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Chapter 16: Consultation

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Zhai Jing turned his head and looked away. “Thank you for today. I can’t come up with the repair fees for the car right now. I will write you an IOU and pay you back as soon as possible.”

Le Wan opened the car door and got in. She shouted, “What are you talking about? Get in the car!”

Today’s matter was too embarrassing. Zhai Jing did not want to continue troubling her. He opened his mouth to reject her.

“I’m your creditor now!” Le Wan added, “I order you to get in the car now!”

When Zhai Jing met her angry eyes, he subconsciously swallowed what he wanted to say and got into the car obediently.

Le Wan reversed the car and typed the nearest hospital on the navigation system.

“You can just send me home.”

Le Wan stretched out her hand and pressed on Zhai Jing’s stomach. Zhai Jing gasped in pain.

Le Wan rubbed her fingers and said, “I’m not in a good mood right now, so you’d better shut up.”

“Such a handsome little face, you can still save it.” The doctor examined the wound on Zhai Jing’s face, lifted his shirt, and pressed on his abdomen.

There was a bruise on his flat abdomen, which should have been caused by the head-on collision with the car. It was quite a shocking sight.

He was so seriously injured, yet he was still unwilling to see a doctor. Now that his face was pale from pain, he was also unwilling to make a sound. Zhai Jing was really unyielding.

However, this unyielding attitude left Le Wan with mixed feelings. She remembered that there was one time when she had a cold and fever. Her roommates had advised her to rest in bed, but she thought of her part-time job and dragged her heavy body out of the house.

It happened to be the hottest time of the summer, and she was distributing flyers in her thick work clothes on the street. She almost fell to the ground several times because of dizziness. In the end, the store manager was afraid that something would happen to her and pulled her back.

The store manager knew about her situation, so he couldn’t blame her. He only said that he would pay her the salary. At that time, she was lying on the bench. After her parents passed away, she couldn’t help but shed tears for the first time.

Most of the time, it wasn’t because they were really strong, but because they had no choice.

“Doctor, please be gentle.” Le Wan mulled over this sentence in her heart. When she saw the doctor pressing left and right, it seemed that the doctor was using quite a lot of force. She then quickly reminded him.

While the doctor was writing the examination report, he responded. He didn’t even raise his head, but his tone was a little teasing. “What’s wrong? Does your heart ache?”

“He’s breaking out in cold sweat after being pressed down by you.” Le Wan mumbled.

“It really doesn’t hurt. Don’t get yourself into the hospital next time. Otherwise, it’ll be a waste of time.” Zhai Jing said.

Le Wan glanced at Zhai Jing. “Did you hear what the doctor said?”

Zhai Jing pulled down his clothes silently. Ever since they got into the car, Le Wan’s mood was obviously not very good. She was looking for excuses to scold him. Although Zhai Jing had no experience with girls of the same age, he had learned from his mother since he was young that he should be sensible and keep his mouth shut at this time.

Le Wan took a picture of the doctor’s prescription and passed it to Zhai Jing. “Do you know the direction? Go and take the X-ray yourself.”

Zhai Jing was naturally familiar with the hospital’s environment because his mother was receiving treatment here. He could walk to the laboratory department with his eyes closed. He was so familiar with the place that even the doctors there knew him.

“Aren’t you Huang Min’s family member?” The doctor in the medical laboratory looked at the wound on his face and then at the examination report. “What’s wrong?”

Zhai Jing did not say much. “There was a small accident.”

The doctor patted his shoulder and didn’t say anything further. This young man was quite famous in their hospital. The doctors and nurses who knew his situation all sympathized with him.

It would take an hour for the results to be out after the X-ray was done. When Zhai Jing came out of the CT Scan room, he saw Le Wan making a phone call in the resting area. There was a bright smile on her face, and there was a sweet scent between her brows. Even the air around her seemed to be filled with happiness.

Zhai Jing stopped in his tracks and looked at this scene from afar.

Le Wan acted coquettishly over the phone and finally managed to fool Mama Le who was waiting for her to come home. After hanging up, she turned around and saw Zhai Jing standing alone in the dark corner.

“What are you doing just standing there? Are you hungry? Do you want some porridge?” Le Wan asked.

Zhai Jing walked out from the corner and strode towards her.

“Alright,” he agreed.

“Not awkward anymore?” Le Wan shifted her gaze from the phone to his face.

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