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Chapter 7: What Do You Mean?

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Mama Le was stunned for a moment. She was both surprised and happy. She ran back to her room and talked to Papa Le for a while.

“Our baby has really grown up. She knows how to work hard.”

After listening to her, Papa Le also happily went to observe Le Wan’s learning state for a while. Then he quietly closed the door, not letting anyone disturb her.

Even if Le Wan had been idling away her time and did not work hard, they would not force her to do anything and would still give her the best things. However, as parents, it was a different kind of joy to see their children being able to improve.

“She’s in her third year of high school,” Mama Le said. “She’s working so hard. I have to give her something to eat.”

Papa Le nodded. “It’s what I should do.”

He was already thinking about getting someone to get some good herbs so that nanny Zhang could cook a bowl of nourishing medicinal cuisine for her every day.

Mama Le was a little worried.

“But it’s not good to study too late. It’ll affect her rest.”

“No, I have to watch the time and remind her to sleep when it’s time.”

So, she chased Papa Le to sleep and held on until midnight. Then, she got up, heated a glass of milk, and brought it upstairs to remind Le Wan to go to bed.

On the first day of hard work, Le Wan had already received the greatest encouragement and support from her family.

After studying all night, Le Wan was very satisfied with her progress. It was simply because she had been used to being relaxed these days and was not used to this routine.

Le Wan walked into the school yawning. She did not expect to bump into the person she least wanted to see so early in the morning.

“Baby, why haven’t you replied to my messages?”

The fiancé of the original owner, Fu Sui, the famous Playboy of Mingcheng high school, had blocked her way on campus early in the morning.

Le Wan looked at the man. He was indeed good-looking. He wore the same school uniform as the other students, but Fu Sui looked like a flower in it, attracting the attention of many passing girls.

With an attractive appearance, a good family background, and a smooth tongue, Fu Sui had everything the girls wanted. But in the eyes of Le Wan, no matter how she looked at Fu Sui, she thought he had an unpleasant temperament.

Coupled with his flirtatious words to her that day, Le Wan instinctively felt uncomfortable.

“If you don’t want to go back, then don’t.” In fact, she found him too annoying and had already blacklisted him.

She looked away in disgust. When she lowered her eyes, she saw his hand and noticed the bracelet on his wrist. A red string was tied to a lucky pearl.

Although Fu Sui looked easy to talk to, he had a temper as well. What he used daily was expensive or exquisite. He wouldn’t even look at such a crude and simple bracelet on a normal day, let alone wear it on his hand.

Le Wan’s eyes narrowed. She remembered reading a book that said that the real daughter did not have a good life in the countryside. To support her family, she took on some handiwork which she did after school.

The token of love between her and Fu Sui was a hand-woven bracelet that the real daughter had given him. In Fu Sui’s eyes, she was just like this bracelet, simple on the surface but brilliant on the inside, full of lively human emotions.

Looking at the ordinary bracelet, Le Wan could only sigh. Love was indeed blind.

The previous host was like this, and this scumbag fiancé in front of her was the same.

Since the bracelet was already on his wrist, it seemed that he had met the real daughter, just like the plot in the book, and was attracted to her simplicity and brilliance.

Since he had already fallen for another person, why did he come to her? Le Wan didn’t like Fu Sui’s presence here. No one was stopping him from finding his true love, but it was his fault that he kept lighting fires and not extinguishing them.

At the thought of this, Le Wan was too lazy to deal with him.

“If there’s nothing else, please step aside. I’m going to be late.”

Fu Sui thought that Le Wan was still acting strange, so he felt a little anxious.

He had already sent her a message to apologize and had come to find her. What else did she want? As he thought about this, his voice became a little cold.

“It’s been a few days. You’ve had enough, haven’t you? ”

His words made it seem as if she was being unreasonable. Le Wan couldn’t help but sneer.

“Young master Fu, did you stuff your breakfast into your nose today?”

Fu Sui frowned and stopped calling her baby.

“Le Wan, what do you mean?”


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