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Chapter 15: Saving a Life

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When the men saw her face, they were stunned for a moment before they noticed the car she was driving.

There weren’t many men who didn’t like cars. When they saw the conspicuous logo, they estimated a number in their hearts and confirmed that it was the luxury car that they would avoid silently when they saw it on the road.

A woman who could afford to drive such a car was not to be trifled with. The few strong men looked at each other. The man with the baseball bat pointed at Zhai Jing and said, “Little girl, I think you’ve been tricked by him.”

“He uses his face to hook up with women in the bar and cheat them of their money. He’s a scumbag who lives off women.”

Zhai Jing stared at the man with the baseball bat and a complicated emotion flashed past his eyes.

Upon hearing this, Le Wan knew that the man was lying. Zhai Jing was such a proud person. If he could really put down his pride and be a soft-rice man, he would be able to attract many people to throw money at him wherever he went. Why would he force himself to this extent just to earn medical expenses?

Of course, it was useless to say these words in the current situation. Le Wan put her hands on her waist and said, “Brother, do you look down on him or me?”

She ran her hand through her hair and patted the car hood that was beside her. “With my wealth and appearance, do you think he’ll still be interested in ordinary women if I throw millions of dollars at him every month for him to spend?”

As soon as Le Wan said that, Zhai Jing could clearly feel that the eyes of these burly men turned from anger to surprise, then to complicated feelings, and finally to jealousy.

One of them said sourly, “Little girl, that’s why I said you don’t understand men enough. No matter how ugly the flowers outside are, you still want to try them.”

“I’ve spent so much money on him. If he really has the guts to mess around outside...” Le Wan left her words hanging.

The corners of Le Wan’s mouth curled up. “It’s hard to find a three-legged toad, but is it rare to find a two-legged man?” She stretched out two fingers and made a peace sign. “I don’t mind destroying his tool and replacing him with the next one. He might be more handsome and obedient.”

The men that were present suddenly felt a chill in their nether regions, and the jealousy in their eyes decreased a little. It seemed that it was not so easy to live off a woman.

However, they were not willing to let go of this soft-rice man just like that.

At this moment, Zhai Jing, who had been silent all along, finally spoke. “I don’t know the Zhong AI you’re talking about. I’ve never taken her money.”

“Bullsh*t!” The man holding the baseball snapped. “Many people saw it. They said that Zhong AI pounced into your arms and stuffed money on your hands.”

Zhai Jing glanced at him. “There are so many drunk men and women throwing themselves at me every day. How would I know who is who?”

As the bartender of the bar, many customers wanted to take advantage of him because of his handsome appearance. There were even some who were waving cash, wanting him to do this and that. He basically dodged everything that he could.

The baseball-stick man choked. Looking at Zhai Jing’s face, he didn’t doubt his words. “Then, is it true that you cheated Zhong AI of her money?”

Zhai Jing glanced at Le Wan who was sitting on the hood of her car and let out an unruly laugh. “I can get a million Yuan every month. Why would I have to sell my smile to others for such a small amount of money? I didn’t take a single cent of that money.”

“I don’t believe you just because you said so.” The brawny men were still unwilling to give up.

Le Wan looked at the time and felt a little impatient. “I say that you guys take a look at me first?”

Le Wan kicked the front of the car. There was an obvious scratch on it. “This thing was created by your car just now. How are you going to compensate me?”

Even a scratch on such a luxury car would cost hundreds of thousands. The crowd was stunned. They pointed at Zhai Jing and said, “He was the one who ran into the car just now. It’s not our fault!”

“But he hit my car because he was chased by you guys,” said Le Wan. “According to the division of responsibility, you have to bear part of the responsibility too.”

“We didn’t hit it, why should we be responsible?” The few strong men naturally did not agree. “You two are in cahoots. Who knows if you’re trying to scam us.”

They had originally wanted to teach the soft-rice man a lesson. As long as they didn’t kill him, they could just pay for the medical expenses after venting their anger.

However, now that they were faced with such a huge compensation, they were afraid and ran away after saying a few harsh words.

Seeing that the men had finally gone away, Le Wan heaved a sigh of relief. She was not really that bold.

Zhai Jing had obviously noticed this as well. He pursed his lips and said, “Next time you see something like this, just call the police. Don’t open the window, and don’t get out of the car.”

“Do you think I’m stupid?” Le Wan rolled her eyes. “Who do you think I’m doing this for?”


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