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Chapter 27: Gifts

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Mrs. Fu’s impression of Le Wan was still the same this time too. She thought Le Wan did not like to study, so when she heard her say that, she felt her heart ache. “You’re really tired. Your face has slimmed down recently. You should pack up and go back to rest.”

Le Wan naturally agreed. “Grandpa and the others won’t be done talking so soon. They can’t just leave all the guests here. I think Fu Sui is bored of staying here, so why don’t ... ” she glanced at Le An and Le Yan and continued “We let Le Yan play with him.”

As soon as Le Wan finished speaking, Le Yan, Le An, and Fu Sui all looked at her in surprise. Le Wan said to Le Yan, “Help Grandpa and Grandma share some of the burdens.”

Mrs. Fu did not notice the tension between them. She pushed Le Wan to rest. “You’re not an outsider, why are you being so polite?”

Le Wan followed her and walked out. “I was afraid that you would abandon me and leave me behind.”

Inside the house, Le Yan and Fu Sui had been making eye contact with each other several times. Le An gritted her teeth and glared at Le Yan. “Hmph, look at how Aunt Fu only has big sister in her eyes. You’d better not waste your time.”

“An An!” Fu Sui warned her, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Le Yan hurried to explain, “Brother Fu and big sister are a couple. An An, don’t say such things that will cause misunderstandings. It will be bad if the adults hear it.”

Fu Sui frowned. “Le Wan and I ... ” he wanted to say that he had nothing to do with Le Wan, but Le Yan shook his arm and stopped him in time.

Mother Xu, who was serving at the old house, knocked on the door twice, and her eyes swept over Le Yan’s hand on Fu Sui’s arm. “Where’s Le Wan? Old Madam said that she has something to give you guys and wants you all to go to her room.”

Le Yan’s hand seemed to be burned by her gaze and she quickly retracted it behind her back. “Sister said she’s tired, so she went back to rest.”

Le Wan’s mother nodded to show that she understood. ” You guys can go ahead first.”

She was also an old hand in the family and was highly valued by Matriarch Le. Therefore, the three of them didn’t dare to make a fuss in front of her.

As soon as she entered, Matriarch Le, who was wearing presbyopic glasses and was flipping through a book, looked up. “Where’s my baby Wan?”

It was only when Mama Le mentioned it to her that Matriarch Le remembered. “That’s right, she just sent something over and said that she’s tired and wants to go home early to rest.”

There were four identical boxes stacked on the table. Matriarch Le picked up the box at the top and handed the booklet in her hand to mother Wan. “Then keep her gift first and send it to her tomorrow or at some other time.”

Le An and Le Yan both looked at the box, trying to guess what was inside.

Matriarch le explained, “A few days ago, the eternal Jade Pavilion found a piece of good Jade. I’ve taken a look and it’s just enough to make four peace tablets. Each of you can have one. The style is specially designed according to your Chinese zodiac and has been blessed by a master. It can ensure your safety.” i𝓷𝗻𝐫𝔢𝓪𝑑.c𝒐m

The jade pendant sounded expensive, and as an outsider, Fu Sui was embarrassed to accept it. “Grandma Le, I don’t need it. You can just give it to Le Wan and the others.”

“Those kids’ gifts have been prepared separately. This is specially made for you. There’s a lot of detail in it, so it’s not good to give it to others.” Matriarch Le immediately stuffed the box into his arms. “Besides, you’re not an outsider.”

Grandma Le was so enthusiastic that Fu Sui couldn’t reject her. He put away the box awkwardly and guiltily. He knew that grandma Le was so generous to him because she really treated him as Le Wan’s fiancé and future grandson-in-law.

However, he did not want to marry Le Wan. The person he wanted to marry was ...

Fu Sui looked at Le Yan, but he saw that she was fondling the Jade tablet and didn’t react to grandma Le’s words.

Fu Sui’s heart tightened at the thought of what she had just told Le An that he and Le Wan were a couple. Sure enough, Le Yan still liked Zhai Jing more. Or rather, it would have been great if he and Le Wan were not engaged. Then, he could pursue her openly, and she would not have to worry about Le Wan.

Fu Sui sat in the car, his mind filled with things related to Le Yan. His mother’s sharp eyes caught the box in his hand. “What is this?”

“This was given by grandma Le.” Fu Sui held the box like it was a hot potato and quickly handed it to her.

Mrs. Fu opened it and snorted. “This jade pendant is not bad. Your grandma Le is really generous to you, so you have to treat her baby Wan better, understand?”


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