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Chapter 24

Juna, too, looked around the room before bringing her face close to Selena's.

"The other two ladies said I'll die the same way if I kept messing around….Did anyone actually die?""....Ah."

Juna's eyes scanned around the room again.

"We're all going to die one day. But as I keep listening to it, I don't think it's only a simple word of gossip…...and, everyone seems to be avoiding me whenever I try to ask them."

Of course, she knew of the circumstances of the incident better than anyone else. However, it was only right if she acted oblivious to it.

A commoner wandering in the woods would not know of a scandal that took place deep inside the aristocratic society, even of a case that everyone is unwilling to speak of.

Juna must be completely convinced that Selena didn't know. Also, you'd have to think a lot about beading the words if you want to explain to a person who didn't even know what was going on.

"You can't talk about this anywhere else, especially Mrs. Janet. His Excellency as well.""Yes, yes, you have my word. Now, tell me, what is it?""It was about a month…..a month ago? The miss, who almost became His Excellency's fiancée, committed suicide in the mansion of the capital."“Gasp-”

Selena pretended to be surprised.

"Duke had a fiancée?!""No, he didn’t. She was on her way to become his fiancée, but it wasn't because of their love or anything, it was just a political marriage.""Did you see her yourself?""Of course. I was the one who served her in the capital.""Wow. I see. How was she? Was she pretty?"

Juna shook her head with a sour look on her face.

"It'd be too much… call her pretty. She was plain and simple. And, uh, she was a little grim? No words, no expression, and always silent.""Oh…..So, the Duke has a taste over dark women? Am I too bright?""No! Miss Selena's features go beyond anyone's imagination, and who cares about his taste when you're this pretty?"

Juna was quick-witted. But, she didn't deny that Kalcion liked straightforward and quiet women.

'That's a relief.'

They only met for work, and they wouldn't fit together anyway. Selena swept away the feeling off her chest.

But, to her surprise, Irelle's descriptive image was different from what Kalcion had said.

A positive and quiet woman.

A gloomy and dark woman.

Both of the phrases described the same person. Similar yet different based on the emotions, to be exact.

"I don't think Juna liked her very much.""I didn't.""And why's that?"

Juna's eyes darted to the door again. When she made sure no one was going to open it any moment, she whispered.

"This is actually a secret but…....She had the audacity to cheat on him at the capital."

As if it was a conspiracy.


"Your Grace."

Mrs. Janet finally found Kalcion.

Given the situation, she had to report after the first class to decide whether they'd need more teachers or not.

After putting down the documents, he looked outside the window. The sky had turned dark before he knew it. He usually ate in his room, so he didn't have an idea when the sun went down.

And, it seemed Fionel had sent a message before she left rather than ask to have dinner with him.

"How was it?"

He casually asked when he found the hardened face of Mrs. Janet.

Her face was always stiff. Since they had seen each other for a long time, no matter how indifferent Kalcion was, he could tell this was distinguished.

It was usually as hard as the ground. If she became angry, her face would become as hard as a rock. And now, it was close to a rock.

".....Was it that grave?"

He asked. It'd be a dishonor to be laughed at in society. Mrs. Janet was not a person to hide the truth as a courtesy, so she was prepared to give a harsh answer.

As Mrs. Janet stepped forward, tightly clasping her hands together, Kalcion pressed his fingers around the pen he was holding.

'How terrible was she…….?'

"She's brilliant."".......What?"

An unexpected word left her lips. However, he was confused about whether to take it as a compliment or not.

"Her talent?"

It seemed she passed out brilliantly in cultural etiquette. Kalcion asked for an explanation with his eyes.

"Yes, I'm very sure she didn't learn the manners anywhere, nor did she have any lady-like habits or basic common sense. However, once I started to teach her, she started absorbing it to her very soul."

He had never seen Mrs. Janel describe anyone like this before.

Social manners were complex and delicate. No matter how much you were born and raised in a noble family, small mistakes were bound to happen often in your life.

But Selena did not, not even in the slightest. She memorized it all.

Although it wouldn't be natural for them to be within her body, her overall elegance made it seem like she was a royal from somewhere.

It naturally covered even the gaps and hid anything that said it was learned. Selena's words and actions were unimaginable.

"Otherwise…...I'd have to suspect her."

She might have intentionally approached from somewhere.

"No, that wouldn't be necessary. I'm assured of that."

He spoke firmly. He was as serious as if he was more inclined to doubt the identity of his own servants than Selena.

Mrs. Janet clasped her hands once again. As soon as the lesson was over, Selena went back to her usual demeanor as if she had just taken off her mask. One would fall into misery telling which was her real face.

"It's clear that she must be pretending to be one of them.""I see."

Unlike Mrs. Janet, Kalcion was calm.

Selena was from a different dimension, and there was no need to consider doubts about 'having a different identity' of Mrs. Janet.

Her amazing ability to learn could be natural considering Selena's acting skills so far. She was so good at acting that he felt like he was being seduced every moment.

'She said she's good at everything.'

Her words were true.

"Well then, can you complete her training perfectly before she leaves for the capital?""I think it'll be enough."

It was only one class, yet it's that high of an evaluation? Now, looking forward to how perfect she would be in the real game was awaited.

"I'll be present in the lesson from tomorrow onwards.""Your Excellency?""I haven't learned any social skills yet. Perhaps, I'll learn one or two if I get a chance."

When he was very young, he had learned it in general through his education of becoming a successor. However, it wasn't perfect to be used in real society, which he had avoided before.

So far, he had not stepped into the social circle itself. He had only gone to the capital when it was necessary, and he returned to his land as soon as he finished his work.

"Okay. I'll see you tomorrow."

Just as Mrs. Janet was about to dismiss herself, Selena appeared at the door of the bathroom, all prepared for sleep.


Selena stopped, flinching a little. She almost ran into Mrs. Janet, whom she didn't expect to be here at this time.

She thought the room to be occupied only by Kalcion, so she came in with her usual manner. She quickly fixed her expression, proudly raising her head.

"It's late.""Make yourself comfortable."

Mrs. Janet turned around as if she hadn't seen her. Only after hearing the door shut did Selena let her breath fall, which she didn't know she was holding.

"Phew. Oh, it's suffocating."

Kalcion tilted his head.

"Should I open the window?""......No, I'm not talking about the air.""Did you tighten your waist in your nightgown?""......It's not physical.""Psychological, then?"

Evidently, he couldn't sense the tension in the air that had been created because of Mrs. Janet.

Selena stretched her shoulders, sighing deeply.

"My Cion… haven't sensed it in the air ever, have you?""Never."

…….It was a stupid question. As a matter of fact, who'd dare to raise such a question in the Duke's presence?

No wonder he was oblivious. In fact, he didn't have to be conscious. The atmosphere was centered around him, and he wasn't supposed to act according to it.

"What happened to Mrs. Janet?"

Fortunately, Kalcion avoided grasping on her phrase. Selena was pleased.

"Oh, I don't even know."

It felt like her whole body was cramped since she had kept her waist straightened and her facial muscles strengthened all day. She slumped down on the bed, flat on her back.

His shoulders stiffened but she, who had already been lying down, did not notice it.

"She's teaching me how to breathe…..and, I thought I was going crazy.""Mrs. Janet complimented you."

After taking a deep breath, he slowly sank deeper into his chair. His shoulders, which had stiffened for a moment, finally found some peace.

"In front of the Duke?! Even when I roll my eyes in the wrong way and she looks at me as if there's no such dirty shit like me?""Dirty shit?"

Of course, the word was foreign to him.

"Went a little overboard with it, but…..."

She corrected herself.

"But, she's very strict. She's not like that to the Duke, is she?""I don't know. Mrs. Janet never taught me herself.""No other maids have to take liberal art classes from her, but the Duchess?"

Only then did Kalcion's eyes change.

Mrs. Janet was strict, as much as she was reliable. She had lived her life serving Renbird. Being in charge of the total management of the castle was enough to produce complaints in different areas.

But even to the Duchess?

It wasn't something to be let go of. No one could ever talk about such a matter. No one would dare to bring shame on his mother and accuse the maid of her conduct.

Selena added what she'd learned about Mrs. Janet from Juna.

Mrs. Janet was close to posting advice on the Duchess' behavior and on the actions of the Duke of Renbird. And as the Duke, he could not blame her. Moreover, currently, there was no Duchess of Renbird.

"No one can doubt Mrs. Janet's loyalty to the Duke."

He tried to pass the subject over.

"That's what I thought."

However, Selena had other motives. Kalcion took a stance that he should listen first.

She hesitated a little before she started.

Kalcion trusted Mrs. Janet, but Selena's words were bound to shake him enough to leave the castle at once.

"What are you thinking?" 𝐢𝗻𝑛𝓇𝚎𝚊𝘥. 𝙘o𝓂

He urged.

Selena took a deep breath before parting her lips aside to speak.


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