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Chapter 17: Creditor

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Zhai Jing sat beside her with his hand on his stomach. He acted like a dead pig that was not afraid of boiling water.

“Anyway, I’m in debt now. It doesn’t matter whether I owe you a little more or less. ”

“No,” Le Wan said and shook her head.

She thought for a moment and said, “How about this? I’ve been lacking a tutor recently, so why don’t you help me with my homework.”

Zhai Jing looked at her in surprise. He didn’t remember her being a good child who loved to study. “If the Le family wants to find a tutor, many people will fight to come. Why would they want to find a junior student like me to tutor you? ”

“Don’t you know that they don’t allow teachers to tutor anymore?”

“I have had my eyes on a special-grade teacher, but he didn’t want to lose his job, so he didn’t take my offer. I’m not very satisfied with the other teachers, so I haven’t been able to find any suitable candidates.”

After all, Le Wan was not as bad at studying as the original body owner, but she could not show her academic level all at once, so she needed someone who could follow her learning progress and help her sort out the key points of knowledge.

Thinking about it this way, Zhai Jing, who was the top student, could satisfy her requirements. Moreover, they were not familiar with each other before, so she did not have to hide her learning progress from him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll pay you for the tuition.” She knew that Zhai Jing was in urgent need of money now and had to work part-time in his free time. Hence, she did not want to take up his time for nothing.

Seeing that Zhai Jing was frowning and trying to disagree, Le Wan retorted with what he had just said. “You’ve said it yourself, too many debts won’t weigh on you. Now, it’s just adding another burden to your life. Are you afraid?”

Zhai Jing’s mouth went agape, but he did not say anything. He really needed money at the moment, and he could not afford to be aloof. He also did not want to reject Le Wan’s request for supplementary lessons.

After a while, he suddenly chuckled. “That’s right. After all, I’m the man you’re taking care of now.”

Le Wan tilted her head and looked at him in shock as if she had heard something wrong.

“So, when will you transfer the one million Yuan to me, this month?”

Le Wan had to admit that when she said those words, she did have the intention to take advantage of him and see if he would change his mind.

So, now he was using her words to make fun of her? Could this be considered a Boomerang? Le Wan wriggled her toes in embarrassment. She opened her mouth for a long time before blurting out, “Get lost.”

Zhai Jing’s eyes were sharp. He saw that the back of her ears had turned red. His eyes froze for a moment, then he pursed his lips and looked away.

The results of the examination were out. Fortunately, it was only a superficial wound. They could observe it in the observation room for a night. Le Wan heaved a sigh of relief. Today’s matter was finally over.

The make-up lessons will start next Monday. After school ends in the afternoon, there will be three hours of make-up lessons. It will be counted separately during the holidays. Arrangements were made in advance. Le Wan left in a hurry after arranging the time for the supplementary lessons.

She had no choice, her family’s younger generation had already called her many times, asking her where she was. If she hadn’t been impatient and exposed her little temper, there would have been no end to it.

Zhai Jing stood at the entrance of the hospital and watched Le Wan’s car disappear before he turned around and entered the hospital again. However, he did not go to the observation room but to the inpatient department.

The elevator went up to the eighth floor, the Nephrology Department.

As soon as he entered the door, he saw that his mother was holding onto the railing with difficulty, trying to hang the wet towel on the railing. He quickly went over to hang the clothes on the rack and helped her back to the bed. “Didn’t you agree to wait for me to come here before doing these things?”

“It’s not like I can’t move,” His mother leaned against the pillow and sat down. When she looked up, she saw a conspicuous bruise on his face and said in surprise, “What’s going on? Did someone bully you?”

“No one bullied me.” Zhai Jing pulled the blanket over her and said nonchalantly, “Someone was causing trouble in the shop. I went up to pull him and got hit by accident.”

His mother touched his wound with heartache. “It must be so painful.”

Zhai Jing shook his head. “I just visited the doctor in the reception room. He applied some medicine and it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Not knowing if she believed him or not, his mother urged, “Go wash up first and go to bed early.”

When Zhai Jing entered the bathroom, she could not hold back her tears and they gushed out. Seeing her like this, the patient next to her also sighed and comforted her. “Your son is a good child. You should be happy.”

Although the other patient had children, she was in the hospital for so long. She did not see her children for days and they would say that they were busy when she called. It was said that there was no filial son in front of her sick bed for a long time. It was very rare for children of Zhai Jing’s age to be able to do things like this even though he is so young.

His mother nodded. “My Jing is a good child.”


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