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150 A Look

This lady’s husband’s family name was Nie, and people called her Madam Nie. Her family was in the line of fast consumer goods. In this circle, their wealth was not as good as the Le family, but it was still considered a big family and business.

She had a total of two sons and a daughter. Her husband was a man of his word at home. A few years ago, he had made it clear that his promising eldest son would take over the family business, and his youngest son would just take the dividends and muddle through the days.

Madam Nie didn’t have much objection to this decision. After all, Mr. Nie was not an honest man. He had a few mistresses outside and two illegitimate children. Therefore, as long as Mr. Nie left the majority of the family fortune to the mother and son, Madam Nie wouldn’t make a scene.

However, it was also because of this that she felt a little guilty about her youngest son.

In President Nie’s eyes, his youngest son only knew how to have fun outside and did not learn anything about proper business. He was just a good-for-nothing rich kid. However, in Madam Nie’s eyes, her youngest son was a good man. Even if he was a little short-tempered, it was because he was still young and insensible. It was not a big problem.

However, the family only had so much business. To concentrate the shares, it was impossible to split the company into two, so he could only let his younger son suffer. Therefore, Madam Nie wanted to make up for it in other ways, such as arranging a powerful in-law family for him.

Her youngest son was twenty-one years old this year, about the same age as Le Wan. If she could marry her and the Le family valued her, her youngest son wouldn’t have to worry about anything for the rest of his life.

“Le Wan should be eighteen this year, right?” Madam Nie looked at Le Wan as if she was looking at a moving gold mountain, or rather, it was too cheap to describe it as a gold mountain. She glanced at the ruby necklace on Le Wan’s neck and said,

“You’ve grown so big in the blink of an eye. Why don’t I see you out to play usually? I didn’t recognize you at first glance.”

Since the question was directed at her, Le Wan had no choice but to stop pretending to be a vase and politely replied,

“I’m preparing for the college entrance examination, so I can’t find time to go out and play.”

Madam Nie suddenly understood.

“Oh, I heard from my old Nie that you did very well in your last exam.”

Of course, President Nie wouldn’t mention Le Wan at home for no reason. It was her youngest son who had caused trouble outside and angered President Nie. That night, Papa Le happened to post Le Wan’s results on his social media, so he was used as a positive example to scold his son.

At that time, Madam Nie pouted and looked indifferent. She thought,

What’s the use of having good results in the college entrance examination?

Families like theirs, compared to the college entrance examination, which one of them didn’t want to send their children to overseas universities for a gold mine and then come back to take over the family business?

However, those thoughts belonged to the past. It didn’t stop Madam Nie from making it a topic of conversation.

“I heard that the college entrance examination will be very difficult for the child. it must have been hard on you to survive.”

Le Wan could only say,

“Everyone in school is like this. It’s not hard.”

“That’s because you’re being modest. But fortunately, the college entrance examination is coming up in a few days,” Madam Nie said with a sigh. “You’ll be able to relax soon.”

This time, before Le Wan could answer, she said directly,

“It just so happens that my youngest son loves to play and knows the best places to play. Le Wan, you can ask him to take you there to relax. If you go out alone, someone will take you away. That way, I’ll be more at ease.”

Le Wan was stunned for a moment. She thought to herself,

If I really follow your youngest son out, that would be dangerous.

He was Madam Nie’s youngest son. Le Wan had heard of his name before. He was only 21 years old, but he was surrounded by a group of bad friends. He had learned all kinds of things, such as eating, drinking, prostitution, and gambling. He also liked to show off his strength.

It was said that some time ago when they went out to play at night, they saw a girl on the street and went up to flirt with her. In the end, the girl had a boyfriend. When the other party’s boyfriend saw them, they had a conflict. They beat up the boyfriend and even wanted to drag the girl into the car.

If it wasn’t for the onlookers who stopped them and called the police, the girl would have been tortured badly at their hands. However, when Madam Nie talked about this, it was just a small matter that she didn’t need to care about. Her son was just a little short-tempered in her eyes.

There was only so much space in the industry, and how many people present didn’t know about her youngest son’s affairs?

The smile in Mama Le’s eyes disappeared the moment she opened her mouth. Just as she was about to say something to change the topic, she saw Le Wan gently brush her hair and smile brightly.

“Really? Then I’ll bring my boyfriend along, is that okay?”

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