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Chapter 3: Provocation

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The family finished their heartwarming breakfast and went about their business.

Le Wan was currently a Senior High School student. Today was Monday and she was supposed to go to school for lessons, but her mind was still a little fuzzy about many things in this world, so she needed some time to sort them out. Therefore, she acted shyly, saying that she was too angry the previous night and did not sleep well. Her eyes were swollen from crying and she did not want to go out and embarrass herself.

Mama Le saw her face was indeed a little pale. After confirming that there was nothing else wrong with her, she let her go back to her room to catch up on sleep.

Le Wan buried her head into the comfy blanket, and she began to go through the book’s plot in her mind.

Tonight was the first time that the reborn real daughter, Le Yan, returned home. In the book, because the original body was throwing a tantrum, their family could not rush back to the old house, so they missed the first confrontation between her and the fake daughter, Le An.

Le Yan had won the first confrontation because she had been reborn and was familiar with the plot, which made Le An hold a grudge against her. So the next day, when she went to school, Le An used a little trick to make Le Yan miss the bus that took her to school, causing her to almost miss school time. She also met the original fiancé, Fu Sui, on the way, and Fu Sui fell in love with her at first sight.

Le Wan was very curious. In her previous life, her appearance was not so spectacular, but she was a bright and beautiful woman no matter how one looked at her. So, what kind of beautiful face did this real daughter of hers have to be to make her scumbag fiancé fall in love at first sight?

With this curiosity in mind, Le Wan followed her parents into the living room.

As soon as she entered, she saw a thin girl sitting between two old people.

“Mom, dad, we’re back.”

Papa Le was the first to greet them, and the people in the living room looked up at them.

Eh, it looks like this?

Le Wan was a little disappointed when she saw the young lady’s tanned and skinny figure. She immediately retracted her curious gaze and greeted her parents sweetly,

“Grandpa, grandma, we’re back.”

When her grandparents saw her, they immediately laughed.

Grandma waved at her lovingly.

“Baby, you’re here. I haven’t seen you in a few days. Have you grown taller?”

The grandfather looked at her carefully and nodded seriously.

“It looks like you’ve grown two or three centimeters taller.”

Le Wan held Mama Le’s hand and walked over. She first greeted the middle-aged couple opposite her,

“Hello, second uncle and second aunt.”

Then, she sat down next to the two old men.

“Grandpa, you have really sharp eyes. You can tell at once that I’ve only grown two centimeters taller.”

This body was only 18 years old so naturally, it could still grow taller. As for how many centimeters it had grown, who knew?

Le Wan’s coaxing words came out of her mouth, and soon, the two old men were happy. They kept calling her “baby”, and no matter how much they called her that, it wasn’t enough.

This made Le Yan, sitting between the two elders, uncomfortable. A moment ago, her grandparents had been paying attention to her and were distressed about her experience. However, as soon as this cousin came in, her grandparents could only see her and no one else.

Le Yan looked at the bright and generous Le Wan, who was exquisite in every way. This was what she looked like when she was treated as a little princess and showered with all the love. She should have lived like this.

Le Yan looked down at her hands which were covered in calluses and remembered her tragic end when she was accepted as a real daughter in her previous life.


They were both children of the Le family, so why was it that Le Wan could live so freely and comfortably while she had to suffer so much?

“Is this big sister?” Le Yan raised her head and looked at Le Wan, pretending to be timid.

“Sister, you’re so beautiful. You look like the rich young ladies I saw on TV when I was young. When I stood in front of the TV, I fantasized that one day, I would become as beautiful as them. It would be great if I had endless good things to eat and beautiful clothes to wear.”

The atmosphere in the living room quieted down in an instant. Le Wan raised her eyes and glanced at her, catching a flash of jealousy in her eyes.

Good Lord, the first shot that the real daughter took when she returned home was on her?

Le Wan glanced at the fake daughter Le An who had been silent all this while. She paused for a moment and laughed,

“Then, sister, you’ve got what you wanted. After missing out on so many years, it wasn’t easy to bring you home. Don’t your second uncle and second aunt dote on you? ” 𝗶𝓃𝓷r𝒆𝔞𝐝.𝑐o𝒎

She looked at the middle-aged couple in front of her.

“Second uncle, second aunt, don’t you think so? ”

The second uncle she was talking about, Le Tang, had an unnatural expression on his face. He squeezed out a smile and said,

“That’s natural. They’re all our children.”

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