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Chapter 13: Could This Be Another Deduction?

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In reality, Lorne had nothing better to do that day. He remembered that King Kyle had built a small palace before, so of course, he remembered this matter clearly.

However, he knew that he could not get involved in this matter. Firstly, he did not have the capital, and secondly, he did not have the interest, he simply had the idea of giving this fortune-making business to his merchant friend.

With his merchant friend’s generous character of paying a few more silver coins for a meal, if he really made a fortune in this business, how could he miss out on his share?

That was why Lorne was so excited to share this with his generous merchant friend, all about this great opportunity.

Perhaps he noticed that Kyle did not have such a big reaction to the fortune-making business as he hoped he would have. This then alerted Lorne of the other man’s dazed behavior. Looking at the dazed man, he could not help but pat him lightly.

“I say, old friend, why are you in a daze? This is a great opportunity to make more money, and it’s just waiting to be collected. If you delay for even a moment, you’ll miss the opportunity.”

After being patted by Lorne, only then did Kyle wake up from his daze.

“Boss, how are you so sure that King Kyle will build a temporary palace in the northeast corner of Lolan City?”

Lorne immediately thumped his chest loudly.

“We’re brothers now. Why would I lie to you?

“You’re absolutely right to doubt me. I can assure you that in a month at most, this temporary palace will break ground and start construction. If my prediction is wrong, I’ll buy all the wood and stone materials that you have stockpiled. This tavern will even be mortgaged to you!”

Kyle was now certain that Lorne was a really confident person. There was no doubt that his idea of building a palace was foiled by this tavern boss again. He suppressed the surging emotions in his heart and pretended to be calm.

“Boss, let’s talk about this newfound opportunity that you found when we’re seated at a table. I also brought a friend here today, so you’ll have to bring us some of your best dishes.”

Lorne then noticed Allen who followed closely behind him. He said apologetically, “I was careless. Forgive me for this behavior, my tunnel vision only cared about the potential business profits that could turn you into a rich man.”

Kyle could not help but laugh.

“I know, I know. When you settle down later, you’ll have to tell me how you came up with this deduction.”

Lorne gestured for the two of them to sit down. Then, he went to the kitchen and prepared a few exquisite dishes. Allen looked at the exquisite dishes placed on his table and his appetite immediately aroused as he wafted in the smell.

He whispered in Kyle’s ear, “Your Majesty, these dishes look good.”

Kyle immediately glared at him.

“Call me an old friend or Charles when we’re outside!”

Allen hurriedly nodded. Only then did Kyle speak in satisfaction, “You’ll understand when you eat. I reckon you won’t want to eat the food prepared at the palace when you go back.”

As he spoke, Lorne brought out the last two plates of dishes.

“Old friend, you really came at the right time today. Not only will I share with you the business opportunity of getting rich, but you’ll also be able to try the high-quality alcohol wine that I mentioned last time.”

As he spoke, he took out two different wine jars from the cabinet. Then, without needing Kyle to greet him, Lorne sat on one side of the table quite naturally. When Allen saw Lorne’s natural reaction, he felt as if 10,000 question marks had formed in his heart. He really did not know the identity of His Majesty the King, but the way he acted was too casual to be called a king.

After Lorne filled their wine glasses, Kyle pointed at Allen and said, “This is the person I brought today, you can just call him Warren.”

“He’s in business with me, Vincent, and the others.”

Lorne immediately looked at the two of them in surprise.

“I didn’t expect your business to be particularly big, but you’re really smart. You know how to do business in a group.”

Lorne waved his hand as he spoke.

“Warren, since you’ve been introduced by my old friend here, I won’t say much else. Try my cooking first.”

Allen glanced at Kyle, then picked up a knife and fork to taste it.


D*mn! It was delicious! It was not the best food in the world, but at least it had a completely different flavor than what he usually ate at home.

The same exact dish, but it contained a different taste to it. He finally knew why the king often came out of the palace.

“Boss, you are really good at cooking!”

Allen, who was usually a man of few words, rarely praised others directly. This time he actually gave a rare praise to Lorne. The atmosphere immediately became more harmonious as the three of them drank and ate.

After three rounds of drinking, Kyle put down his cutleries and pointed at the Lolan City plan on the counter.

“Boss, you have to tell me. How did you analyze King Kyle’s intention of building a palace?”

Lorne nodded as if it was obvious. He said in a rather comfortable tone, “How else do you think I know? It’s not like the king himself would send someone to tell me.”

Kyle and Allen looked at each other. Kyle’s face revealed a look of acceptance while Allen was completely dumbfounded.

“Boss, tell me again how you analyzed the king’s plan to build a temporary palace. It can’t be that the prices of wood and stone in Lolan City have increased, right?”

Lorne waved his hand.

“If the price has increased, why would I ask you to take part in this business? I just want you to make a profit before the price goes up.”

As he spoke, Lorne stood up and went to the counter to get the city plan. Then, Lorne spread the plan out on the table for everyone to see.

“Usually, I would go to the East City to buy a large number of vegetables. I’ve built a relationship with a few of them as I’ve always liked to buy from them.

“The last time I went, I bought vegetables from this guy from the Northeast side of Lolan City. He sold the freshest of vegetables that you should definitely look out for, mind you. They told me that they would start coming once every two to three days after today.

“The reason was that the distance from the northeast side of the farm to Lolan City had become much longer than before as there were a series of roads that were being blocked by the palace.”

Kyle and Allen were so engrossed in listening that Allen could not help but interject, “So you went to see for yourself?”

Lorne nodded.

“Anyway, except for you, my old friend, and the rest of you, almost no one would come to my tavern. With the extra time on my hands, I naturally went to the northeast corner of Lolan City to take a look. As expected, a piece of flat land was blocked by the imperial guards of the palace.

“Not only that, but I also saw a few officials that wore the palace’s clothes entering and leaving the sealed area. You have to know that the clothes of the civil and military officials in the palace are slightly different. After comparing them, I found that these officials belong to the department of the Ministry of Industrials.

“The people in the Ministry of Industrials are usually responsible for farmland, water conservancy, and various facilities. Oh, as well as the royal garden and the king’s palace of course.

“Based on this geographical location, I really can’t think of anything else besides the garden and the palace. If we’re talking about the garden alone, since the previous era, Lolan City already constructed Maria’s Garden. From the looks of it, the current king would definitely not waste manpower and financial resources to build another garden. So, therefore, the only conclusion would be to construct a palace.”

As soon as Lorne finished speaking, the entire tavern became pin-drop silent.

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