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Chapter 26: Birthday Banquet

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He came to find trouble but was rebuked and couldn’t flare up. Fu Sui was holding back a big breath in his heart.

He was not a fool. After the incident, he naturally knew that he had been led away in the conversation by Zhai Jing. He made a note of this Zhai Jing. “You better not leave any evidence for me to catch. Otherwise, I’ll kill you.”

However, he did not expect that Zhai Jing

would be even more ruthless. He went to Le Wan and complained.

When she was packing up after her make-up lessons that night, he said in a flat tone, “By the way, your fiancé came to stop me today. ”

Le Wan’s hand that was packing up paused, she frowned and said, “Did he do something to you?”

Seeing that the first person she cared about was him and not Fu Sui, Zhai Jing couldn’t help but smile. However, he immediately pulled himself back down and replied “He said that I was specially recruited by the Principal and asked me to focus on my studies. And that I shouldn’t do anything unnecessary with the female students in my class and affect my future.” Although Zhai Jing was complaining, he didn’t add too much oil to the fire.

After he finished speaking, he stared to see Le Wan’s reaction. He did not expect that Le Wan’s attention was completely elsewhere. “So, what unnecessary things did you do to the female students in your class before?”

Zhai Jing was at a loss for words. He thought for a while before saying,”Reject them?”

Le Wan was stunned for a moment, then she clapped her hands and laughed. “Very good, keep it up.”

Zhai Jing’s eyebrows twitched but he did not say anything.

As for Fu Sui, Le Wan’s attitude was very obvious. “He looks like an upright person, but he’s actually petty, so there’s no need to offend him. If he says something, just ignore it.”

However, he seemed to have already offended him instead. Zhai Jing didn’t say what he had said to Fu Sui. He said obediently, “I know.”

Although Le Wan had tried to avoid these trivial matters again and again, the powerful point about the plot was that it could always pull you back to the original track from time to time.

As it was not the right time to celebrate the birthday of the old man, there was no big celebration. They only held a small birthday party and invited close friends to gather.

As old master Le’s good friends, the entire Fu family was also invited on this day.

“Baby, why haven’t I seen you come play with this Auntie recently?” As soon as Mrs. Fu saw Le Wan, she pulled her into her arms and asked about her well-being.

Le Wan froze unnaturally for a moment. The memories of Mrs. Fu came back to her, and she knew that she was a very kind and loving elder. Her initial rejection towards her was reduced a lot.

“I’m in my third year of high school, and the college entrance examination is coming up. I’ve been busy revising and didn’t have time to go out.” “But Auntie, don’t just talk about me. I haven’t seen you for a long time, but you look much better than before. It’s obvious that you didn’t miss me much.” Le Wan got out of her arms and held her arm, leading her into the house.

“Of course I miss you. I’ve just put on some weight. You’re not the only one who’s smart.” Mrs. Fu tapped her forehead. “I’ve said Fu Sui several times to bring you over to play. He’s the same as you, saying that he’s busy studying in his third year of high school and can’t find time. When I heard that, I knew that you guys didn’t want to play with an old woman like me and were just brushing me off.”

In the original book, Mrs. Fu was the only person in the Fu family who stood firmly by her side. Later, the original owner was killed by the Fu family. The reason why she had always been dissatisfied with the real daughter was that she preferred the original owner. In comparison, she felt that Le Yan was too scheming.

Although Mrs. Fu was a good person, but she had a son named Fu Sui. She kept trying to match Fu Sui with the original owner of the body, so now Le Wan could only let her down. So after she led her in, she used the excuse of having to greet the guests to get out.

The birthday party went very smoothly. Throughout the entire process, Le Wan followed behind Mama Le to greet the guests. His smile was so stiff that her face was almost frozen. Finally, she sent the guests away, leaving only the Fu family. Because Grandpa Fu was still talking to Grandpa Le.

Mrs. Fu nudged her son, who was bored to death. “I’ve kept you so busy today that you two haven’t even had a chance to talk.”

“Mom, you don’t have to.”

With Le Yan present, Fu Sui obviously didn’t want to have an intimate interaction with Le Wan. Le Wan didn’t want to play along with him either, so she rejected her directly. “Auntie, please spare me. I’ve been busy all day and haven’t even had a sip of water. I was just thinking of sitting down and taking a rest.”

Hearing that, Mrs. Fu handed her a clean cup of tea. ” Are you that tired?”

Le Wan nodded seriously. “It’s even more tiring than solving the test papers.”


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