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Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer

Chapter 28 A New Chapter

It's been a few hours since Angelica left.

Ashton had been checking the stuff he received to see if they're all okay. Most of them seemed fine since upon using his Identify Skill on them, the description didn't say that they were damaged.

[Mystic Academy Student ID]

[Campus Badge]

[Campus Pass]

[Mystic Academy Student's Guidebook]

[Mystic Academy Student Uniform]

a’’ Enchanted to automatically fit the wearer, adjust the temperature to ensure comfort, can conduct Mana and could automatically clean and repair itself to an extent.

Only the uniforms had a description on them and it doesn't say that they're damaged so he should be good.

The ID looks the same as his Citizen's ID, only with the background being the Mystic Academy's logo. The Badge is just the crest of the Academy that also has some other functions which are currently locked. And the Pass is just a Green Card with his student details written in them.

The uniforms were great in his opinion. It was set piece of a high-collared white polo shirt with the crest of the academy embroidered into left pec area, a pair of black pants and royal blue robe with golden linings with the Academy's Crest embroidered at its back. The robe also comes with a hood.

In addition to this, he also received a utility belt which can shrink items he placed in it. They have limited spaces, a little bit durable but still needs to ne taken care off since if it got destroyed, all the items stored inside will be destroyed as well.

His Inventory is still way better but he couldn't tell anyone of its existence so this will have to do for now.

He tried it on and was satisfied with how he looked, now he just need to shop for shoes and probably a tie and he's good to go. Since the uniform could automatically fit into his body, he didn't need to apply for a re-sizing. The uniform felt comfortable too and it stretches with his movements which added to the level of comfort it has.

He tried casting spells with the uniform on and felt that everything that working properly. Since Mana can flow through this uniform, it didn't impede his spell casting at all.

After trying the uniform on, he then began reading the student's guidebook to learn more about the do's and don'ts of the Academy.

It's basically what he expected. Just don't do something crazy or insane and anyone would be more or less fine. They are expected the present in their classes, behave and focus on learning.

The Academy followed the rule of three when it comes to punishment. Do it once, you'll get a warning, do it twice and you're going to have a talk with the Guidance Counselor. Do it thrice and that be left as a permanent stain on your record.

After that, there's another rule of three; Do it once and you'll be in Detention. Do it twice and you'll be suspended for a month. Do it thrice and that's it, you're out, you'll be expelled from the Academy and with that kind of record? Good luck finding any school that will be willing to accept you.

Again, these are all something that Ashton already expected to begin with.

There isn't much about the good deeds here since everyone's expected to do that already. But the guidebook did say that Achievements will be handsomely rewarded by the Academy.

Aside from that, the guidebook also contained a full map of the Academy - which was outrageously large by the way. From what Ashton can tell, this place is way bigger compared to Harvard.

In fact it's almost as big as that fictional school of magic he read about back in the day...what was that again? Something like...Pigwarts? Or something like that? Ashton can't remember it anymore.

Judging by the size of the campus, one would definitely need a vehicle to go to places. It is just too damn big, hopefully it is not a maze inside or else Ashton's going to have a hard time navigating it.

Don't mistaken, Ashton has a sense of direction. It's just that, it's weak that's all.

Looking at the map, Ashton's eyes naturally gravitated towards where the libraries were. He saw a few of them scattered all over the place but there's one which is called the Grand Library.

Ashton doesn't know if he's going to be working there but that place seems to hold the real deal, it would be real nice if he can visit that place early.

According to the guidebook, as a Freshman, there are a few areas restricted to him for now. The list of restricted areas weren't on the guidebook and it doesn't look like it's missing a page so he concluded that someone from the school would inform them about that instead.

At the end of the guidebook, there's a long list of names. These list are the current personnel of the Mystic Academy and their positions. He also saw the event calendar of the Academy which was nice.

Once he was done reading the guidebook, he kept it on the bedside drawer along with the rest of his ID and other stuff. He already gave the uniform to Jerry in order to wash, which is completely unnecessary since it could clean itself but he didn't like the smell of it and would much prefer it to smell like his fabric conditioner so he had Jerry wash it anyways.

Once that's all said and done, Ashton sighed and thought to himself:

'This is it.'

'I really am going to school that teaches magic.'

'It's feels absurd and unrealistic but here we are. This isn't a drill anymore. I really am doing this.'

'Oh gosh, I'm excited.'

It truly feels surreal. Only a few months passed since his reincarnation and too much already happened that he could hardly believe it. He became a home owner, played with magic a little bit and now, he got accepted into a school which will actually teach him more about it.

It's truly exciting. This world has way too many things too offer unlike his previous one. He likes it more here even though it's more dangerous. Well, this might change in the future but for now, he's liking this world a little too much.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Ashton checked his watch and saw that there's alarm.

"Oh...I forgot to cancel the alarm for my afternoon training."

He didn't plan on the afternoon training for today since his mind is too pre-occupied with thoughts about what happened today and he wouldn't be able to focus.

Speaking of training, Ashton's about to reach Apprentice Lv.1

It is taking sometime but that's only because he's only cultivating in the afternoon and not for a long time either.

While his talent got an upgrade and his body became stronger, he still exercised caution when it comes to cultivating. Once the school year starts he will double down on his efforts in cultivation.

After all, he'd be stuck in Lv.1 since he had to refine his foundation 9 times in total. This will surely take some time and some real grind but it's fine.

He'd also probably stop using weights and instead replace it completely with using the Military Combat Tactics. Practicing that technique will bring more results compared to a plain weight training, plus it would also hone his combat instincts so it's just better.

Once he's exhausted, he'll cultivate while resting then he'll do another round of these before concluding it. The same will be followed on his afternoon training. Then again, once school starts, this schedule will certainly change again so this is just temporary. At least until the school year starts.

Other than that, he'd continue getting used to casting spells. His goal is to make it so that he can cast them as fluidly as he could. Due to the perks of his Magical Artifact bestowed to him, he'll be able to cast a higher level spell than his own so he can continue grinding them.

Of course, higher level spells will have a higher mana cost but Ashton's already working towards expanding his Mana Reserves - which will also be boosted as he continued cultivating so he should be fine.

Currently, all of his five spells; Mana Bolt, Mana Shield, Mesmerize, Cleanse, and Force Push are Lv.2

He can only cast a Lv.2 spell once and that would leave him with just enough Mana to use in other ways. Ashton can of course cast Lv.1 versions of the spell since he's already experienced with them but in his training, he's casting the Lv.2 versions to get more used to them.

Raising them to Lv.3 will cost 60 Mana Crystals and will take at least a month of grinding to complete.

Ashton could increase the speed of the grind at the cost of more Mana Crystals but for now, he didn't see any reason to do that since he can't cast a Lv.3 spell anyways.

All in all, Ashton is more or less ready to start his student life. He just needs to be patient and it will come.

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