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Chapter 25: Warning

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Le Wan had already forgotten about the incident that Le Yan and Le An had caused today. However, Le Yan had spent so much effort and time to plan this meticulously. It was obvious that she did not just want to retaliate against Le An but also wanted to drag Le Wan into this mess as well.

Originally, she thought that by showing her intimacy with Fu Sui in front of Le Wan, she would stimulate Le Wan and make her target her.

Not only could this strike down Le Wan’s pride and trample on her, but it could also strengthen her image of being ‘bullied’ by the Le family and expose Le Wan’s ‘true colors’ to Fu Sui and Zhai Jing, causing them to gradually distance themselves from her.

This method could kill many birds with one stone, but she had miscalculated the current Le Wan and thought that she was still the one who threw herself at Fu Sui with her true heart. Little did she know that Le Wan wanted to kick Fu Sui away and tie her to Fu Sui so that they wouldn’t harm anyone else.

Half of Le Yan’s plan failed, and she did not manage to plot against Le Wan. However, the chain reaction outside of her plan had hurt the innocent.

During the basketball class, the second and third-year students were in the same stadium. Fu Sui blocked Zhai Jing at the back door of the basketball stadium.

“Senior, what’s the matter?” Zhai Jing looked down at the uninvited guest in front of him.

Fu Sui wasn’t short. He was over 180 centimeters tall, but he was still half a head shorter when he stood in front of Zhai Jing.

“Didn’t he say that his family was poor? Why is he so tall?” Fu Sui mumbled in his heart and subconsciously took a step back, putting some distance between them. He was only satisfied when he could look at Zhai Jing face to face.

He lifted his chin. “You’re Zhai Jing?”

These days, because of Le Yan’s deliberate intimacy with him, Fu Sui fell for her even faster. He had also realized his feelings for Le Yan.

When he thought of what Le An had said about Le Yan liking Zhai Jing, he felt uncomfortable. 𝐢𝖓𝓃𝘳𝙚𝓪𝙙.𝒄𝒐𝙢

Now that he was looking at Zhai Jing up close, he realized that his facial features were even more exquisite and beautiful. He was much more stunning than the last time he saw him from afar. He felt a strong sense of crisis and loathed Zhai Jing more.

“I heard that you were specially recruited by the Principal. Since the Principal has high hopes for you, you should put more effort into your studies and do fewer unnecessary things, especially when you’re with the female students.” Fu Sui warned him, “Otherwise, you’ll ruin your own future.”

“Thank you for your guidance, senior. I understand.” Zhai Jing did not get angry at his warning. Instead, he smiled and asked, “I wonder what position is senior in when you say this?”

He paused for a moment. “Could it be because of Le Yan?”

Fu Sui subconsciously frowned.”What does this have to do with her?” I just thought of the Principal’s original intention when I saw you, so I was being a busybody. Why, do you think I’m a busybody?”

“Why would I? The famous senior Fu Sui came to care about me. I’m so grateful and honored.” Zhai Jing shook his head as if he was really honored. However, the words that came out of his mouth were not very pleasant.

“It’s just that these days, the school has been saying that you’ve fallen in love with someone else and that you’ve fallen in love with your fiancée’s cousin. Then I thought about what happened a few days ago, and I was inexplicably involved, so I thought that senior, as an admirer of Le Yan, you came to warn me to stay away from her.”

Fu Sui felt offended. He narrowed his eyes and studied Zhai Jing for a few seconds. He wasn’t sure if he was as the rumors said, that he was really honest and didn’t know how to talk, or that he was just pretending to be a pig to eat the Tiger.

“It seems that Mingcheng’s school spirit is getting worse and worse. The students don’t put their focus on their studies, but instead, they are keen on all kinds of gossip. I should raise this with the Principal and rectify the school spirit. “Fu Sui was like a lion whose territory had been invaded. He indirectly told Zhai Jing that he could talk to the principal directly and indirectly control his fate.

Zhai Jing did not seem to understand what he meant and echoed,”Indeed, it’s time to bring it under control. Otherwise, it’s really annoying if anybody just comes out and makes a fuss.”

Fu Sui’s first logical reasoning said to him that the person Zhai Jing was talking about him, but before he could say anything, Zhai Jing’s tone changed. “Senior, you already have a bright and generous fiancée like Senior Sister Le Wan. How could you fall in love with someone else so easily? Not to mention that she’s senior sister Le Wan’s cousin.”

“If these rumors spread out, not only will it hurt the relationship between the sisters, but your reputation will also be ruined. The person who spread these rumors must have ulterior motives. I’m afraid they’re trying to sow discord between the Le family and the Fu family. Senior, you should be careful.”

Fu Sui, who really had ulterior motives for Le Yan: “...”

In the end, he could only hold his breath and say through his gritted teeth, “Junior, you’re very thoughtful. I’ll take note. Thank you.”

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