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Chapter 2: Family

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The original body had killed herself.

This was also why Le Wan’s head hurt so much when she woke up.

Meanwhile, Le Wan continued to cry to vent all the pent up emotions she had accumulated over the past three years. When she finished, she felt much better. She then sniffled and pushed herself off her mother in embarrassment.

“You’re already so big, but you still act like a child. Your eyes are swollen from crying.” Mama Le’s heart ached a little, but she also teased her in amusement. “Hurry up and pack up. Let’s go have breakfast. We still have to go back to the old residence to meet some people tonight.”

“I know.” Le Wan answered obediently.

In the mirror, there was a face that looked exactly the same as Le Wan’s original face, but it was more carefully maintained and the complexion of her skin was better.

Although she did not know why she was inside a novel, Le Wan thought that since she still has the same face and even the same parents, even if it was just a dream, she would try her best to give it a good ending.

After tidying up a little, Le Wan finally walked out of her room. As soon as she went downstairs, she saw her familiar parents and three young men who were strangers to her sitting at the dining table.

“Baby, come quickly. Nanny Zhang made your favorite golden silk hibiscus wonton.” Mama Le waved at her. Although Papa Le’s face was tense and he didn’t say anything, his eyes betrayed that he was smiling inside.

Second brother Le Yi, who was sitting in the lower seat, saw that her eyes were still red, which made him glare unhappily at his eldest brother, Le Rong, beside him. “You and your big mouth. The baby was already frightened, but you still went and bullied her.”

“Yes, it’s all big brother’s fault. Sister, let’s ignore him.” Her underling, Le Xuan, was munching on a bun, but he didn’t forget to pull out her chair for her.

Big brother Le Rong saw her aggrieved look and also felt a little distressed. He quickly coaxed her, “It’s all your big brother’s fault. I’m sorry. Tell you what, since your car was damaged, this big brother of yours will get you a new one, okay?”

“There’s no need, big brother.” As an only child in her previous life, it was the first time that Le Wan could enjoy the happiness between siblings. She wasn’t used to it, but she found that it wasn’t bad at all. “But big brother, you were right. I have been too willful and I’ve made you guys worry.”

Le Wan was surprisingly well-behaved, which made the other people in the family feel that she had become even more considerate. It was as if everything had freely fallen into its rightful place despite everything that had happened. It even made them feel that they would give her anything she desired, she simply needed to ask.

At that moment, the landline suddenly rang. This was the telephone line used by the old residence. Mama Le went over and picked it up. “Hmm. Okay. I got it. I’ll bring the children on time.”

Le Wan tightened her grip on her spoon. Today was the first day that the real daughter of the family returned home after her transmigration. It also marked the first day of the tragedy of the original body.

Just as Le Wan was still trying to recall the plot, the phone in her pocket vibrated. Le Wan took it out and glanced at it. Her scumbag fiancé’s profile picture popped up. “Babe, are you awake? Are you still angry? It’s all my fault. I didn’t consider your feelings...”

If it was the original body, she would have probably jumped into this scumbag’s arms when she saw him lowering his head, right? However, since she was the current Le Wan, she wasn’t even a bit interested in reading the long text any further.

She was already living the good life, so why should she torture herself for these people?

Just as she was about to throw her phone back into her pocket, another message popped up. “Miss Le, if you have time, we should talk about yesterday’s compensation, right?”

This was the person who had been rear-ended by the original owner of this body yesterday. Le Wan thought about the other party’s name and it seemed to be Zhai Jing?

‘*Gasp*! Wasn’t he the big villain in the novel?’

When she thought of the viciousness and mercilessness of this villain in the novel, Le Wan felt a little afraid. She could not afford to offend him.

‘Why did the original owner of this body bump into this little devil of all people?!’

Le Wan cherished this hard-won life she had now. She had her dear parents and three brothers who doted on her. Subconsciously, she wanted to stay away from this terrible villain and leave him to her lawyers to deal with.

However, she soon remembered that the novel seemed to have mentioned that Zhai Jing was very vengeful. ‘If I didn’t handle this well, would he bear a grudge?’

Le Wan hesitated for a moment and decided to go to the appointment in person. As long as the other party didn’t ask for too much, she would just agree. She would try her best to kill any possible crises in the cradle.

Perhaps it was because Le Wan had been looking at her phone for too long that Le Xuan, who was standing beside her, thought that she was chatting with her scumbag fiancé. He pouted his lips and looked over jealously. “You just saw him yesterday, and yet you’re already stuck to your phone so early in the morning! You’ve even forgotten to eat your favorite wonton. Do you have to be so picky?”

Le Wan pushed his head away. “Don’t mess around. I’m in contact with the person who was involved in yesterday’s incident.”

Knowing that she wasn’t chatting with her scumbag fiancé, Le Xuan sat back down immediately. “There’s no need to go through so much trouble. Just hand it over to our family’s lawyers to handle.”

Mama Le also agreed, “Fourth is right. What if you encounter an unreasonable person who, when he sees that you’re just a little girl, decides to bully you? Let the lawyers do it, we’ll compensate him for what we need to. We won’t make things difficult for him.”

“You guys don’t understand,” Le Wan swallowed the bitterness in her heart and continued her sentence in a righteous tone, “I know you’re all worried about me, but I’m already eighteen years old and thus an adult. It’s time to train myself. I’m the one who caused this incident, so I want to take responsibility and try to deal with it myself.”

Facing the worried and disapproving eyes of her family, she said coquettishly, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of myself. If I really can’t handle it, can’t I just ask you to help me, right?”

Papa Le, who hasn’t said much after all this time, made the final decision. “Our Baby has grown up and learned to take responsibility. This is a good thing. We have to believe in her.”

Le Wan looked at her father who was still in high spirits. She felt a sharp pain in her heart when she thought of how her real father’s hair had turned white overnight because of his debt and how he had seemingly lost all his energy. “Don’t worry, dad. Like father, like daughter. I’m the daughter of the famous Le Chang. How can I not handle such a small matter?”

‘Father, I won’t let our family fall into such a desperate situation again!’ 𝚒𝔫𝖓r𝘦𝗮d.𝘤𝘰𝘮

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