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Chapter 29: Caught

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Mama Le told Mama Fu that she wanted to break off the engagement.

Mrs. Fu was so shocked that she immediately called. “Everything was fine. Why are you suddenly talking about breaking off the engagement?”

“Sigh, in the past, we made our own decisions and decided for the children. The children these days don’t fall for this. They have their own ideas and preferences. If we force them to accept it, I’m afraid they’ll become a resentful couple.”

Mrs. Fu liked Le Wan very much and didn’t want to miss out on this daughter-in-law. “Aren’t they getting along well? Did Fu Sui make the baby suffer?” “Don’t worry, I’ll teach him a lesson when he comes back and make him apologize to the baby.”

Mama Le sighed and her tone became even more indifferent. “You can press his head once or twice, but can you do it for a lifetime? They’ve grown up, so let them live their lives as they wish.”

It was obvious that Fu Sui was the one to be blamed. Mrs. Le was too insistent, and Mrs. Fu had no choice but to think about it. After hanging up the phone, she was so angry that she grabbed Fu Sui and punched him several times. “You don’t even like a good girl like Le Wan. What kind of person do you want?”

Hearing that the Le family had come to break off the engagement, Fu Sui’s emotions were quite complicated.

It was a happy thing to be able to untie himself from Le Wan and pursue Le Yan in public, but the Le family and Le Wan had given up on him so easily, which made Fu Sui a little unhappy. It made him feel like he was a worthless toy that could come and go at any time.

If Le Wan knew what he was thinking, she would have spat on his face and asked him, “Do you still have any shame?”

Now that the engagement had been successfully canceled, another big stone in Le Wan’s heart had been lifted. She sent a voice message to Zhai Jing happily. “What are you doing?”

Zhai Jing looked down at the little toy at his feet and replied, “I’m fooling around.”

Today, Le Wan was going to celebrate the old master’s birthday, so she had to cancel the supplementary lessons. Since Zhai Jing had nothing to do, he went back to his old profession. He took some small toys from the wholesale market and set up a stall on the pedestrian street.

Le Wan was curious. “What kind of blind fool?”

Zhai Jing took a photo and sent it to her.

Le Wan opened the message and saw that it was a stall.

She zoomed in on the picture for a few seconds, circled it a few times, and forwarded it back to him. “These toys are too mature for primary school students, but they’re just right for senior high school students. ”

Zhai Jing asked her, “Do you like them?”

Le Wan replied quickly, “Boss Shao since you’ve given me a supplementary lesson, how about a 20% discount?”

“I’m sorry. It’s a small business. I don’t bargain.”

“Boss Shao, you can’t do business like this,” Le Wan said.

“You should tell me how much you can buy before I can give you a 20% discount. That way, I can sell more.”

At that moment, a female customer appeared in front of the stall. She looked like she was in her teens or twenties. She picked a Lion Dog doll that was priced at 40 yuan and asked him, “Boss, can you give me a discount on this?”

Zhai Jing raised his head. “If you buy for a hundred Yuan, I can give you a 20% discount.” 𝑖𝔫𝒏𝑟e𝖆𝗱*𝒄𝗼𝑚

The female customer’s eyes lit up. “If I manage to get a hundred yuan toys, I won’t ask you to give me a 20% discount, but instead I want to get your WeChat number. Is that okay?”

“No,” Zhai Jing replied.

In the end, the female customer still spent 40 yuan to buy the poodle doll. She carried it and walked away, looking back at him every few steps. On the other side, Le Wan was still teaching him “Tips for setting up a stall”.

Zhai Jing skipped her long speech. “You are very happy today.”

“Is it that obvious?” Le Wan was shocked.

“You are a little too excited.”

“You won’t understand,” “Forget it, ” Le Wan replied, “I’m going to continue with solving test papers. Be careful not to get caught by the enforcement officers while selling.”

Le Wan’s mouth seemed to have been blessed with light. Just as the two of them ended their conversation, the city enforcement officers suddenly appeared.

Zhai Jing skillfully rolled up the bag and wrapped the toys into his bag. He carried it on his shoulder and was about to run. However, he was really unlucky today. He had only run two steps when he was going to be hit by a little boy who was crossing the road. When a child collided with an adult, it was obvious how much impact it would have on the child.

I can’t bump into him! Zhai Jing’s mind sent out such a signal. He turned his right foot and twisted his body to the right, narrowly avoiding the little boy at the critical moment.

However, he had obviously forgotten that he was carrying a huge bag that weighed 30 to 40 pounds. The bag pulled him directly, causing him to lose his balance and fall on his butt. Then, he was surrounded by the town security.

“It’s you again, kid?” When the city enforcement officers saw this familiar face, they felt a headache. As a stubborn young man who had set up a stall from the age of ten, Zhai Jing and the city enforcement officers had fought many battles of wits and courage.


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