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Chapter 24: Dissatisfaction

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“You’re just a child, you can’t even handle your own matters, how can you care about their trivial matters?” The old man’s double standards were also very obvious.

However, as the one who was favored, what else could Le Wan say? Naturally, the more favoritism there was, the better.

“What a sin!” The old master was still complaining. “It’s all your second uncle’s family’s fault. Back then, it was because of their carelessness that they got the wrong child and created such a big mess. Now that the child is finally back, they only care about doting on the adopted younger one and stand aside for their own blood. It’s said that you don’t have to worry about scarcity but worry about uneven distribution. Isn’t this causing them to fight?”

It was no wonder that the old man favored Le Wan more. In addition to his natural favoritism, Le Wan’s simple character was also more likable in his eyes. In comparison, Le An and Le Yan were the kinds of people with many petty tricks, but they were not very clever and only knew how to play small tricks.

In fact, Le Wan couldn’t figure this out either. A person’s IQ wouldn’t become higher or lower just because he or she was reborn. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been in such a poor state in her previous life.

From Le Wan’s point of view, the real young lady in the book used the memories of her past life to counterattack the people around her. Her methods were not very brilliant, but she was able to win every time.

Le Wan could only think that the author deliberately lowered the IQ of the other characters to highlight the female protagonist’s ability.

Of course, this was off-topic.

Le Wan was afraid that the old man would fall sick from anger, so she quickly comforted him. “No one wanted to blame us for our mistakes back then. It’s meaningless to pursue the matter now. After all, my second uncle and second aunt have raised An An as their own daughter for more than ten years, so they are naturally very close to her. It’s understandable that they haven’t adapted to it for a while and neglected Le Yan. They will be fine after some time.”

But obviously, the people involved don’t think so. They were hurriedly called back to the old house and they said something to Grandpa Le. Soon, the two sides quarreled fiercely, to the extent that they even started smashing things.

The old man was so angry that he asked them to get out. The couple took Le An back home directly, leaving Le Yan at the old house.

Papa Le was worried about the old man’s health, so he went back and coaxed him for the whole night. When they returned home, Le Wan was curious and asked them why they had started quarreling.

However, Papa Le treated her like a child. He promised to give her a bunch of things and then sent her back to her room to continue her studies. He did not reveal anything.

“Hmph, even if you don’t tell me, I can still guess a little.” Le Wan plucked a grape and stuffed it into her mouth, chewing on it happily.

Grandpa Le’s words ‘Don’t worry about scarcity but inequality’ did not only just apply to Le Yan and Le An, but also to Papa Le and Second uncle Le.

All these years, second uncle Le had always been resentful. He felt that the old master Le was too biased. They were both his sons, but Papa Le took over the company and held the majority of the shares, while he could only be a small shareholder who received dividends and waited for death.

Even his child was also old master Le’s granddaughter, but Le Wan was more doted on than Le An.

As the incidents accumulated, the resentment in his heart increased day by day and exploded in the end. In the end, he helped the scumbag protagonist to attack Papa Le and finally snatched the company from Papa Le.

However, second uncle le, who was only concerned about his own grievances, did not realize that although the Leshi group was founded by her grandfather, it was Papa le, who was still studying in college at the time, who stepped forward and saved the company. After that, he worked hard to develop the group step by step, and it was only then that the Leshi group reached the scale it was today.

This was also the reason why Grandpa Le was willing to give up his company’s shares and leave the company. It was because Papa Le had earned it himself.

Second uncle Le was a person who enjoyed the shade under the big tree. He only saw that the fruit that was given to him was less than expected, but he didn’t see the hardships and efforts of the tree farmer.

With a younger brother like this, Le Wan felt that it was not worth it for her father. However, as long as old master Le was still around, her family and second uncle Le’s family could not be truly separated.

However, they still treated her as a child, so it was not her place to care about these things. So, she could only focus on her studies and get rid of her status as a Senior High School student as soon as possible. Only then would she have more time and energy to think about these messy things.


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