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Chapter 6: Working Hard

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Upon hearing Zhai Jing’s words, Le Wan looked away awkwardly.

The day the two luxury cars had a rear-end accident, it attracted a lot of attention. Some people even took a video and uploaded it to the internet. It even became a hot search in the city and caused a considerable amount of discussion.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the original owner was afraid and didn’t get out of the car at that time, if she was photographed, she would also be angry.

Even so, there were still many people who could recognize her car from the license plate number. As a result, in the past two days, she had been receiving many consoling text messages from people she knew and did not know, which annoyed her to no end.

But this was trouble caused by the original body. What did it have to do with her? “The other day was an accident,” Le Wan emphasized. “My driving skills are very good.”

Zhai Jing looked at her and didn’t say anything. He obviously didn’t believe her.

Le Wan pouted and waved her hand. “If you don’t believe me, then forget it. I’ll save some gas money. Hmph, I’m just being kind... ” As she spoke, she rolled up the window and prepared to drive away.

Unexpectedly, Zhai Jing suddenly opened the door to the passenger’s seat, sat down, and fastened his seat belt. His movements were as smooth as flowing water.

“Then I’ll have to trouble senior to hurry up. I’m in a hurry.”

The second half of Le Wan’s sentence was directly chucked back by him. For a moment, she felt that something was wrong. This man changed his mind too quickly, and he gave her orders too naturally.

However, she was the one who had first extended the invitation, so there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with his reaction. Le Wan could only force out a fake smile. “Then, junior, you must remember to sit tight.”

Zhai Jing glanced at her and silently clenched the door handle beside him, using his actions to express his attitude.

“Hmph!” Le Wan snorted and complained in her heart, ‘You underestimate me. I’ve been running errands and driving cars for people for the past few years. I haven’t had a single accident in the past three years. The feedback from the customers has always been five stars. I’m definitely an experienced driver.’

However, considering that the other party was the villain in the book, Le Wan swallowed the words that she wanted to say and focused on driving. When she found out that he was going to hand out flyers for a part-time job at a restaurant, she sent him straight to the entrance.

On the way home, Le Wan recalled the whole process and was certain that he had not offended Zhai Jing. The matter had been handled perfectly. Le Wan nodded in satisfaction.

In the future, even if he wanted to take revenge on society, it wouldn’t be easy for him to find them.

After solving a problem in the future, Le Wan was in a good mood that night and even specially added half a bowl of rice.

Nanny Zhang’s cooking skills were really good, and every dish she made was her favorite. After Le Wan happily ate her fill, she was about to face the difficult side of life.

The Le family was rich, and as the only little princess, even if she achieved nothing, as long as the Le family did not fall, she would not have to worry about food, clothes, or money to spend. Therefore, the original body did not pay much attention to her studies.

However, Le Wan was different. She was someone who had truly suffered in life, so she understood one thing very well-only when she became truly strong would she be able to protect her family.

As a third-year high school student, the only thing she could do now was to study hard. Therefore, no matter how much she complained, Le Wan still threw herself into preparing for the new round of exams.

However, even if Le Wan was a top student at the University, she had already left high school for several years. In order to earn living expenses in University, she had been busy running errands for all kinds of part-time jobs. Her studies were only intensive in order to keep her grades and scholarship.

Therefore, strictly speaking, it had been three or four years since she had studied hard. She had not forgotten a lot of knowledge, but she was indeed a lot more unfamiliar with it. There were only a hundred days left until the college entrance examination. Time could be said to be very tight.

Le Wan thought that if she gave up on studying and just muddled along, it would be fine. But since she had made up her mind to study seriously, her goal was not to get into a University but to get into the best university.

Le Wan believed in her own ability, but time was still too tight. If someone could help her sort out all the knowledge points, she would be able to earn twice the results with half the effort and have a greater chance of success.

“As expected, I should hire a professional tutor.” Le Wan took out the few test papers that the teacher had assigned to him today and flipped through the books to find the corresponding knowledge points according to the questions. This way, she could solve the questions, study, and review the knowledge points at the same time. At the same time, she could also plan her next study tasks in her mind.

The light in her room was on all the way until late at night.

Mama Le, who came out to get some water, thought that she had been playing games all night as usual. She was about to go in and remind her to go to bed early, but she saw her studying at the desk through the crack of the door.


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