’ll kill them all!”

The general at the side took another step forward and said to Kyle in unison.

“Rosen, Allen, do you have any good ideas?”

Kyle looked at his good ministers.

“Your Majesty, we have to fight this battle. However, although our country will win in such a huge battle, we will definitely suffer heavy losses.

“As a result, our national strength will definitely decline. At that time, the other countries that have been eyeing us will attack us.”

Rosen frowned.

Regardless of the outcome, this battle would not be of any benefit to them. Although they could resolve most of the threats in one fell swoop, with their national strength weakened, those wolf pups in the dark would not be able to endure their fangs.

“Your Majesty, why don’t we go and ask Lorne?”

Aaron frowned and thought for a while, then went up and asked.

Kyle’s eyes suddenly lit up. Yes, how could he have forgotten about his good friend Lorne!

“Let’s go, let’s get out of the palace.”

“Your Majesty, you don’t need to hide your identity anymore?”

Rosen and the others looked at the hurried Kyle and asked in puzzlement.

“Why do you still need to hide your identity at a time like this? If we win this battle, I, Lolan, will definitely become the leader of all countries and stand at the top of the world. It’s also time to have a showdown with Lorne.”

Kyle glared at Rosen and the others, and then he walked out of the hall.

Only the silly generals were left in a mess in the wind.

Rosen and the others also showed a look of sudden realization, and then they hurriedly followed Kyle’s footsteps.

Soon, Kyle and the others arrived at Lorne’s tiny tavern. Where it all began.

Lorne, who was in the tavern, immediately stood up when he saw Kyle and went forward to welcome him.

However, Lorne paused when he saw Kyle dressed in a dragon robe. After he came to his senses, he quickly went forward.

“Old friend, do you not want to live anymore? Don’t you know what the dragon robe means? This is an attire that only a king can wear.”

“Lorne, don’t worry. Actually, I’m not a merchant. I’ll come clean, I’m the King of Lolan!”

When Kyle saw that Lorne was worried about him, a warm feeling welled up in his heart. There was no longer any worry on his face. He said to Lorne with a smile.

“Old friend, I see that you are getting bolder and bolder. It’s fine that you discussed the national affairs before, but now you actually dare to pretend to be the king. If this continues, aren’t you going to say that you are a God next?”

Lorne clearly did not believe him. There was even a disdainful expression on his face, but it quickly turned into worry. He tugged at his clothes and urged him.

“Take them off quickly. If the officers and soldiers see you, it will be a felony to behead you.”

Kyle shook his head helplessly.

No one would believe the truth these days.

“Come out.”

Helpless, Kyle waved his hand. Immediately, knights in heavy armor came out from all directions.

This time, Lorne was stunned.

He recognized the armor of these knights. It was the armor of the King’s personal guard, the Pegasus Knights.

The Pegasus Knights were the king’s personal soldiers. They only listened to the king’s orders.

Could this old man really be the king?

All sorts of emotions appeared on Lorne’s face at once.

He was stunned, doubtful, shocked, and every other emotion in the dictionary.

In the end, he accepted reality.

When Kyle saw this, he could not help but feel a little proud. He finally earned some recognition from the tavern owner. However, at the same time that he felt proud, he also felt a little disappointed. This was because, in the future, they would be kings and ministers. They would no longer be good brothers with their arms around each other’s shoulders.

In fact, he really hoped that Lorne would not mind his status as the king and still address him as a brother like before. However, the weight of the king was too great.

Before he became the king, Rosen, Zorn, and Alan were all good brothers with their arms around each other’s shoulders. However, after he became the king, their relationship became much more distant.

Just as he was thinking about this, Lorne had already made a move.

He once again put his arm around Kyle’neck like before.

“All of you’ve hidden your identity well. Your identity is actually that of a king. No wonder you’ve been asking about the national policy.

“Look at the relationship between the two of us. Don’t you think that you have to arrange for me to be a prime minister?

“Let me say this first. I won’t do anything below the rank of Duke. You know my abilities very well, right?”

When he heard Lorne’s words, Kyle did not know whether to laugh or cry.

However, business was more important. Kyle immediately put away his smile and put on a serious expression.

“Don’t worry, Lorne. If you enter the court, I will make you the national advisor, above all others in one day!

“But now, we have important business to attend to. We urgently need your strategies.”

When he heard Kyle’s promise, Lorne released Kyle in satisfaction. His expression changed and he asked seriously, “What is going on? It must have been serious enough for you to come all the way here like this?”

“You know me well.”

Hearing Lorne’s serious words, Kyle’s anxious heart also eased slightly.

“Lorne, the Bora Kingdom in the north has gathered the entire country’s army and is attacking our borders at full speed.

“Although a mere kingdom is nothing to be afraid of, it is impossible for them to make such a foolish move. Therefore, I suspect that there must be other countries that have joined forces with the Bora Kingdom and want to destroy our Lolan Empire together.

“I’m afraid that the Bota Kingdom is only leading the army. The real threat is the country hidden behind them.”

Lorne looked at Kyle in surprise. He could not help but reveal a smile on his face:

“Not bad, old friend. You can actually see through the conspiracy behind this. It seems that after staying with a smart person for a long time, your IQ will also increase.”

Kyle’s face was full of black lines. He was, after all, a wise and resourceful general in the past. If he could not even see through this kind of overt conspiracy, then he would really be a big fool.

At the thought of this, an anxious look appeared on Kyle’s face again.

“Lorne, don’t keep me in suspense. Hurry up and come up with an idea. Perhaps those countries that are hiding in the dark have already begun to prepare their armies and are preparing to march toward our country.”

Lorne nodded. There was no panic on his face at all. He still had a calm smile on his face as he patted Kyle’s shoulder.

“Old friend, you’ve been a king for so long. Why can’t you be patient? As a king, you have to maintain a calm heart.”

When Kyle heard this, he recalled his actions just now. Indeed, he did not have the bearing that a king should have. Then, he hurriedly wiped the worry from his face, and his calm and domineering aura returned once again.

“Lorne, what do you have planned?”

Lorne smiled and extended a finger. “To deal with them, just one move is enough.”

Kyle’s eyes lit up, and he hurriedly asked, “What is it?”

He trusted Lorne unconditionally. As long as Lorne said that there was no problem, there was no problem!

“Display powerful military force, and destroy the Bora Kingdom at an extremely fast speed!

“In this way, those countries that have been secretly observing us will definitely not dare to attack us again when they discover that our great Lolan Empire is so valiant and fierce.”


A helpless look immediately appeared on Kyle’face. After that, he shook his head and slowly said, “Lorne, to be honest, I have thought of such a plan before. However, the Bora Kingdom is good at cavalry. They are exceptionally flexible and are very skilled in guerrilla warfare. Therefore, it is completely impossible to end the battle quickly.

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to use it this time.”

Lorne was not affected by Kyle’s words. Instead, a brighter smile appeared on his face.

“Old friend, it seems that you still don’t know me very well. I never say things that I’m not sure of.”

After saying that, Lorne took out a piece of blueprint from his clothes.

“Pass these to the Ministry of Industrials and have them build these things. As long as these things can be built, in less than three days, the Lolan Army will return with a great victory!

“It’s not just the Bora Kingdom, but even the entire world. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes Lolan’s territory.”

Kyle was stunned. All the soldiers around him were also stunned.

World domination!

It was not that Kyle had never thought of this, but that dream seemed very far away. It was so far away that there was no hope at all.

However, Lorne was the one that mentioned it was only a matter of time…

The hand that Kyle took the paper from could not help but tremble.

Just these few thin pieces of paper could actually allow the Lolan Empire to expand to such an extent? Immediately, these few pieces of paper that were clearly as light as a feather became unusually heavy.

Kyle raised his head and said with a slightly trembling voice,

“Lorne, are... Are you telling the truth?”

Lorne smiled and asked back, “You know, I never lie.”

Then, Lorne gave a few more instructions and was ready to send him off.

“Old friend, although you are the king and can be divided into ranks at will, I do not have any achievements at the moment.

“If you make me the national advisor without permission, those old men in the palace may be dissatisfied. So, before doing anything, I will wait for you in the tavern.

“However, as the king, you can not go back on your words. I will definitely take the position of the king under one person and above ten thousand other people!”

When he heard Lorne’s words, the rims of Kyle’s eyes could not help but turn red.

He did not expect Lorne to be so considerate of him.

Kyle smiled, and then there was determination in his eyes. He patted Lorne’s shoulder and spoke with vigor.

“Brother, don’t worry. When have I ever gone back on my words!

“It’s been hard on you these few days. Stay in the tavern for a few more days.

“When my army returns with a great victory, it will also be the time for me to bring all the civil and military officials to invite you into the palace!”

After saying that, Kyle did not hesitate anymore and quickly returned to the palace with his knights.

Seeing Kyle’s figure disappear from his eyes, Lorne let out a deep breath.

“That scared me to death.”

Lorne patted his small chest. His previous calm and composure had completely disappeared.

“This old man actually hid it from me for so long. Seriously, he clearly has so many flaws. Why didn’t I think of it though?”

Back in the tavern, Lorne sat on a chair and muttered to himself. Then, he laughed again.

“Fortunately, I reacted quickly, but Charlie is still an old friend. Even if he came clean, there wouldn’t be any conflicts between the king and the ministers. We’re still brothers, just like before!”

Smiling, Lorne fell into deep thought again.

“Is it because of me? Giving the king a plan made the surrounding countries feel threatened, resulting in the butterfly effect, causing them to unite.”

Lorne thought for a moment and confirmed that it was his reason. This was because the actions of the Bora Kingdom had never happened before in history.

“Fortunately, as long as the king acknowledges it, it can be considered a promotion.”

Lorne exhaled.

After Kyle made Lorne the national advisor, the system issued a series of notifications.

While Lorne was conversing with Kyle, he began to draw the lottery.

The things he obtained from the system gave Lorne absolute confidence!

“Blueprint for making gunpowder.”

“Blueprint for making cannons.”

“Blueprint for making explosives.”

“Blueprint for making muskets.”

“Principles of steam power.”

... and so on.

When Lorne saw these things, he was a little surprised. After all, this was ancient times a thousand years ago, not modern times. With these things, dominating the world was not just a matter of words.

After resolving these matters, Lorne was confident that he could bring about a great change to the world with these things!

The next matters were much simpler.

Kyle took the blueprint to the Ministry of Industrials and let them handle the rest.

Although it was an ancient era, these ancient people were not st*pid. When they see such an intricate blueprint, their knowledge of the world would increase.

In a day, they gathered all kinds of materials and produced the world’s first batch of gunpowder and explosives. At the same time, they completed a third of the progress of the cannons.

The next day, the world’s first-class of cannonballs and cannons appeared.

On the fourth day, the first musket was completed.

Although there were enough materials, the manpower of the Ministry of Industry was limited and could not be mass-produced.

In half a month’s time, they only produced a thousand muskets, a hundred cannons, and a thousand shells.

With a roar, Kyle saw the power of the cannons and the terrifying damage of the muskets.

Then, he immediately trained a thousand sharpshooters and transported everything to the front line.

In these twenty days, the countries that were secretly hiding in the shadows had already started to move.

This time, however, Kyle did not panic. The cannons and muskets had given him enough confidence. Now, to him, the entire world had become his territory.

In just three days, under the powerful power of the muskets and cannons, the Bora Kingdom was already in a state of collapse. Half of the entire army was dead or injured. The remaining people were scared out of their wits when they saw the terrifying thunder-like cannons, they surrendered one after another.

As for Lolan’s army, they only lost less than 1,000 people in the first ten days. In the last three days, not a single person was killed or injured.

Such a terrifying battle result shocked the entire world. Those countries that had conspired were immediately withdrawn and returned to their countries. The tributes that they had prepared overnight were already considered loyal.

The greatest contributor of this war was Lorne.

Kyle ordered all the civil and military officials to go to Silk Street to welcome Lorne into the palace.

The next day, Lorne was conferred the title of Grand Duke. He was given the position of national advisor and his achievements were announced to the world.

In an instant, he gained countless people’s hearts.

King Kyle also betrothed his most beloved and beautiful princesses to Lorne.

A few years later, with Lorne’s help, hundreds of thousands of musketeers were suppressed by thousands of cannons.

The Lolan Empire conquered the entire continent and took control of the entire world.

Lorne also used this to launch the Great Revolution, overthrowing all the systems and subsequently improving them.

With the joint efforts of everyone, the Lolan Empire, the country, and the people lived a peaceful life.

The most beautiful princess married Lorne, also under his efforts, gave birth to a lovely daughter and good boy.

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