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151 Blabbermouth

“Your boyfriend?”

After hearing what Le Wan said, Madam Nie’s expression froze and she looked at Mama Le.


As if he didn’t notice her unusual behavior, Le Wan pretended to be troubled and said,

“Speaking of which, I really have to thank you, Auntie. My boyfriend and I were just worrying about this matter. I didn’t expect you to solve it for me so quickly.”

Madam Nie’s lips curved into a half-smile and she finally managed to squeeze out a sentence after a long while.

“Oh my, so you already have a boyfriend. I’ve never heard of him before. Which family is he from?”

One of the women who were relatively late interrupted,

“He should be the second Young Master of the Fu family, right? Didn’t they say that the two families had already set the marriage?”

As soon as she said this, Mrs. Fu, who wasn’t far away from her, heard it.

Because she had read the love posts of Zhai Jing and Le Wan, Mrs. Fu had a bad impression of her daughter-in-law and was no longer as friendly as before.

Therefore, when she heard them mention the engagement between the Fu family and the Le family, she recalled the embarrassment she had encountered at The Beauty Club that day and felt a little displeased. She walked over to clarify in public that the engagement between the two families had ended and she didn’t want Fu Sui to be abandoned again.

However, before she could even get there and speak, she saw the lady who had just spoken point to the room next door and say,

“Look, isn’t that the second Young Master of the Fu family? He’s coming over, so let’s just let him talk.”

Mrs. Fu stopped in her tracks when she saw Fu Sui walking over. She was about to say something.

Fu Sui walked over with a spring-like smile on his face.

“I heard you ladies calling my name from afar. Are you secretly talking bad about me? If you guys want to talk about it, you’d better walk further away. If I hear you, I’ll be very sad.”

Fu Sui was a Playboy who could walk among thousands of flowers without touching a single leaf. He was indeed talented in interpersonal relationships. He made a group of people laugh with just a few words.

Mrs. Nie said,

“We all know that Second Young Master Fu is a dragon among men. Not only is he handsome, but he’s also good at studying. He’s also very capable. We can’t wait to praise you. How can we bear to say anything bad about you?”

Fu Sui was flattered when he heard her words, but he said proudly,

“Really? Then all the more you shouldn’t have said it behind my back. Otherwise, if I can’t even hear it, wouldn’t it be a waste?”

He clinked his champagne glass against Madam Nie’s glass.

“I want to hear how you’ve praised me. If you don’t praise me well, I won’t agree. I must let you praise me more.”

Madam Nie pointed at him with a smile.

“Everyone says that Second Young Master Fu has a sweet tongue and is good at coaxing people. I think they even missed one thing. He’s also very thick-skinned. Look, he’s even asking for praise from us.”

At the same time, she had some doubts in her heart. Didn’t they say that the marriage agreement between the Fu family and the Le family was canceled? Why did Fu Sui walk to Miss Le’s side so naturally? Could it be that the rumors were false?

Fu Sui joked around again, and the lady who had just spoken explained,

“We were just saying that Miss Le had been studying hard and wanted to go out to relax after the college entrance examination. In the end, the moment she opened her mouth, she said that she would bring her boyfriend along. We’ve always said that you young people are so in love these days that they’re even afraid of forgetting to bring you along when they go out to relax.”

Fu Sui’s smile froze when he heard the word “boyfriend”.

Mrs. Fu came over in time to help her out.

“Baby, when did you get a new boyfriend? Why didn’t you bring him to Auntie to take a look?”

As soon as Mrs. Fu said this, the scene fell silent for a moment.

The lady who had just spoken felt that something was wrong and knew that she might have said something wrong, so she quickly shut her mouth and didn’t dare to speak again.

Madam Nie suddenly laughed and said,

“Oh, I heard that the marriage between your two families has been canceled. I thought it was just a rumor. I didn’t expect it to be true.”

She looked at Le Wan and Fu Sui and asked,

“I see that the two of you are a perfect match. Why did you suddenly want to break off the engagement? Did something happen?”

As soon as she finished speaking, she cast a glance at Le Wan, indicating that the reason for the annulment of the engagement was because of Le Wan.

Just now, Le Wan had directly slapped her in the face with her words. Madam Nie was still a little angry, so she spoke in a strange tone.

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