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Chapter 20: Incited

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The Yin family started off as a day-to-day family and was considered an old manufacturing company. In Yin Huai’s generation, he had an older brother who was almost ten years older than him that had already entered the company and made it to the top.

With a capable eldest son to support the family, the Yin couple did not have any strict requirements for Yin Huai. It was fine as long as he did not cause big trouble for the family outside.

If it was said they doted on him, they did dote on their youngest son. But if they said they didn’t feel disappointed, they simply didn’t have any expectations for him. After knowing this, Yin Huai was too lazy to work hard and just muddled along.

“Don’t you have anything you want to do? Are you going to just sit around and do nothing for the rest of your life?” Le Wan told him to go back and think about it.

“What’s wrong with eating and waiting for death for a lifetime? Many people can’t get it even when they beg for it,” Yin Huai mumbled. Although he said that, he knew that Le Wan was doing this for his own good, so he gave it some serious thought.

It was another Sunday. In the afternoon, Le Wan and her family were invited to go out for a gathering, so the supplementary lessons had to be suspended.

Zhai Jing was not used to suddenly having free time. He remembered that mother Zhai’s appetite had not been good these few days, so he took the tuition fee and bought half a catty of strawberries. Mother Zhai liked to eat them. Before he entered the ward, he heard someone calling him.

“God of studies?” Le Yan ran up in surprise, “Why are you here? Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Zhai Jing did not respond. Just as he was about to leave, he saw mother Zhai, who was holding the railings of the corridor and exercising.

“Xiao Jing?” Mother Zhai glanced at Zhai Jing and then at Le Yan. “This is?”

“Hello, Auntie,” Le Yan took the initiative to hold her hand. “Are you the mother of the God of studies? I’m his classmate, Le Yan.”

Zhai Jing frowned slightly, but mother Zhai had already started chatting with Le Yan. As Zhai Jing rarely brought people home, mother Zhai got engrossed in listening to Le Yan talk about his school life.

Zhai Jing saw Le Yan helping her back to the ward, so he took a plate and went to wash the strawberries. When he came back, he saw the two of them talking happily.

Zhai Jing pushed the strawberries over. Mother Zhai glanced at him, then happily placed the strawberries in front of Le Yan. She pointed to the biggest and plummiest one and said, “Come, try the strawberry that Xiao Jing bought.”

“Wow, this strawberry is really well-chosen. My favorite fruit is strawberry,” Le Yan happily picked up the strawberry she pointed at.

Zhai Jing looked at the time. “You guys continue chatting. I have to go out for a while.”

Le Yan came to the hospital to meet Zhai Jing and to gain mother Zhai’s favor. When she heard that Zhai Jing was leaving, she could not sit still.

“God of studies, where are you going? If it’s on the way, I can give you a ride.” Le Yan told him as she caught up. After returning to the Le family, she had also developed the habit of letting the driver send her wherever she went.

Zhai Jing shook his head. “No need. It’s more convenient for me to go there on a public bike.”

He glanced at a car, got in, and left. Le Yan had no choice but to stomp her feet to vent her anger.

There was an intersection in front and the traffic light was on. Zhai Jing stopped at the roadside and turned around to see Le Yan walking toward the trash can by the roadside. A red object fell from her hand into the trash can.

It was the strawberry that his mother had just given her. Zhai Jing turned back and looked at the traffic light in front. 𝗶𝔫𝖓𝑟𝘦𝖆𝑑.𝑐𝒐𝘮

It was Monday of a new week. Today, Zhai Jing was going to analyze the papers for Le Yan’s midterms.

On the other side, Le Yan and Le An, who were still in school because of the delay in the group experiment, met in the classroom. The two of them had fought a few times, both openly and secretly, with wins and losses.

This time, seeing that there was no one in the classroom, Le An was too lazy to pretend to be a young lady from a wealthy family. She opened her mouth and mocked, “You’ve never seen such high-end experimental equipment in your hometown, so it’s especially difficult to learn, right?”

Le Yan’s eyes darkened as she heard Le An continue. “I think you should work harder. I’ve heard your team members complain that one person had slowed down their progress and caused them to be unable to finish school on time.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely catch up with the progress very quickly,” Le Yan retorted. “Sister, you should worry about yourself instead of me. You can’t let others do your exams, right? Don’t do worse than me, a country bumpkin, when the final results are out. If that happens, I won’t be the one embarrassed.”

“With your ghostly grades?” Le An snorted and seemed to have thought of something. “Oh, right. Didn’t you ask the study God to help you with your revision before, but he rejected you? It’s no wonder he rejected you. I heard that he’s currently helping big sis with her revision.”

Le Yan’s eyes widened. “What did you say?”


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