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Chapter 22: Acting

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“I just wanted a place to stay and an opportunity for me to study hard. So, I don’t care if you look down on me in front of my parents, frame me in front of the servants, or spread rumors about me in front of my classmates.”

Le Yan straightened her slender back and faced Le An. “But why did you have to destroy such a simple wish? Are you only willing to let me go if I leave the Le family and would no longer affect your status as the Le family’s young lady?”

“If that’s the case, I’ll move out of the Le family. I’m begging you to let me go, okay?” Le Yan’s body went soft, as if she actually wanted to kneel down in front of Le An.

Fu Sui, who was standing beside her, grabbed her and pushed her back into the chair. He then said sternly, “You’re not allowed to kneel. You’re not the one in the wrong. Why are you kneeling?”

He looked coldly at Le An, who was biting her lip and feeling indignant after being exposed for her misdeeds. “You’ve loved to snatch things from others since you were young and throw tantrums whenever you couldn’t get them. I thought that it was because you were young and insensible at the time, but I didn’t expect you to become even worse when you grew up. An-An, you’ve disappointed me so much.” 𝔦𝔫𝗻𝘳𝑒𝒶𝒅.c𝙤𝙢

“Brother Fu, I didn’t do those things. She’s framing me.” Le An saw the disgust in Fu Sui’s eyes and felt even more panicked and resentful. “She’s the one who likes to snatch things from others. She took my room, my toys, and my clothes. She even took...”

She had been thinking about how to refute him. Suddenly, she saw Le Wan, who was gossiping among the crowd, and an idea came to her mind. “And what about our eldest sister? She knows that you are eldest sister’s fiancé. Why are you two so close? I even heard her talking to you on the phone while hiding on the balcony last night. When did the two of you get together?”

Le Wan was still listening to Yin Huai’s account of the incident. It turned out that a female student in the class had lost an expensive diamond earring, so everyone focused their suspicion on Le Yan, and they really found it in her storage cabinet.

Le Yan cried that she wasn’t the one who did it and wanted to check the surveillance camera, but it just happened to be broken at this time, so she couldn’t use it to prove her innocence. At this time, Le An stood up and expressed that Le Yan didn’t know the value of these things. Perhaps she just thought they were pretty, so she took them out to play with them.

Le An’s words seemed to be pleading on her behalf, but she was actually trying to make people conclude her to be guilty of theft. Just as everyone was about to report this matter to the school and have the school expel Le Yan, Le Yan found a surveillance camera that could be viewed and exposed Le An’s conspiracy, revealing the truth of the matter.

As soon as the camera was found and video was exposed, the public opinion that Le An had created for Le Yan completely shattered. Even her friends, who usually supported her, shut their mouths in front of the surveillance camera.

Anyone could imagine how much criticism Le Yan would suffer if she was convicted of theft without this surveillance video. She might have even been abandoned by the Le family because she would embarrass the Le family.

Le Yan was right. Le An wanted to destroy her completely. As for how Zhai Jing got involved, it was because Fu Sui had jumped out to stand on Le Yan’s side when the evidence was still not clear. Le An already had some feelings for Fu Sui, and seeing that Fu Sui was so concerned about Le Yan, she couldn’t help but expose the fact that Le Yan liked Zhai Jing.

Zhai Jing, who was reviewing his homework in the corner, was suddenly swept into this storm. Then, for some reason, it became a case of two men and two women fighting over a woman’s affection and being jealous of each other, which led to the framing.

After listening to the story, Le Wan knew that Le Yan had recollected the methods that Le An had used against her in her previous life and had thus played along. In the end, just as she was happily listening to the story and being a bystander, the fire suddenly reached and burned her.

She and Zhai Jing were really unlucky people who shared the same fate despite being different people. It had nothing to do with them, but they just had to be dragged into it. It was only then that Fu Sui realized that Le Wan was here. He subconsciously retracted his hand from Le Yan’s body and felt a hidden joy in his heart. See, she still cared about him.

Le Yan felt his movement and her eyes darkened for a moment. She stood up and explained hurriedly, “No, brother Fu only helped me because he saw me as a younger sister and didn’t want to see me being misunderstood by others.”

She looked at Le Wan and said, “Sister, I’m sorry. I’ve caused you trouble. It’s all my fault. Please don’t be angry with brother Fu.”


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