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Chapter 1: What Do You Think of the King of Lolan?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The 15th year of the Lolan era.

Residing in an unknown tavern in the capital of Lolan, sat a person named Lorne, who rested both his hands on a table. He stared at the pedestrians outside the tavern with glossy eyes and a bored expression

“This damn system, why does it take six months to activate?” Lorne was a transmigrator. A few months ago, he had unintentionally transmigrated from the modern world to a place named Lolan City in the 15th year of the Lolan era.

After a few months of being in this world, he used the knowledge he had to quickly earn his first pot of gold. He earned it by opening a tavern in a corner of this huge capital city.

The purpose of opening a tavern was to satisfy his future life needs and to familiarize himself with the life in this world. However, not long after the tavern opened, he got notified by the system. It reminded him that he still had seven more months to go before he could re-activate it. After that, there was no more news from the system. Lorne did not know the name of the system, nor the functionalities that came with it.

However, considering that he was a transmigrator. He knew that by not having help from the system, he would have an easier time in the future. After all, learning about history could help him make better judgments, but many conditions were still difficult to meet. Therefore, Lorne decided to wait patiently for the system to be re-activated again. With that, he would then be able to see what shocking benefits it would bring.


Right about when Lorne’s mind ran wild, two middle-aged men suddenly walked in from outside. They wore gorgeous clothes, and they seemed like they were from a wealthy family.

Seeing the two men, Lorne immediately braced himself to greet them.

“Charles, Vincent, what do you want to eat today?”

He knew these two men. They were merchants who would occasionally stay in Lolan City to do business.

The tavern had just opened for business. Even though he had modern cooking skills and exquisite dishes, there was not much publicity as it was considered a tiny tavern. Therefore, not many customers would know about this tiny tavern.

However, after the two rich-looking men had a taste of his food, they became obsessed with his cooking. After that, they would come back once every few days to support his business.

In addition to eating at the tavern, they themselves were very generous. Every time they dined in, they would give an extra tip to Lorne. Slowly, the three of them came to know each other better.

Sometimes the two men would come together, and sometimes Charles came alone.

Charles started the conversation with Lorne with a smile, “Boss, we’re regulars here. Don’t you know what we want?”

“With your cooking skills, we just want whatever you have to offer.”

Lorne nodded as they both spoke.

“Well, I don’t have anyone here. You can sit wherever you want.”

After inviting them in, Lorne turned around and went to the kitchen to prepare the meals for his two customers.

Charles and Vincent did not care too much either. They found a place to sit down and spoke in hushed tones. Soon enough, Lorne quickly came out from the kitchen with a few dishes. After all, it was a home-cooked dish, so did not take him long.

The food was placed in front of Charles and Vincent. The color was bright and fragrant and both the seated men salivated from the appetizing meals.

Charles could not help but pick up the cutlery and began eating without caring about the scalding of his mouth.

“Boss, how did you learn to cook like this? I’ve been in business for so many years, and I’ve earned a lot of money.

“Not to mention, I’ve eaten all kinds of delicacies, and I’ve also eaten a lot of world-famous meals.

“But when compared to your cooking, it’s one of a kind. I can’t help but come here every now and then to have a taste.”

Charles mumbled as he ate.

Lorne only responded modestly to the compliments of others. Then, he went back to the front desk and raised his hand again to look at the scene outside.

He began to imagine what system he would get. It would be best if he could get an amazing power for himself. When he succeeded and became famous, he would buy dozens of mansions, and for each mansion, he would have a clingy wife. When that time came, he would enjoy his life to the fullest. He would be able to live like a king and live as comfortably as possible.

As Lorne daydreamed, he let out a long sigh. Right then, Charles’s voice startled him from his thoughts.

“Boss, come and chat with us. It’s meaningless for the two of us to just work and eat like this.”

Lorne responded with a nod, then he got up and walked over. He was used to this offer. Every time the two merchants came to his tavern to eat, they would ask him some questions.

They would ask questions that were sometimes common, and sometimes uncommon.

“How’s the business like in the Eastern and Western cities?”

“How’s the Public Security on the streets?”

“Can the people here eat well? Do they dress well here?”.

They would even sometimes blurt out dangerous topics related to the kingdom’s military. Lorne almost thought that the two of them were experts in the study of human culture. After all, these questions did not seem like questions that a usual businessman would usually ask.

However, considering that Charles and Vincent were generous lads, and Lorne was also very bored, it was good to find someone to brag to. Therefore, he would seriously answer the other party’s questions each time they asked.

Fortunately, Lorne’s knowledge when it came to history was profound. Lorne could easily answer these questions that were recorded in history, so his answers always satisfied the two men.

When Lorne walked over, he pulled a chair across from Charles and sat down. Lorne put on a serious look. After all, he knew that if the two of them were satisfied with his answer, the tip would be more than enough for him to live comfortably for the next month!

“What do the two of you want to talk about this time? I can tell you what I know.”

Charles and Vincent looked at each other and revealed subtle smiles.

“Boss, this time we want to talk about something special. We want to hear your opinion on something.”

Lorne was slightly stunned by their change in demeanor, then he nodded curiously.

“Special question? Interesting. Tell me more about it.”

Charles coughed lightly.

“Boss, what do you think the King of Lolan is like?”

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