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Chapter 4: A Complete Victory

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Le Yan did not seem to notice her stiffness. She just stared at Le Wan and said, “Because I’m from a small place, there are many things I don’t understand. So, sister, please guide me and teach me, okay?”

‘I can’t even avoid you, yet you’re still sticking to me?’ Le Wan was a little impatient, and the smile on her face became a little distant. “Don’t worry, sister. Second Aunt is here. She’ll definitely be able to teach you well.”

The smile on Le Yan’s face became forced, and she replied with a bitter smile, “I know. I don’t look good now, and I’m from the countryside. I don’t know anything and haven’t learned the rules, so I can’t be brought out to meet people. But sister, please don’t look down on me, okay? I’ll study hard and try to catch up to you very soon.”

Le Wan was speechless.

Good Lord, the smell of this tea was so strong that it had probably drifted out of the hall.

Before she could say anything, Le Xuan, who had followed them in, became unhappy. “Why do you keep talking about country bumpkins? You speak so harshly, almost like a country bumpkin offended you. Are you the one who’s disdaining, or are we the ones disdaining?”

Le Xuan couldn’t bear to see his sister being wronged, and his mouth fired like a chain of cannons. “You said you don’t know the rules and want to learn something. Second Aunt and Sister Xuan are around, so why didn’t you look for them? Why did you choose my sister, a third-year high school student? Although today is the first time we’ve met, you’re still sisters of the same bloodline. It’s not good for her to reject you, but she can’t even take care of herself now. Isn’t this making things difficult for her?”

Le Yan’s face stiffened, clearly not expecting that her cousin would be so rude at their first meeting.

“Le Xuan!” Le Wan pretended to use a lot of strength, but in fact, patted his head lightly. “How can you talk to your Second Sister like that? You’re so rude!”

But the villain in her heart was already laughing with her hands on her waist.

“He’s really just a straightforward man and doesn’t use his brain when he speaks. He needs to be hit twice, to be honest. Please don’t take it to heart.”

What else could Le Yan do? She could only force a smile and say that she didn’t mind.

“The more children there are, the noisier it gets. It’s so noisy, I didn’t notice that it was already so late. Why am I not seeing first and second? If they don’t come, I’m not going to wait for them,” said Old Madam Le.

At this age, what kind of storms had she not experienced? how could she not see through the meaning of Le Yan’s words? The two old men saw through it but didn’t say it out loud. They just sighed in their hearts. The one they brought back was probably not a good person.

Papa Le and Mama Le looked at each other but did not say anything. They only patted Le Xuan’s back silently and secretly praised him for doing well!

The corners of Le Xuan’s lips curled up slightly, but he quickly pursed his lips and turned his head away, pretending to be unconvinced.

As if nothing had happened, Le Wan borrowed the words of the two old men, wrinkled her little nose, and said coquettishly, “Fine, I didn’t come back, but you criticized me. The moment I came back and sat down, you all started to complain that I’m noisy again. You’re too much.”

“Aren’t you the noisiest?” Old Madam Le tapped the tip of her nose. “You’re the only one I can hear in the entire hall. You simply can’t stop talking...”

“Hmph, I’m just trying to make you guys happy. You guys have no idea how hard I’ve worked...” The three of them started bickering like children.

Opposite him, Le An looked at Le Yan, who was at a loss for what to do, and silently lifted the corners of his lips.

Even she had to avoid Le Wan’s sharp edge, but this young lady had actually gone up against the little princess of the Le family. She didn’t know if she was bold or too insensible.

After the true heiress, Le Yan, quieted down, the following meal became unusually smooth.

After a night’s observation, Le Wan was even more certain of one thing, and that was to stay away from the male and female leads, avoid trouble, and stay safe!

Early the next morning, Le Wan was woken up by her alarm clock. She checked the time and found that it was only six o’clock.

She had clearly climbed to the peak of the college entrance examination in his previous life, but now she was back to being a college entrance examination student again. Why was life so difficult?

Le Xiao struggled to get up and went to school, all the while enduring her sleepiness. She saw a stack of small test papers filled with red crosses and the words “college entrance examination, 158 days away” written on the top right corner of the blackboard. This made her already depressed mood even worse.

Who would have thought that the top student in her previous life, Le Xiao, would wake up and become a bad student who failed all his subjects?

If the heavens wanted to punish her, they could knock her down with a stick and make her lose her memory, instead of letting her face the life of a slacker with a top student’s head.

“Boss, boss!”

A slightly cheery voice pulled Le Wan’s head up from the desk. She greeted him weakly, “Oh, it’s Yin Huai.” This was the younger brother of the original body.

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