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Idle Mage: Humanity's Strongest Backer

Chapter 235 Spiritual Exam

" seems that we have good seedlings in this batch." Mary commented as she watched the live feedback on the recruitment exams.

"Indeed. Though I must say, some of them have particularly worrisome issues." Alice pointed out.

"Issues like?" Blake raised a brow.

Alice moved a screen that showed a particular participant undergoing their practicals.

"This one has too much killing intent."

She then replaced that with another participant and said: "This one's too afraid."

"This one's timid."

"She's a bit of an airhead."

"And these two didn't receive proper guidance in their cultivation."

"...I mean, I don't think it's that bad. The people you've pointed out are performing well. So long as there are no accidents, then they'll be a part of the guild. It won't be too late for us to help them fix their issues." Blake stated.

"Blake's right." Ashton chimed in. "Additionally, these people you mentioned are young and impressionable. Being exposed to the guild should correct their issues even if we don't do anything." π’Šπ’π’π™§π—²π“ͺ𝙙. c𝒐𝙒

"...I guess you guys have a point." Alice conceded.

Just like in previous recruitment exams, all of the integral members of the Mystic Guild were watching the performances of each participant.

They are looking out for potential talents that will join their guild so that they can plan.

Ashton briefly focused his attention on the participants that Alice pointed out.

These kids were certainly talented, however because of their glaring issues, their brilliance was dimmed. Some work is needed to fix their issues and just like he said, being exposed to the environment of the guild should suffice for that.

It's difficult to find talented people who genuinely want to fight for Humanity's freedom. They couldn't force anybody to do it since that's just not the right way to do so.

They could only wait for those people to come to them instead. Only then they'd be able to groom them.

'If these kids all managed to pass, they should be enough to upgrade the Dragon Vein.' Ashton mused to himself. 'Of course, I'd only take them there once their issues are fixed.'

'I wonder what kind of rewards I'll get from them?'

"Dee! I passed the practicals! Holy shit, I passed!" Fred exclaimed while shaking Dylan in the process.

Dylan looked nonchalant as this was happening, it was as if he was used to Fred acting like this already.

"Congrats, I guess. Come, let's go to the next venue." Dylan started walking, this time they were asked to follow the red arrows.

"You passed too, right?" Fred asked.

"Obviously. If you could pass then why the hell I couldn't?"

"Good, that's good. Come, come! This is the final exam. If we pass this too, then I should pretty much guarantee our membership!"

Fred practically dragged Dylan towards the final venue of the exams where the Spiritual Exam will take place.

Dylan had no idea what he should expect for the Spiritual Exam. All those who participated in it previously told nothing about it when they were asked. They were prohibited by the guild from saying anything and for a good reason at that.

Eventually, the two of them arrived at the final venue for the exams. There, they found another Federal Center.

Unlike the previous area, there's no line here. The practicals took a lot of time for others so most of them were still there. There weren't many people here so there was no waiting period.

They entered the Federal Center once they arrived. They were greeted by a woman who guided them to a room.

Inside said room was numerous man-sized capsules or pods, arranged in a neat line. Dylan saw people getting inside it.

The lady asked them to basically do the same. Any valuables they have can be placed on a basket provided to them right next to the capsule they chose. They're also free to either go in with clothes or without them.

"What's the difference?" Fred asked.

"Your clothes getting wet or not." The lady answered.

Dylan snorted and said: "She's not wrong you know."

He shook his head and started undressing. He noticed that the lady pointedly turned around the moment he started doing that.

She advised them that once they were ready, they could just lift the capsule's door upwards and lie down inside it. The capsule will then automatically close and their Spiritual Exam will start. After explaining that, she left.

At this point, Dylan was already down to his birthday suit. He neatly folded his clothes and placed them in the nearby basket. He didn't hesitate to open up the capsule and get on it, not even bothering to wait for Fred.

"Good luck, Dee." He heard Fred say as the capsule slowly closed on him.

"Mn. You too." He replied.

As soon as the capsule closed, a bright light flashed in his eyes, momentarily blinding him.

Everything then turned silent.

After an unknown period of time, Dylan found himself waking up in a different place.

He felt weird. It's as if he was forgetting something very important and it's gnawing at the back of his head.

Dylan looked around. He saw his room which made him feel at home yet it also pricked at his heart for no apparent reason.

"...must be a bad dream." He mused to himself.

He got up and went towards the bathroom. He splashed some water on his face and brushed his teeth. After that, he took a quick shower, dried himself, and got a new set of clothes.

Dylan's actions felt strange to him for whatever reason. He can't really point it out but if anything, he felt as if his body was on autopilot. Like he's just watching himself do things without his conscious input at all.

He didn't understand why he was feeling this way. In the end, he just coined it to be whatever his nightmare was that he forgot. He thought that maybe that was the reason why he was feeling weird.

Once he was ready, he exited his room and went down to eat breakfast. There, he saw his parents.

...he also felt that familiar prick in his chest when he laid eyes on them. Something he, once again, ignored.

His parents greeted him and he greeted them back, they shared breakfast on the table and he listened to them as they rambled away.

Despite this rather bland morning, Dylan's chest feels full, so much so that it's hurting.

He could feel a sense of longing for some reason, he truly didn't know what was up with him and why he was being so sensitive but he did his best to not show any of it.

And then, out of nowhere, a strong foreboding feeling of dread swarms his entire being all of a sudden, making him feel incredibly alert and panicky. He was confused, he was feeling too much yet nothing was happening.

His chest started hurting as if he was experiencing painful heartburn. He could hear his parents asking him what was wrong but he couldn't speak. No matter how much he tried, he couldn't.

Then, out of nowhere, he heard a whistling sound. All of sudden, Dylan's entire body seized up.


A massive explosion rocked his world after he heard that whistle. He felt pain in every square inch of his body.

He tried opening his eyes but he couldn't since the smoke around him was too foul. He could also hear flames crackling nearby, he could even feel their heat so close to his skin.

"Dylan? Dylan! Oh my god, come here son."

"You saw him?"

"Yes! He's here but he's trapped under the rubble!"

"Let's get him out, come on! We don't have much time!"

'Mom...Dad...' Dylan called out.

He tried to move but he couldn't. All he could truly do was to try and open his eyes and make whimpering sounds to let them know that he was still alive.

Dylan hated this. The pain he was feeling in his body was one thing, but to relive this memory again? That's even worse.

Yes, Dylan remembers everything now. He now knows that he didn't wake from a nightmare, he woke up to it.

The worst part is that that's it. He's just aware of everything.

All he could truly do is to watch as everything happened before him without him being able to change anything. He's as helpless as he was back then.

He was forced to watch as a flaming pillar fell into his father's back, yet the man remained standing, enduring the pain and the burden as his wife scrambled to take Dylan's body out of the rubble.

He watched as his mother nearly made it out only for another flaming pillar to fall, this time on both of them. He watched as his mother made a split-second decision to save him instead by throwing him away from the impact.

Dylan watched as his parents got swallowed by the fire, he heard himself whimpering pathetically as they said their final 'I love you' to him.

Most importantly, he saw those hateful figures again. The ones responsible for all of this. The reason why he lost his parents early on.

And beyond all odds, he found himself breaking through this bullshit to utter a painful roar towards the skies, his voice carrying deep grief and sadness.

A brilliant light flashed out of nowhere and Dylan lost consciousness.

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