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I'll Come Clean! I Am The King Of Lolan!

Chapter 136 - Defeated Litai

Chapter 136: Defeated Litai

Litai was immediately confused. What preschool homework? Could it be that his big brother had to make some other preparations before the formal class? Should he participate in it? Before he could react, Weiss’s next action made him dumbfounded.

The First Prince very consciously took off his coat, and inside was a dark-colored ordinary short-sleeved overcoat.

Then, the First Prince Weiss ran to the kitchen energetically. Not long after, he ran to the front with a bucket of water and a rag in his hand. Then, under the chubby kid’s stunned expression, Weiss seemed to have endless strength. He began to wipe the tables and chairs energetically.

What the f*ck!

Was this still the First Prince who lived in luxury and would not do house chores?

It was as if he had become a completely different person.

The so-called pre-school homework should be more about reviewing books. Why did it become such a chore here, what the h*ll was wrong with this kid? Was his brother learning profound knowledge here, or was it some kind of farming lifestyle that he was picking up?

Litai could not help but fall into deep self-doubt, and he was doubtful about what would happen next.

However, this was not the only thing that stunned him. After Weiss wiped the few tables and chairs clean, he suddenly remembered that his second brother was still there. He immediately ran to the counter and took another rag.

“Come and do your pre-school homework with me. Looking at you, it’s time for you to train yourself.

“I’ve already done the heavier tasks. Just wipe the tables and chairs. It can be considered a form of exercise for you.”


Hey, was this still his own brother? Why was he trying to trick his own people to follow him obediently? Even if he lies down, he can still get shot!

Looking at Litai’s strange expression, Weiss did not immediately answer him.

Weiss was very proactive and attentive. He wet the cloth in the bucket and then lifted it towards his younger brother.

The other prince could not help but cover his forehead. He felt an oncoming headache.

Why did he have such an elder brother?

However, this was an order from his elder brother. As his younger brother, he really had no way to refuse. Moreover, this was not the palace. He should not act like a child. When he was out, he naturally had to listen to his elder brother.

Therefore, even if Litai had no choice, he could only stand up with a reluctant look. Then, he twisted his somewhat fat figure and walked over to his eldest brother. Then, he took the wet linen from Weiss’s hand.

During this time, Lorne had been hugging his hand and watching happily. If not for the presence of these two disciples, he would have hugged his belly and laughed. He thought that Weiss was a f*cking genius. It seemed that he had not noticed this brilliance before.

He had thought that Chavime was an ordinary and honest student.

Now, Lorne felt that he had been wronged. He was very wrong, and Chavime was not ordinary at all. Instead, he seemed to be quite talented in helping him find free labor.

If this continued, in a few months, he would have a group of capable subordinates. By then, he would not even need to open his tavern. He would just be a boss that needs to wake up and spend on otherworldly things. He would not even need to stir-fry the dishes himself. If he taught his disciples a thing or two, he could just count his money.

Just thinking about such a life made Lorne feel that it was quite wonderful. His originally smiling face was now even more so that his eyes were even narrowed.

After waiting for a while, the brothers finally finished cleaning up the mess.

Weiss was doing well. After all, he had done this kind of physical work a few times before and was already used to it. However, Prince Litai was exhausted. Moreover, he had a chubby build, so his movements were not that convenient.

In addition to the problem of his body size, he did not exercise and did not train much.ompared to Weiss, his physical strength was a few levels lower. Therefore, the younger prince looked really pitiful. After busying himself for a while, he was so tired that he was gasping for breath.

It was not easy to get things done. When it was almost done, Litai directly threw the rag into the bucket of water and propped himself onto the nearest chair.

He kept shouting, “Why!”

This whole fiasco had taken half of his life. Litai felt that the amount of exercise he had done in the past year was probably not as much as this.

The young prince could not help but make a decision in his heart. The next time his brother tricks him to come here, he would definitely say no.

This was really not a place for people to stay, and it was not something that people of his kind did.

Looking at his brother’s evil appearance, he did not seem like a person from the world of the living.

When he thought about how he was the one who asked to come in the first place, he could not help but want to give himself a couple of slaps. He really had nothing better to do than to do this.

Was this him pushing himself into the abyss of Hell?

Litai spread out on the chair and secretly wiped away the tears that welled in his heart.

When Weiss had finished cleaning up the buckets and rags, he sat back on the chair.

Lorne looked at the time. It was almost noon, so he smiled and said to the two brothers,

“What a coincidence today. I’ll show you my skills and let Ron have a taste of my skills.”

When Weiss heard this, he immediately slapped his thigh and said excitedly, “Thank you, teacher. My brother is really blessed today!”

However, when he heard the news, Litai remained slumped in his chair, snorting, and grunting. He did not seem to be excited about it at all. He did not want to move or eat. All he wanted was for his elder brother, the First Prince, to finish learning quickly and get a few people to carry him back.

After that, Lorne let the two brothers take a seat and went to the kitchen. Not long after, a few plates of dishes that were more exquisite than before were served.

The more he practiced, the better he became at cooking. Lorne had been living in Lolan for a long time, and he had always been personally involved in the cooking for his tavern. His cooking skills were now more refined than before.

When a few plates of dishes that were full of color, fragrance, and taste were served, Litai, who was still brooding, suddenly could not help but sniff in interest.

D*mn, that was fragrant!

He was a person who loved to eat. Otherwise, why was he the only one who was so fat among the princes? Therefore, the chubby boy quietly raised his head and glanced at the dishes on the table. Then, he could not help but swallow his saliva.

He lightly coughed twice and sat up straight from his limp and sorry state. Then, his eyes shone as he stared at the delicious dishes on the table.

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