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Chapter 9: Special Enrollment Student

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“Zhai Jing,” Le Yan mumbled.

This was the person she had always longed for, but he was like a fairy in the clouds, someone she could only look up to but never be able to reach.

In her previous life, she had been pushed aside by her classmates because of her inferiority complex, so she had never dared to express her thoughts to the famous person in the class. Later on, when he reached a height that she could not attain, she could only look up at him.

Le Yan held the pen in her hand tightly. Since the heavens had given her a chance to start over, it meant that the heavens were on her side. So, why couldn’t she fight for it?

Le Yan had made up her mind. She took two deep breaths and walked to Zhai Jing with an exercise book.

“Hello, God of studies. I’m Le Yan, a transfer student.”

When Zhai Jing heard the words, he raised his head and glanced at her.

It was this glance that seemed to give Le Yan a lot of courage. She no longer hesitated.

“The teacher said that my Foundation is too weak and I can’t keep up with the progress of the class. She wants me to find a classmate to form a study support group with to help me. So can you help me?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t have that much time. You should find someone else.” Zhai Jing looked down at the math Olympiad paper in his hand and randomly chose A.

Le Yan was not surprised by Zhai Jing’s rejection. If he had agreed so easily, it would not have been Zhai Jing. She pretended to be in a difficult position. 𝒾𝓃𝖓𝗿𝐞𝚊𝑑.𝒄𝘰𝑚

“But, the teacher...”

“I’ll naturally tell my teacher.” The tip of Zhai Jing’s pen did not stop.

He finished the multiple choice questions on one side in a few seconds and turned to the other side to start answering. When he saw that she was still standing there, he looked up at her inexplicably.

“Is there anything else?”

Even though she knew Zhai Jing’s temperament, Le Yan still felt embarrassed when faced with his indifference. She smiled and said,

“There’s nothing else,”

As soon as Le Yan turned around, she heard a low voice behind her.

“She’s overestimating herself. The first thing she wants is to get the study God to tutor her. She doesn’t even know who she is.”

“Cough, she’s the true daughter of the Le family, of course, she’s confident.” The person who said this had a slightly sour tone.

Le Yan froze in her seat. She had done nothing wrong, but she still had to suffer such malicious speculations. All of this was thanks to Le An, the fake daughter.

She had taken over her identity, received the love of her biological parents, and enjoyed all the glory and wealth. In the end, not only was she not grateful, but she also wanted to trample on her, the real daughter, to death.

She had just returned from her past life and did not know anything. She was afraid of everything, so when Le An had dug countless holes, she foolishly jumped into them all.

It was still the same in this life. On the first day of school, Le An cried in class, saying that because she was indignant that her identity had been stolen, she had been picking on her and bullying her at home. The people in the class were more familiar with Le An in the first place, so after hearing what she said, they naturally targeted her as well.

In her previous life, Le Yan thought that her classmates looked down on her and bullied her because she grew up in the countryside. Little did she know that it was Le An who was behind all this.

Le Yan looked at Le An’s smug face and pursed her lips. She thought to herself, I’ll let you be smug for a while.

The love, hatred, grudges, and enmity that happened between the male and female leads and the supporting characters were not clear to Le Wan, nor did she care about them.

Her little brother, Yin Huai, was currently introducing her to a boyfriend.

“Boss, you did well!” As an uneducated and incompetent little dandy, Yin Huai naturally came to school on time.

His deskmate knew that he was Le Wan’s underling and didn’t like Fu Sui, so as soon as he arrived in class, his deskmate pulled him to repeat the scene of Le Wan’s fight with Fu Sui in the morning.

When Yin Huai heard that there was such a famous scene, he immediately sighed that he couldn’t see it with his own eyes. He should have left earlier today. At the same time, he was happy that his boss had finally woken up and no longer had to be deceived by that scumbag.

Therefore, as soon as the first class ended, he came to find Le Wan.

Seeing that Le Wan didn’t seem to be very happy or excited, Yin Huai was afraid that she would regret it when she came back to her senses, so he quickly diverted her attention.

“There are plenty of other grasses in the world. If you lose Fu Sui, a rotten yellow grass, there are still thousands of green grasses.”

Yin Huai immediately used the chair in front of him and sat there with his legs crossed. He took out his phone and opened his photo album for Le Wan to see.

“What do you think of this young grass? He’s 1.82 meters tall and his legs are so long that he can slide down the slide.”

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