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Chapter 19: The Future

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Zhai Jing had a habit of pouting, so he gave off the impression that his lips were thin.

However, when he unconsciously relaxed, one can realize that his lips were still quite full. There was a little red in the pink, and they looked very soft. It should be very comfortable to kiss them. Le Wan felt her mouth go dry and subconsciously swallowed her saliva.

Suddenly, the lips moved and Zhai Jing’s voice rang in his ears. “Is it nice?”

“It’s nice,” Le Wan replied subconsciously. As soon as she said that, she realized that she had been so stupid.

His beauty was misleading! Le Wan did not dare to look up at Zhai Jing’s expression, so she missed the blush on Zhai Jing’s face.

He cleared his throat and pressed Le Wan’s head. ” If you’ve seen enough, hurry up and solve these questions. ” i𝓷nr𝙚𝒶𝘥.𝒄o𝑚

“Everyone loves beauty.” ” You won’t lose anything if I look at you for a while longer,” Le Wan pouted and mumbled.

“If you don’t want to study, then we’ll stop here for today.” Zhai Jing packed his things and stood up, pretending to leave.

Le Wan quickly grabbed his sleeve and shook it gently. She softened her voice and said, “Alright, alright. I won’t disturb you anymore.”

Zhai Jing lowered his head and saw her furry head swaying. His hands were a little itchy and he couldn’t help but rub them.

“Don’t mess up my hair!” Le Wan quickly covered her head and dodged.

It felt good to the touch. Zhai Jing put his hands behind his back regretfully. “You can study now, right? ”

“I can Learn, learn, learn!” Le Wan glared at him indifferently, then smoothed her hair with her hands.

With the help of prodigy Zhai Jing, Le Wan’s learning speed was improving at a visible rate. In the next midterm exam, her score had improved by more than a hundred points.

Although she had only scored around 500 points, which was still a long way from her goal, Le Wan was not disappointed.

Initially, her family could not understand why she had found a junior to tutor her. After secretly investigating, they thought that she had taken a fancy to Zhai Jing’s face and was using her position for her own benefit.

The eldest and second brothers were very dissatisfied. They felt that Zhai Jing had used his beauty to charm their sister’s eyes. However, they could not object to it openly, so they secretly encouraged the fourth brother to stand up.

However, they had overestimated Le Wanan’s ability to control his sister. He was extremely obedient under Le Wan’s suppression, which made the eldest and second brother sigh in regret. In the end, it was still Papa Le who could make the final decision. “It’s rare for our baby to be so focused on her studies. We can’t dampen her enthusiasm. Let’s just wait and see. It’ll be good if that boy surnamed Zhai can bring her a positive influence. ”

The eldest son was a little worried. “I’m afraid it’ll be hard to explain to the Fu family.”

Papa Le frowned. “We’ll see later.” The engagement between the two families was decided by the older generation. He was not very satisfied with Fu Sui, to begin with as that child didn’t show much of his ability. Instead, he dressed up all day long and spoke in a slick tone. However, his father insisted that his daughter liked him, so he didn’t object much.

Now, Le Wan didn’t seem to be talking about Fu Sui all day long like before. If he could get her back, he could break off the engagement with the Fu family even under his father’s pressure.

In the midst of everyone’s suspicion, the results of the midterms came out, and the Le family finally felt at ease. Their baby did not only look at the handsome boy’s face but instead studied hard.

Only Yin Huai held her report card and was very shocked. “Boss, did you secretly eat a magic potion?” They had promised to be friends and be bad students together, but she suddenly left them behind and ran away. Could they still be bros?

“I don’t care. You have to give me a portion of that medicine.” Yin Huai rummaged through her bag, mumbling the different names of medicines. It was obvious that she was addicted to novels.

Le Wan slapped her back. “Haven’t you heard of this saying in the novels? You can’t take pills, and if you want to improve your strength, you have to work hard.”

“Weren’t you curious why I didn’t go out to play during this time?” Le Wan took out her schedule. “That’s because I was working hard.”

Yin Huai took it and saw the study task on it. She frowned and threw it back in disgust.

Le Wan was quite satisfied with this little buddy of hers, so she said, “You’re also in your third year of high school. You should think about what to do in the future.”

“Hey, why are you thinking about this now?” Yin Huai didn’t think much about it. She crossed her legs and leaned back in her chair. “My father said that after these few months, I should go abroad to get a university degree. Then, he will set a position in the company for me. It will be fine as long as I don’t starve to death.”


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