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Chapter 135: Greetings

Weiss immediately scratched his head when Litai said that.

Why was his second brother so stubborn? He seemed adamant about following Weiss to the tavern.

Could it be that he was really going to ask Lorne to teach him mathematics? Weiss’s heart could not help but thump. Although he had great confidence in Lorne, he still hesitated at this juncture.

Litai looked at his eldest brother’s hesitant face and asked tentatively, “Could it be that what you said just now was a lie to me?”

Of course, Weiss could tell that he was deliberately being provoked, but he had to swallow this taunt. After all, his teacher’s dignity must not be violated and trampled on.

Therefore, he immediately pulled Litai into his residence.

At the same time, he said firmly, “What’s there to lie about? I told you that my teacher knows everything. He knows anything. Since you want to go, then come with me. But you have to change into the same outfit as me.”

When Litai heard that Weiss had agreed to let him go with him, he immediately perked up. Even his originally slow and round body walked a few times faster.

The two of them rearranged their clothes and disguised themselves as two ordinary young businessmen. Then, they gave up one of the carriages and shared an ordinary carriage that had the First Prince’s residence’s emblem removed.

After the carriage galloped on the street for a while, it stopped at the place where the royal family had formed a fixed position. Then, Weiss and Litai got down from the carriage.

“Remember what I just told you. Don’t make any mistakes or omissions.

“If it’s because of your momentary blabbering that reveals the identities of the two of us, not to mention that I, as the eldest brother, will lose my temper, our father will definitely be furious!”

Along the way, the First Prince had already explained in detail to the Fourth Prince the particularity of his teacher’s identity, as well as the cause and effect of their need to conceal their identities.

He had also roughly told him a few things about Lorne. The legendary experience had scared the Fourth Prince, Litai, into a daze.

Now, the little fatty could not help but nod his head in a daze when he heard his big brother’s emphasis on exhortation.

His father would fly into a rage over this. This lethality was very great for him. Although Litai was extremely favored, he did not dare to go against his father.

Moreover, he had heard a few legendary stories along the way. He had already developed an extreme curiosity toward this tall and mighty person who was hidden in a tiny tavern along the streets.

Hence, Litai hurriedly nodded his head.

“Why can’t you just trust me already? I won’t do anything reckless, I have a great memory!”

Weiss thought about it and felt that it was true. Regardless of whether it was memorizing ancient texts or whatever, his younger brother was always the first to finish memorizing them. Moreover, whatever he memorized would not be forgotten.

Among the many princes, none of them could match him in this aspect.

After the two brothers walked quickly for a while, they soon arrived in front of a tavern.

Since Weiss already knew Lorne’s identity, Litai was not particularly surprised by this.

After the two brothers slowed down, they slowly stepped into the tavern’s door.

However, the light footsteps still woke Lorne up from whatever he was reading.

Lorne had already recovered from the excitement brought by the system activation.

He was leaning on the counter to study Lolan’s law when he saw the two young faces jump in.

He was stunned for a moment, then clapped his hands happily.

“Chavime, you haven’t been here for more than half a month. I thought you were going to ghost me!”

Weiss scratched his head in embarrassment and bowed respectfully to Lorne.

“Please, see what is necessary for my punishment. I have been busy with other chores these days, which has delayed my studies.

“As soon as I was free today, I immediately came to you!”

Litai, who was behind him, stepped aside.

“Teacher, this is my biological brother. You can just call him Ron.”

“I’m here to learn from you today. Ron said that he admired your deep knowledge, so he wanted to follow me and listen to the lesson.”

Lorne immediately snapped his fingers, and a strange light flashed in his eyes.

Good heavens, this honest disciple of his actually tricked his younger brother.

It seemed that he was complaining that his labor force was not enough and wanted to drag his brother in. He wanted to strengthen himself so that he could recruit his own people.

Yes, this was a good idea.

Lorne suddenly felt that his student had a bright future. Not only did he want to join the trap, but he also wanted to bring his family with him.

After Lorne had an idea in his mind, he immediately walked out of the counter enthusiastically.

“Good, you came at the right time. I like young people who are diligent, eager to learn, and willing to work hard.”

“Little friend, if you have any other brothers and sisters, you can introduce them to me before you come to my class.

“Anyway, you are all Charles’s children. Your old man calls me brother. I will teach one or ten of you. With more people, I will be more energetic.”

Weiss, who was a kind and honest young man, did not notice the crisis in his teacher’s words.

Instead, he nodded excitedly.

His teacher was too good for him. Not only was he willing to teach him with profound knowledge, but he was also selfless and willing to teach his brothers and sisters.

Such a good teacher was rare.

Unfortunately, there were not many princes who were close to him. It seemed that his teacher’s idea was destined to fail.

As for Litai, he felt that something was wrong for some reason when he saw Lorne’s enthusiastic look.

He could not tell what was wrong, but he just felt like this whole ordeal was a little strange.

Nonetheless, this tavern owner was a teacher to his elder brother. As his younger brother, he should be more respectful towards this man.

Hence, after Litai finished his introduction, he immediately bowed to Lorne.

“Greetings, I am Rom!”

Lorne could not help but squint his eyes, and the smile on his face became even wider.

“Good, good, good. I admire young people who are polite and courteous.

“Sit down, sit down. After your elder brother finishes his pre-school work, I will teach you some real knowledge.”

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