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Chapter 11: The Secretive King!

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When he returned to the palace, Kyle was left alone in the study room. He recalled everything that happened in Lorne’s tavern today and carefully processed the logical reasoning of the tavern boss. After pondering for more than half an hour, Kyle finally let out a long sigh.

“He has such a world-shocking talent, it’s unparalleled in the officials in the kingdom! To think that there’s such a talented person in the world. I just hate that I didn’t get to find out about him earlier. This really feels like a great loss on my end!

“What kind of life circumstances would one have to experience to be able to obtain such a talent? To be able to understand people’s feelings, understand their thoughts, be proficient in people’s politics, and be good at marching and fighting...

“Perfect, this man is really perfect!”

Right about as Kyle repeatedly knocked his head thinking about the tavern boss, the guard who usually stood post outside the king’s study room carefully knocked on the door.

“Your Majesty, Lord Allen requests an audience.”

Kyle was stunned. Allen had actually requested for the king?

On second thought, Kyle could roughly guess the purpose of Allen’s request of the king. He immediately straightened out his clothes and then ordered the guards outside to invite Allen in.

“The head of the Ministry of War, Allen, greets Your Majesty the King!”

Kyle walked over with a smile on his face and shook hands with the minister once he finished bowing.

“Right now, it’s just you and me. There’s no need to be so polite.”

Before Allen sat down on the chair beside Kyle, he was quite cautious and bowed to Kyle again before sitting down.

“Your Majesty, I’m here today to request your permission on a certain matter.”

After he said this, Kyle became really confused. However, Allen was his statesman after all. Were he to make a small request, Kyle would try his best to agree to the terms.

“Just say it. As long as I can agree to the terms, I will not refuse.”

Allen stood up from his chair, crossed his arm over his heart, and bowed deeply.

“I wish to kindly request the king to send an army to attempt and see if it’s really impossible to destroy the Bora Kingdom.

“I do not wish for an all-out war and for Your Majesty. I just wish to participate in this rendezvous. I plan on sending a small number of troops to test the waters. Three to five thousand elite soldiers will be enough.

“If it’s possible, I’ll immediately dispatch a large number of domestic troops to attack the Bora Kingdom from the north. If it is not possible, I shall withdraw my troops at the appropriate time.”

Kyle was shocked by Allen’s request. He had not expected Allen to ruminate about this matter at all. It seemed that even someone as intelligent as Allen would occasionally lose his rationality due to personal emotions.

Recalling what Lorne had said to him today, Kyle immediately straightened his back.

“Oh dear, what should I say to you? I shall teach you an important life lesson today, my friend!”

“Please, enlighten me, Your Majesty!”

Kyle sighed, and then spoke in a confident tone, “Did you know that one should always pull back ones’ clenched fist in order to have a stronger punch?”

Allen’s body suddenly trembled. He looked at the king in disbelief. With the wisdom he just shared, the Ministry of War easily understood the meaning in an instant. He was just shocked that Kyle’s words were so thought-provoking. It seemed common, but the implication that came with it had no end, not even the sages from ancient times would have been able to prophesize such phrases to their people.

Sure enough, in the past, the king always had to discuss all matters thoroughly with the civil and military ministers. He was always a hidden existence when it came to matters such as these. However, now, he did not know just how much wisdom his beloved King had hidden.

The king looked at Allen, who was famous for his decisiveness and wisdom as his right-hand man, and saw that the man had a shocked expression.

Kyle instantly felt a little smug.

The tavern boss was indeed an extraordinary lad. Once the king repeated Lorne’s sentence, he managed to subdue an important minister in the palace. It seemed that he would have to stick around the tavern boss more for his wise words were quite useful.

With his hands behind his back, Kyle wandered around the study room a few times. Then, he spoke in a serious tone, “Allen, it’s not that I don’t want to destroy the Bora Kingdom, but the situation right now does not call for it, so I can only endure it for now.

“You should know that once the Bora Kingdom starts a war, it will not only affect the relationship between the two countries, but it’ll also affect the major events in the surrounding area.

“We should not so hastily test the waters with our important troops and waste our military power. The moment we decide to send out our troops, we must do so in the manner of destroying the Bora Kingdom in one go.

“Otherwise, if we decide to test the waters by sending a few troops, it’ll definitely arouse the vigilance of the ambitious people of the kingdoms like the Camaree Kingdom and the Sguta Kingdom.

“Were that to happen, we would have to tighten the security of the Lolan Empire for a long period of time in case of an ambush. Once that happens, if we try to do anything, we would be hindered in many aspects.”

Kyle had completely forgotten his original attitude. He had only used the words that Lorne had shared with him to educate Allen. While being lectured, Allen’s feet were rooted to the ground. His expression changed several times. He was the Ministry of War, it was impossible for him to not understand these things that his king shared. It was just in his heart, he was unwilling to accept it. Now that he had been exposed of his true intentions by His Majesty the King, Allen’s heart naturally surged.

“The wisdom that Your Majesty shared should be reflected in my actions. What I requested had not been thought thoroughly and I acted too rash about such an important situation. Please forgive me, Your Majesty.”

Kyle waved his hand and replied nonchalantly, “You too share the burden of the country. I know you’ve worked hard on political matters. What crime is there to be guilty of?

“You only need to remember that if you aren’t able to endure it, you’ll end up missing the bigger picture. Our Lolan Empire is destined to reach higher achievements. There is no need for us to rush as we have many more years to come.

“In the next few days, we shall focus on pacifying the drought in the Eastern region and continue to train our troops to strengthen the military.

“You can also send someone to pacify Prince Taylor’s side if needed. This will show that our Lolan Empire has not given up on him. We just need to wait for an opportunity to arise again.”

At this moment, Allen had been completely convinced by Kyle’s suggestion. He nodded repeatedly to show that he had thoroughly remembered the king’s instructions. Then, he respectfully bowed and left.

Kyle, who had suddenly become very happy, was left in the study room alone once again as he pondered upon the potential questions that could be asked in the future.


After leaving the palace, Allen further processed the words that were shared with the king as he mounted his carriage. However, halfway through, his carriage met with Rosen. They were both high-ranking officials in the palace, and they had contributed greatly to the rise of the Lolan Empire. The relationship between the two was steady. Therefore, when the carriage met, they both dismounted the carriage with the intention of having a conversation.

“Allen, based on where you came from, did you just come out of the palace?”

Hearing Rosen’s question, Allen nodded and then let out a long sigh.

“Rosen, I’m afraid that if I share with you what had just happened, you’d tease me for it. In the past, I’ve always thought that His Majesty the King was only good at coordinating the overall situation, and it was up to us to come up with strategies.

“Now, I realize that the perception I had of him had been wrong the whole time.”

Rosen’s interest peaked from Allen’s words. Allen, who was known for being gifted at making decisions, had actually dared to confess something like this!

“Allen, what exactly happened? Why don’t you share with me the experience you encountered today?”

Allen agreed and shared about the event that happened between him and the king, in full detail.

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