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Chapter 12: A Money Making Business Deal!

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“The king’s words are indeed full of meaning and foresight!”

Rosen became even more curious about this situation.

“What did he say that shocked you, Allen?”

Allen seemed to have learned the essence of His Majesty the King. He coughed lightly and straightened his back.

“You should pull back your clenched fist in order to have a stronger punch!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Rosen was shocked. These words were indeed profound, and the meaning it carried was as deep as the ocean.

However, these words did not seem like something he would expect the king to utter. Initially, he was shocked by the sentence but then fell into deep thought after some consideration. After interacting with each other for so many years, he was naturally very familiar with Kyle’s behavior and speaking habits. Such words have never been spoken from the mouth of His Majesty the King.

Instead, it sounded a little more like the personal opinion of a certain tavern boss, Lorne.

Of course, Rosen was not so certain about this. After a moment of silence, Rosen suddenly had an idea.

“Allen, the next time the king leaves the palace while concealing his identity, you should request to accompany him. I think you will be able to gain more reasonable insights from it.”

Rosen’s suggestions were not only to entertain himself with this thought but it could also be considered as him wanting to help Lorne. He believed that Lorne was indeed a sage. He had experienced it with his own two eyes, so he might as well let Allen take a look.

Presumably, with the king’s regard for Lorne, such a person could eventually become an official in the palace. Since that was the case, he might as well let Allen and Lorne become familiar with each other. When Allen heard Rosen’s suggestion, he got a little confused.

Could it be that the king had some fortuitous encounter whenever he leaves the palace?

Allen immediately decided that he would accompany the king out of the palace next time to take a look for himself.


After two or three days, various matters in the palace proceeded smoothly. On the morning of the fourth day, Kyle specially held a small meeting and ordered all counts and above in Lolan City to enter the palace for a ceremony.

Then, he discussed with the ministers regarding all matters to the utmost detail. They worked until it was close to lunchtime before the small meeting adjourned.

According to the rules in the past, the officials, including those that were the head of the six ministries, would stay in the palace to dine with the king. This time, however, Kyle hastily spoke to Rosen and the others before leaving, “Today, I will not be having lunch in the palace. However, you may feast before you leave if you wish to stay.”

Those who were familiar with Kyle’s temperament knew that if he did not plan to have lunch in the palace, he would have to leave the palace.

The others did not have any reaction, all except Allen, whose eyes immediately lit up.

“Your Majesty, forgive me for asking, but may I accompany you to leave the palace to wherever you wish to be going?”

Kyle was stunned for a moment, and then he looked at Allen with a puzzled look. In the past, Allen never had the time to accompany him out of the palace.

Why did he suddenly become interested in this sudden trip?

However, since he was going out of the palace, he would not mind bringing others with him. Therefore, Kyle nodded his head in agreement.


After changing his clothes into ordinary clothes that were prepared in advance — under the secret protection of a large number of personal guards — the two of them headed straight for Silk Street. This was the street where Lorne’s tavern was located.

On the way, Kyle even specially instructed Allen not to reveal his identity. He could only address him as an ordinary merchant to the outside world that goes by the name Charles.

Kyle’s destination was of course the small tavern located in Silk Street. He did not have much to do today. He just planned to enjoy some delicious food and have a chat with the owner. However, when he walked to the entrance of the tavern, he found that Lorne was leaning on the counter, writing and drawing something.

Kyle’s curiosity immediately peaked from this. He deliberately coughed a little louder than usual to attract Lorne’s attention.

When Lorne heard the sound, he looked up and saw Kyle. Then, his face immediately lit up with joy. He happily trotted over, grabbed Kyle’s arm with one hand, and put his other hand around Kyle’s shoulder as he walked in.

“Come, come, old friend. You’re just in time. I have a rich business opportunity for you!”

Kyle did not feel uncomfortable with such a friendly gesture. Instead, he himself put his arm around Lorne’s shoulder too. It was as if the two of them were old friends who had known each other for many years.

However, Allen, who followed closely behind them, was a little dumbfounded. His eyeballs almost popped out when he saw that gesture. ‘The f*ck, is this still the king I know?’ he thought to himself.

In this civilian street, His Majesty the King dared to put his arm around someone’s shoulder to have a laugh and chat! What was going on!

It was no wonder that Rosen had asked him to accompany the King out of the palace. It seemed that there was a reason behind it.

The two people who friendlily walked in front of him with their arms around each other did not pay attention to Allen’s reaction at all. On the contrary, Kyle asked with interest, “Boss, what’s this business venture that you wish to share with me? Do you want me to open a tavern with you?”

Lorne shook his head and pulled Kyle to the side of his counter. One could see a plan of Lolan City on it, as well as a stack of books on the side. Lorne picked up a branch and circled the northeast corner of the floor plan of Lolan City.

“Do you see this, old friend? The king is going to build a temporary palace here. He’ll probably start construction within a month. I don’t know what business you’re in, but I’m sure it won’t be difficult to stock up on some wood and stones right now.

“First, gather a large amount of high-quality wood and stones. When this palace is being built, no matter what price you sell it to the Ministry of Industrials, it’ll be of great benefit.

“Once you sell it at a normal price, or even at a higher price. The palace will still want to buy it from you.

“However, if you sell it at a lower price. Then, you might be able to build a good foundation between the palace people. This is a great deal no matter how you look at it.”

Lorne was talking so animatedly that he did not notice the extremely shocked look in Kyle’s eyes.

It was so mysterious as to how he knew of this at all!

The decision to build a temporary palace had only been passed in the palace for a few days, and Lorne already knew about it?

This was too ridiculous! Did the Lolan Palace share all their secrets with Lorne?

Even Kyle felt that he was fully exposed in this tiny tavern. Notwithstanding Kyle, but even Allen, who was behind him, also had his eyes pop out of his eye sockets.

Was the king pulling a prank on him with this unknown tavern boss?

Otherwise, how could this matter be said so accurately?

The king had previously discussed with his group of palace officials that he wanted to build a small palace in the northeast corner of Lolan City. This matter was approved by the decision-making officials and approved by the deliberating officials only recently. It had only been two days since it was sent to the administrative officials for implementation.

However, the young man in front of them seemed to have witnessed the whole process and knew of everything.

What kind of person was this!

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