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Chapter 28: Breaking Off the Engagement

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What Fu Sui was most afraid of now was others tying him to Le Wan. He was very annoyed when he heard mother Fu’s words. He was afraid that she would nag again, so he said a few “I know, I know” to brush her off.

On the other side, Le Wan had the same thought.

On the way back, Le Xuan poked her arm and asked, “Sister, are Fu Sui and Le Yan very close?” 𝘪𝙣𝔫𝒓𝔢𝖆𝙙.𝘤o𝙢

As he had an older sister complex, Le Xuan was extremely dissatisfied with Fu Sui, as his future brother-in-law. So, as soon as Fu Sui appeared, he couldn’t help but stare at him.

However, today, he found that Fu Sui’s eyes drifted to Le Yan from time to time, and Le Yan would also look at him occasionally. The two of them looked so awkward that Le Xuan didn’t believe that they were fine.

Obviously, he was not the only one who noticed this. Mama Le also noticed this. She was a little unhappy now. “Why are they so close?”

Papa Le was busy greeting the guests and didn’t pay attention to Fu Sui, so he was a little confused. “What’s wrong with that kid? ”

Le Xuan raised his hand. “Dad, I know. That man with the surname Fu seems to be with Le Yan.”

“That’s your second sister’s fiancé. Don’t be so rude.” Papa Le frowned. “What’s wrong with this boy from the Fu family? Does he think that the Le family is his harem and he can choose his wife as he wishes?”

Mama Le hugged Le Wan. “Baby, don’t be sad. I’ll make the Fu family give me an explanation.”

“I’m not sad.” Le Wan opened an ice cream cone. “I was thinking about how to tell you that I don’t like Fu Sui anymore, but now that he and Le Yan like each other, I don’t have to be a sinner.”

Le Xuan turned his face over and looked at her carefully for a while. He saw that she was holding the popsicle relaxedly and did not look sad at all. “Did he do something to make you sad and disappointed?”

“He didn’t.” Le Wan shook her head. “It’s just that I don’t like his face after looking at it for a long time. I’m quite sick of it.”

“Don’t touch your sister’s face,” Mama Le smacked his hand away. “It’s good that you are tired. Seeing how he hooked up with Le Yan so quickly, it’s obvious that he’s not a reliable person.”

Papa Le, on the other hand, thought of how Le Yan had been hanging out with her so-called cousin’s fiancé after just a few days of her return. He also thought of the first time they met and how she had picked on Le Wan. He was worried and wondered if Le Yan was picking on his le Wan.

“Baby, if there’s nothing else, it’s better to keep some distance from Le Yan.” He sighed at the thought of his brother’s family. “She grew up in that kind of environment and found out later that she had been swapped. I’m afraid she’ll develop some psychological bias and vent her anger on you.”

Le Wan was afraid that they would take their anger out on Le Yan when they met her again. She was afraid that they would be worried, so she didn’t mention that she had been targeted several times. She only replied obediently, “I know. They’re all studying hard now. We rarely see each other.”

Since the two of them had already hooked up, and Le Wan no longer liked Fu Sui, Mama Le was not willing to tie Fu Sui to her daughter anymore. So, the next day, she ran back to the old house to talk to Grandpa.

She didn’t mention Fu Sui and Le Yan, only said that Fu Sui had an outsider’s heart. “You liked him before, so you didn’t mention some small problems. You also treated him as a playful child. Just bear with it and it’ll pass.”

“I just didn’t expect that as he got older, he would become more and more violent. He was caught by Le Wan several times and still hasn’t changed.” Mama Le wiped her eyes.

“I know you’re on good terms with old master Fu and want to be closer to him, but I only have one baby. I don’t want her to be rich but sad, I just want her to live a safe and smooth life. I don’t want her to suffer such grievances. I believe that mom and dad’s love for my baby is no less than mine, and they don’t want to see her live a life of being bullied.”

Grandpa Le was also very angry when he heard this. “No wonder the baby hasn’t mentioned him in front of me recently. It turns out that she’s suffered a lot because of him. All of you are too much. There are so many of you, but you can’t even protect her. You already know what kind of person he is, so why are you still being nice to him? Just like yesterday, you should have kicked him out of the house.”

“Don’t be angry.” Mama Le saw that he was so angry that his beard was trembling. She was afraid that he would be angrier and quickly comforted him, “The two children are officially engaged, and the two families are long-time friends. With your friendship with old master Fu, it’s not good to fall out directly, so I thought of asking you for your opinion.”

“We’ll do what we have to do. It’s their fault for not teaching their son properly. We didn’t settle the score with them, and they dare to hold it against us?”


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